FTP issue with WS_FTP server resolved in Adobe Contribute CS5?


Earlier versions of Adobe Contribute would work fine with WS_FTP server for most of the protocols but for SFTP. When you make connection to the WS_FTP server through SFTP protocol, you can’t publish any page, you are thrown an error message “An error occurred. Please contact your Administrator”. This issue is resolved in Adobe Contribute CS5 version. With this fix Contribute works seamlessly with WS_FTP server in SFTP configuration.

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3 Responses to FTP issue with WS_FTP server resolved in Adobe Contribute CS5?

  1. lucia says:

    trying to update a webpage in contribute cs3, but once i click edit, the page disappears and i am not able to do anything. If i add images to page and publish, then everything shows up. I have tried to delete page, but does not give me that option,

  2. Patrick says:

    It sounds like you know a lot about FTP and Contribute. Hopefully you can help me. We are running Filezilla as our FTP. We are also using CPS. When we launch Contribute CS4 (this happens on CS5 too), we are prompted with the CPS login, then we are prompted with our FTP login. But before we even begin to type in our FTP username, Filezilla is already reporting two failed login attempts. Someone told me this is because Contribute is trying to login anonymously. Is this true? I ask because with all these invalid login attempts, Filezilla is invoking its anti-hammering feature. Thank you very much in advance. Signed, Desperate.