Spry Widget Rendering


For the Spry users out there Contribute CS5 supports rendering of the Spry Widgets!!

Contribute CS5 allows rendering and editing of Spry Widgets. Few modifications such as adding or removing Panels and other such modifications are possible apart from adding Content. Selective Widget properties are exposed for Contribute users to change. Spry Widgets with Data set and with Effects are also rendered and published back without being disturbed.

The Administrator allows the editing of Spry Widget Property and also Copy pasting a Spry Widget settings for the roles. Open Administer Website dialog and select a Role [ex : Administrator] and press “Edit Role Settings” button, another dialog opens. Select “Editing” tab and check the options for Spry as shown below:-Allow Spry Property editing and Copy Paste controls

Note :- Deleting of Spry widget is possible with un-checking the option “Protected scripts..” as shown below:-

Allow Deleting of Spry widgets

A general user who is not permitted to edit Spry Widget Property and Copy paste Widgets can always edit the Content inside the Spry Widget and publish the pages. Whereas a user with permission to edit Spry Widget Property can open the widgets property dialog and modify like add / remove Widget Panels, Change the default Panel, change the order of Panels, Change the Preview state of the Spry Form Widget, etc..

Spry Widget property Icon enabled in the toolbar and Accordion Widget Property dialog –

Spry Accordion Widget and its property dialog

Spry Widget property Icon enabled with the PreviewState in the toolbar and Checkbox Widget Property dialog –

Spry Form Checkbox Widget and its property dialog

The list of Spry Widgets supported in Contribute CS5 are Accordion ; Tabbed Panel ; Collapsible Panel ; Menu Bar ; Tool Tip.

The list of Spry Form Widgets supported are Text Field ; Password ; Confirm Password ; Text area ; Radio Group ; Checkbox ; Select. 

To check the widget property, select the Widget by clicking on the Widget. The widget gets a blue border and the Widget Property Icon on the toolbar is enabled, click on the Icon to open the property dialog.

Note that hovering on the Widget will NOT enable the Widget Property Icon.

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16 Responses to Spry Widget Rendering

  1. Doug Rider says:

    Thanks for your post. It is the most informative post I’ve found concerning Spry’s integration with Contribute. I’ve followed your instructions, but I can’t quite get it to work. I get all the way up to clicking the Spry Widget Property Icon to launch the properties diologue box. Each time I try this, I get an error that says,

    “This tabbed panel is missing its content. Contact your administrator to add the missing content panel, or delete this panel and insert a new one.”

    Please forgive me if I’ve not understood something from this post that would have helped me avoid this error. I’ve tried everything I can think of to make this work, and I’m encouraged by your post that I can get it working. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  2. CCushman says:

    I do not have the spry settings to check in the “Editing” are for role. Allow users to edit widgets, etc. The 2 at the bottom circled in your screenshot. Any reason why those wouldn’t be there?

  3. Brian says:

    Created collapsible panel widget with Dreamweaver CS4, but editing with Contribute CS5 pulls all content out of panels once it’s posted back to the server. Have to go back to Dreamweaver to fix content. Any thoughts?

  4. We selected the boxes to enable spry widget editing, but the icon doesn’t appear (only the greyed out version appears on the screen). Are there any other settings we should have applied to enable this icon to appear?

  5. Shilpa says:

    Which website are you editing? Are you using Contribute on Windows or Mac?
    Please check your mail for more details.

    • The website that has the issue is sdhumanities.org. Specifically, we tried changing this page: http://www.sdhumanities.org/readingtoolkits.htm. We have Contribute 5 on Windows 7 (and will be putting it on Mac/Snow Leopard soon as well). The webpages were created using DW, but we bought Contribute because we no longer have anyone in the office proficient with DW. Would we need to get into DW to check Spry widget properties? I can check it out if need be. Several of our pages feature spry widgets (and they work, but as you can see the page we tried to edit is now messed up).

  6. Vangie Bazan says:

    We are using the Spry Tabbed Panels widget on http://www.maryspence.org/grants-our-grantees.html. This page was created in Dreamweaver CS4. It has been updated within Contribute CS4 with no problems. Now we are using Contribute CS5 and are having problems with the tabs getting disabled once we edit within Contribute CS5. Although the content is there, the Spry widget thinks the content is not there and when this page is viewed within a browser, clicking on a tab does not work. I have set the Administrator Editing settings to allow users to edit as you described in an earlier posting . Would you check into this, please, and let me know how we might fix this. I appreciate your help. Thanks.

  7. Robin West says:

    I am using Contribute CS4 for Windows and I don’t have the features allowing me to install a widget on our web site. What are my options now?