Are you a power user – try using Insert HTML Snippet


Do you want manage Google Analytics using Contribute? Do you want embed YouTube video into webpage?’ You can achieve this easily in Contribute. To know how to achieve this, read on….

Contribute being a Simple WYSIWYG tool how power user would add codes on fly? For example, you can insert code snippets that run video or audio files in your web or blog pages. However, you can add code snippets only if the website Administrator has granted the relevant permission to your user role.

If the website Administrator has not enabled the Allow HTML Snippet Insertion option for your user role, the HTML Snippet option in the Insert menu will be disabled. However, this option is enabled by default, for blog entries.


HTML Snippet option in Role Editing dialog

How to insert HTML code snippets in web pages or Blog entries?

1. Create a new web page or blog entry.

2. Otherwise browse to a web page or blog entry and click Edit page or Edit Entry.

3. Place the insertion point in your draft where you want to insert the HTML code snippet.

4. Select Insert -> HTML Snippet.

5. The Insert HTML Snippet dialog box appears.

Insert HTML Snippet dialog.

6. Type the code snippet, or insert the HTML code snippet you have copied from another source.

7. Click OK.

It’s done. The HTML code snippet is executed in the pertinent draft.

We will go with the real time use case. For example, you found an interesting video in the

and you like to embed that video in the your site. It’s very simple, copy the embed code from the right side panel

youtube page

In Contribute, create a new page and select Insert à HTML Snippet menu and paste the copied code in the Insert HTML Snippet dialog. Click OK in the Insert HTML Snippet dialog and publish the page to embed the video.

Insert HTML Snippet dialog

The video will be embedded fine.

After inserting the embed code

Another real time example is Inserting Google Analytics code. To give a brief about Google Analytics, is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to a website.

Create an account in Google Analytics, register your website and get the Google Analytics code, paste in web page using HTML Snippet, for which you need the statistics.

Video demo for the insertion HTML Snippet in web page or blog entry.

Demo video for using HTML Snippet

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