Compatibilty and Transition mode in Contribute

Transition and Compatibility Mode

     Wondering why after the migration the Contribute users for the website are not able to connect to the site? What can be the reason?

     Contribute offers two compatibility options to the Site Administrators — one that allows users with earlier versions to work on the website, and one that does not. Following steps can be used to go to the settings:

  • Go to Edit > Administer Websites and select a website.
  • Administer Website dialog box comes up.
  • Select Compatibility from the list on the left.

  Compatibilty options  

     Transition mode: In this mode, users of earlier versions of Contribute can continue working on the website, along with Contribute CS4 users. This lets you evaluate the new version and set up new roles and permissions without disrupting users with earlier versions of Contribute. Site administrators use the Transition mode temporarily for some time after the migration and once they are ready, all users can transition to Contribute CS4 and then Compatibility mode can be enabled.

     Compatibility mode: In this mode, all users must use Contribute CS4. Users with earlier versions cannot work on the website and will get the following error.

Compatibility error message

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8 Responses to Compatibilty and Transition mode in Contribute

  1. Glen says:

    This is nice! I have a ton of clients using CS3, who aren’t ready to upgrade, but I’m putting all my new clients on CS4. This works out really well for all!

  2. Patrick says:

    Let me try and understand this. I am the site admin. I am running CS4 and all my users are running CS4. I want to upgrade to CS5 but let my users still use CS4. Does this mean after I upgrade to CS5, I have to log back into each website and change the setting to Transition? This won’t impact anything? Thank you.

    • Michael Dominic says:

      The only thing will be affected is, you can’t administer the site using lower version of Contribute, once you administer it with latest version.

  3. Jenny Bublitz says:

    What about vice-versa? What if the admin is still on CS4 and the client has CS5. Then which option should I (the admin) pick?

    • Michael Dominic says:

      If the site is administered by lower version of Contribute, then you can make connection using higher version in any mode (Compatibility or Transition mode).

  4. Jeanie says:

    We share administrative responsibilities with our client. I have upgraded to CS5, but the client is still using CS4. After opening Contribute and the site in CS5, the client cannot administer it … to my surprise. Can I get the site back to being administered in CS4?

    • Michael Dominic says:

      Once you administer the site in latest version of Contribute you can’t administer back in older version. Only way is to remove the administration using latest version and re-administer using older version.
      Note: But all your previous users and role settings will be lost. You need to reconfigure it again.

  5. Gemma Nash says:

    Can anyone shed anymore light on what to do with CS6.5?