How do I unlock pages in Contribute?


You might have hit with the error message “You can’t edit this page now because (username) is currently editing it. Please contact administrator for assistance” when you try to edit a page.

The reason might be:

  • The user editing the page in IBE and closed the browser without publishing or discarding the edits.
  • The page is currently being edited by another user.
  • The publish operation for the page fails.
  • Contribute was forcibly restarted during the edit process.
  • The reviewer has not ended the review, or is inactive for a long time.

Then how do I unlock those pages? Try out the below scenarios.

  1. If you are the Site Administrator, you can unlock the file by clicking “Click here to make this page editable” in the yellow bar. Info message on Admin login
  2. If you are the one left the page unpublished in different machine, you can unlock the page.
    Info message on same user login in another machine
  3. Navigate to the website source directory and manually delete the lock file.
    Navigate to – "\\Documents and Settings\<Your USERNAME>\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\ContributeCS5\Configuration\IBETemp\". Find the lock file created in the directory. For example: If Index.htm file has been locked, the lock file created would be Index.htm.lck. Refresh the draft page. When the draft becomes blank, discard the draft and edit the page again.
  4. If a page has been locked during the review process, the administrator of the website can change the owner in the “Manage Sent Drafts dialog box” and remove the lock file.
  5. Select Edit > Administer Websites > Manage Sent Drafts.
    • To view a draft, select the draft, and then click View Draft.
    • To transfer ownership of a draft to another person, select the draft, and then click Change Owner.
    • To remove a draft from the draft review process, select the draft, and then click Undo Checkout.

To know more about the Manage Sent Drafts refer to

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2 Responses to How do I unlock pages in Contribute?

  1. Carol says:

    NONE of these suggestions worked or were helpful. Contribute 5 is GLITCHY beyond belief.

  2. Lauren Kahn is no longer at My Sisters’ Place. I am the current editor for our website. Our host, Another9, has changed administrative names. However, there are still two pages locked and I cannot figure our how to change the Admin to me. When it states to send emails to admin or lauren kahn – there is no where for the emails to go. I would love to speak to someone on the phone, please advise.
    many thanks, and happy friday!
    diana eppolito