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Suggestions for Contribute Next…


 It is almost six month now since we released Contribute CS5. We thought it would be good time to hear from you guys. So how is it going so far with Contribute CS5? Is there any particular nagging issue that you would want us to focus on future release? We would love to hear from first hand Contribute users. We are looking at suggestion on bugs to be fixed, workflow enhancements, feature request, integration, new protocol addition etc. It would be great if you could prioritize your requests into top five must haves in future release from your perspective. Your inputs will help us prioritize things for Contribute Next.

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Is it possible to close the Administration dialog without the changes persisting?

Consider the case, where the user is exploring the Contribute Administration dialog, by modifying the settings. After exploring the different setting, he likes to close the dialog without the changes persist. Press the Esc key. It will close the Contribute Administration dialog without the current changes persisting.

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How to access the draft in different machines?

Consider the case where a person, using his desktop machine, has created connection to the website and created new draft using Adobe Contribute. Half way through his work, he needs to travel. So he wishes to continue the remaining part of his work using his laptop. He doesn’t have publishing permission. How to access the draft in different machines?

There is a way to do this. Please send the draft to self. So it can be accessible from any other machine, by connecting to the same site using Adobe Contribute. If you have publishing permission, then you can either send the draft for edit to yourself or publish it.

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How to wrap text around images?


Do you like to wrap the text around the inserted images? This can be easily achieved through simple modification in the image properties.

  • Select the inserted image.
  • Right click and select Image Properties… in the context menu.
  • Choose the Alignment in the according to your requirement.

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How to connect to WordPress using Adobe Contribute?

If you wish to use Adobe Contribute to manage and post entries in WordPress, here are the simple steps with demo movie.

To publish a post successfully, the first thing needs to be enabled is ““.

This option is available at “http://<YOUR WORDPRESS>/wp-admin/options-writing.php”.

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