Easily Edit Included File without navigating

Easily Edit Included File without navigating

An SSI (Server Side Include) file contains common information that is shared across web pages. You use an include tag in web pages to reference content from an SSI file. Any change that you make to the content in the SSI file is reflected across all web pages. For more information on SSI files please refer to http://blogs.adobe.com/contribute/2009/02/server_side_includes_1.html .

Adobe Contribute CS5 lets you to edit the SSI content in a web page easily without navigating to the file. When you edit the SSI content and publish the web page, the changes are reflected across web pages that contain a reference to the SSI file.

Editing included file workflow:

  1. Browse to the page containing SSI contents.
  2. Click Edit Page, or select File à Actions à Edit Page.
  3. Select the section which has information from an SSI include file.
  4. Select Edit Included Files from the toolbar

or select Format –> Edit Included File.

  1. Select the type of file you want to edit from the list. Contribute displays files included in the current selection.
  2. Edit the SSI content as required and publish with the new changes.

Video demo for the editing included files workflow.

The option to edit SSI is not supported in the IBE (In Browser Editor).