Now edit XML contents natively in Adobe Contribute CS5!


Is it possible to edit XML files in Adobe Contribute?

Now Contribute CS5 supports native XML editing. You can directly update the XML contents using Contribute CS5. Content authors can now update XML data rendered by dynamic web pages within Contribute by browsing to the corresponding XML page and editing them directly. XML elements and attribute values can be modified protecting the structural elements such as nodes and tags. Contribute also validates the XML file displaying them for editing, and also while publishing them.

Steps to edit a XML file using Contribute:

  • Browse to the required XML page that you want to edit in Contribute.
  • Click Edit Page in Contribute browser, or select File –> Actions –> Edit Page. The XML page opens as a draft in Contribute.
  • Change the values of attributes and elements.
  • (Optional) Click XML icon in the toolbar to validate the edit.

Send the page for edit/review or publish the page.

Video demo for XML editing in Adobe Contribute CS5

Video for XML editing in Adobe Contribute CS5

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