Encoding Links

When you insert links in a web page you are editing, by default, Contribute encodes them. You might have noticed that, when a colon symbol is passed as a link parameter in a web page URL, it gets encoded as %3A when Contribute publishes the page. Sometimes you might want to insert the link as it is, so that the link is not broken because of encoding. Here is the option to do so.

In the Link Encoding Settings, do the following:

Select Insert Link As Is to add the specified URL in your draft page without any encoding and retain the URL as entered.

Select Encode Links To Follow URL Specification (Default option) to allow Contribute to restructure the specified URL. This option retains the existing functionality of Contribute to modify the linking URL characters to standard format.

For example, if you specify the linking URL as "adobe.com", the URL is encoded to http://www.adobe.com.

Links encoding options

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