How to wrap text around images?


Do you like to wrap the text around the inserted images? This can be easily achieved through simple modification in the image properties.

  • Select the inserted image.
  • Right click and select Image Properties… in the context menu.
  • Choose the Alignment in the according to your requirement.

Image Properties dialog

Below mentioned is the demo video.

Demo video of wrapping text around images.

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4 Responses to How to wrap text around images?

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  2. Dan Gilmore says:

    The problem is that the horizontal and vertical padding settings simply don’t work. They didn’t in version 3, I was certain that would be fixed in CS5. It isn’t. Putting numbers in those boxes and you can’t adjust the space from the image to text.

    Very annoying and problematic, especially for images left justified in a text section

  3. David Beale says:

    There is no alignment nor border options in Properties when the image is selected or right-click shows the properties list. I’m trying to wrap text; so far nothing seems available to do this.