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FTP issue with WS_FTP server resolved in Adobe Contribute CS5?


Earlier versions of Adobe Contribute would work fine with WS_FTP server for most of the protocols but for SFTP. When you make connection to the WS_FTP server through SFTP protocol, you can’t publish any page, you are thrown an error message “An error occurred. Please contact your Administrator”. This issue is resolved in Adobe Contribute CS5 version. With this fix Contribute works seamlessly with WS_FTP server in SFTP configuration.

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How do I make the webpage containing SWF as W3C compliant ?


It is very simple. Edit the page using Adobe Contribute CS5, delete the existing SWF file and re-insert the same. The code inserted on inserting the SWF file using Adobe Contribute CS5 is W3C compliant.

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Puzzled why Adobe Contribute lists only 10 Pages of WordPress?


This is due the changes done by WordPress for their API “wp.getPages”, which has been modified to return only 10 pages by default.. So Contribute is listing only the most recent ten pages  for editing.

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