How to connect to my website through Contribute, when my FTP user name or password changes?

This has always been an issue for the users. Because, when they try to connect to their website, or publish unpublished drafts, they get an error message indicating the FTP user name or password is incorrect. Please check your connection information. And, Contribute shows Connect button.

The solution to this issue depends on how you were connected to your website previously:

If you were not using a connection key and connecting directly to your website – Click the Connect button, enter the changed FTP user name and password in the Password dialog thrown.

If you were using a connection key, to connect to your website, then, there are two possibilities –

  • If you were connecting to your website, using connection key, without providing FTP user name and password (This FTP user name and password is different from the connection key password), then, you will have to ask your website administrator to create a new connection key for you, containing the new FTP user name and password. In Contribute, remove your website connection from the My Connections dialog. Now, create a connection to your website using your new connection key.
  • If you were using connection key, and while connecting you were providing FTP user name and password, then, remove your website connection in Contribute from My Connections dialog. Click Import button, use the same connection key, but while providing FTP user name and password, enter the new FTP user name and password.

If you have unpublished drafts, the best practice is to publish or discard all the drafts, before the FTP server’s user name and password is changed.

But if you have unpublished drafts, after FTP server’s user name or password is changed, you cannot remove your website connection. So, you can try clicking Connect button, if Contribute throws Password dialog, enter the changed FTP user name and password and click OK. Now, you can publish the unpublished drafts. If Contribute does not throw the password dialog, then ask your server administrator to revert the password so that you can publish the drafts. After publishing, the administrator can change the password and you could use one of the methods above.

7 Responses to How to connect to my website through Contribute, when my FTP user name or password changes?

  1. My trial has expired, so I cannot apply your advice.
    I do not want to buy CS5 before I have a solution.

    So, please, let me know if it is possible to have some more days of the trial, to find out if your method will work. Thank you!

  2. I actually have two purchased packages of Contribute CS5: one at work for the website, and one at my home for emergency fixes to the same site. As Administrator, I sent myself the “Key.”

    Needless to say, it has not worked and I have become locked out of the CT CS5 on my home computer entirely.

    Calling Customer Service, I was told that I could not purchase the disk since I had purchased and downloaded the version from Adobe online. I called Customer Service again a week or so later trying to unlock the Administrator code and was told that CT CS5 did not work on a Microsoft Windows 2007 OS.

    Anyone ever heard of this (these) issues before? I’m fairly proficient and have never had problems with Adobe before.


  3. Nan Foster says:

    I changed my password with my host server, not realizing this would affect how I connect to my website with Contribute. My administrator did not know she had to send me a new connection key, the host service also had server issues so I went in circles for several days.

    Finally, we figured out I needed to change the log in information in contribute but then had two other messages.

    Either the network is unavailable, or you don’t have permission to publish to this location. The only option was to select OK. Then I got this message Access to C:\Users….. tmp was denied.

    That remained to be a problem until the follow day and no one can figure out why I can not edit and publish without any more changes on my side.

    I’m not a fan of this software!

  4. Katie says:

    I haven’t changed the password or user name, but whenever I open up my contribute it prompts me for the user name and password. When I type them in it says that my password is incorrect and that I need to contact the administrator or check the network connection settings. I am confused at what I need to do and don’t know how to change my password or make it so I can get into my websites and such. Please let me know what I can do! This has been going on for a couple weeks now and it’s frustrating! Thanks.

  5. Katie Mostek says:

    I have tried to connect to my website to edit information and a box appears that says I need to input my username and password. When I put in the correct username and password that I have written down, it says that it is wrong and won’t let me connect. Other times it says that I need to contact the administrator for a connection key and other times it says that I need to check my network connection. I am very frustrated and confused on what to do. This has never happened before and I really need help fixing this so I can edit my website!! Please help if you can. Thanks