Rendering Rich Media in Edit Mode


How to stop contribute from rendering Rich Media Content in Edit Mode?

Contribute allows users to add media contents like PDF ; Flash (swf & Video) ;
Images in a web page.

Contribute also renders these media objects during editing, giving a WYSIWYG edit experience.
While in Browse mode, the Contribute’s workspace is of course just an embedded browser – Safari & IE on Mac and Windows respectively. Let’s talk about rendering in browse mode separately, since it’s a different arena.

Is this a boon or a bane?  When everything is fine, all are very happy.

Everything fine?

Contribute uses plugins to render the media files in Edit mode. Whenever there is an update/release in any of these dependent
components then there might be issues ranging from minor to major ones.   

Example –

  • Contribute rendering is disturbed when a PDF is inserted.

Yes, the Acrobat plugin that comes with Acrobat Reader is used in rendering the PDF files.So, when a new version of Reader is released, there may be conflicts in the dynamic libraries of Contribute on rendering the inserted pdf file. (ref screenshot below).

So, How to overcome these issues of updates / releases harming Contribute’s flow / functioning?

Simple, open Contribute’s Application folder and then go to “Configuration” – “Plugins” (for Windows OS) and “Plug-ins” (for Mac OS)- folder and open the file “UnsupportedPlugins.txt”. Add the name of the plugin used for rendering the media file in this unsupported list.

For the mentioned PDF example add the text “nppdf32.dll” in “UnsupportedPlugins.txt” file , then save the file and close it.

Launch Contribute and add PDF files and publish. Observe that the PDF files are not rendered in edit mode and the WebPages are published successfully.

Similarly Flash rendering can be blocked in edit mode by adding “npswf32.dll” in the same “UnsupportedPlugins.txt” file.

The dll’s names are added one below the other and saved.

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One Response to Rendering Rich Media in Edit Mode

  1. Monica says:

    I am trying to disable the style rendering in Adobe Contribute CS3 – we need to get at drop down menu items that have a “visibility:hidden” on them, so I need to disable to styles so we can edit. Help! Thank you so much