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 It is almost six month now since we released Contribute CS5. We thought it would be good time to hear from you guys. So how is it going so far with Contribute CS5? Is there any particular nagging issue that you would want us to focus on future release? We would love to hear from first hand Contribute users. We are looking at suggestion on bugs to be fixed, workflow enhancements, feature request, integration, new protocol addition etc. It would be great if you could prioritize your requests into top five must haves in future release from your perspective. Your inputs will help us prioritize things for Contribute Next.

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  1. Joe Lencioni says:

    I am the Technical Web Coordinator at Gustavus Adolphus College where we have been using Contribute since Contribute 2. Previously we had been using GoLive and overall, the experience has been pretty great in comparison by all accounts. Because it is so much easier to use, Contribute has saved us a lot of time in supporting our users. Thanks for putting out a great product.

    With that said, there are a few things that we would love to see change with the next version of Contribute. Most of these are pretty basic and have been issues since the first version we tried. We really hope that you consider implementing them.

    1. Sortable Connections List

    Because different departments on campus require access to different parts of our website, we have about 100 different connections set up on our publishing server. Screenshot:

    The table in the “My Connections” window needs to be sortable. Currently it is quite difficult and often time-consuming to find the connection you are looking for. As a bonus, it would be nice to have a search as you type function to this window (like Thunderbird’s “Filter these messages…” feature).

    2. Table Accessibility with

    Our stylesheets are set up to style elements that are inside of a or element differently than those that are inside of a element. elements are also used on a lot of our tables. Additionally, these elements make tables much more accessible. Unfortunately, Contribute users have no way of using these features in their tables. It would be fantastic if you could add some of these features.

    Caption could be an option in the insert table dialog box and if the user selects to have a top header, Contribute could put that content inside of a and the body of the table inside of a .

    3. Title Attributes

    Users should be able to provide title attributes for any element (links at the very least), perhaps through a properties dialog box.

    4. Easier Inline Links

    Currently users can create inline links if they know to look under the advanced option and if the IDs have already been set up for them, but it would be really nice to offer them an easy to use Link > Spot on This Page… option that would allow them to select an element on the current page to link to and automatically create the ID for them (or allow them to provide an ID to use).

    5. The Indent Button Should Not Create a Blockquote Element

    Blockquote elements could be styled so they are not indented at all or with extra style, making this confusing for the user. For example, I have seen blockquotes styled to add big quotation marks around the content on many websites. Additionally, blockquote elements carry semantic meaning that does not necessarily apply to content that should simply be indented.

    The indent button should either be disabled when the user is not focused in a list or the connection administrators should be able to tell Contribute what classes to use to indent blocks of content. For example, we use the CSS framework, so to indent content we give it a class of prefix_# where # is the number of columns to indent.

    6. CSS Framework Integration

    With the rising popularity of CSS frameworks, it would be great to see some tighter integration in Contribute. It would be great to be able to tell Contribute that we use a particular framework, point Contribute to the framework’s CSS file, and Contribute would incorporate some of the framework’s features into the editing environment.

    We are looking forward to seeing what you come out with next. Thanks!

    • Joe Lencioni says:

      Oops, it looks like some parts of my comment were eaten (particularly in the “Table accessibility with” portion. Here’s that portion again with the goods intact.

      2. Table Accessibility with <caption> <thead> <tbody> <tfoot>

      Our stylesheets are set up to style <th> elements that are inside of a <thead> or <tfoot> element differently than those that are inside of a <tbody> element. <caption> elements are also used on a lot of our tables. Additionally, these elements make tables much more accessible. Unfortunately, Contribute users have no way of using these features in their tables. It would be fantastic if you could add some of these features.

      Caption could be an option in the insert table dialog box and if the user selects to have a top header, Contribute could put that content inside of a <thead> and the body of the table inside of a <tbody>.

    • Michael Dominic says:

      Thanks for your suggestions. I have couple of questions to ask and you answer will help us in the implementation.
      1) Can you please provide same sample webpage, where Table Accessibility is used?
      2) Please detail me on the CSS framework integration with examples.
      3) Do you want the Blockquote needs to be replaced with CSS styles?

      Once again I thank you for the valuable suggestions.

      • Joe Lencioni says:

        > 1) Can you please provide same sample webpage, where Table Accessibility is used?

        Here are a couple of pages that describe what I am talking about:

        > 2) Please detail me on the CSS framework integration with examples.

        We use the a customized version of the framework which provides us with special classes that help us set up a grid of columns. There are other popular CSS frameworks out there as well (e.g. Blueprint CSS). It would be really cool if we could tell Contribute that we use a particular framework and then Contribute would give users the tools needed to leverage the framework in their documents.

        For instance, with the, the main feature of the framework is the grid of columns. When using this framework, Contribute could give users the tools to put their content into columns without using tables.

        More information on

        > 3) Do you want the Blockquote needs to be replaced with CSS styles?

        Blockquote should be its own button that would be used when creating a blockquote element. Indent should simply indent content. If the focus is in a list, it should create a sub-list. If the focus is not in a list, it should try to use classes from the specified CSS framework (if you integrate those), a special CSS class defined by the site administrator (e.g. “indent”, “indent_%d”, or “prefix_%d”) , or finally fall back to using inline styles.

        I hope that helps. Please let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like more suggestions. I’m sure we can come up with some more ideas.

  2. Michel says:

    I’m using CS5 for our websites but I cannot put a You Tube video on there… Can you tell me how to do this or at least make sure that function will be available in the next update?

  3. Denise Adjutant says:

    Our Department has adopted XHTML 1.0 Strict as its standard for code definition with multiple other departments using Contribute for content management.

    There appears to be no connection between editing in Contribute and the document type (DTD) defined in the code as Contribute readily allows content that includes “bad” code. This is especially true when a user inserts from a Microsoft document, be it Excel or Word. We have tried the text only changes, but does not allow users to insert photos from Shared Assets.

    There seems to be no way to remove a users ability to import/insert Microsoft products. Even with text only changes, the user can still insert from a Microsoft document. Most formatting is stripped during the process, but we have still found enough left behind for the pages to fail validation.

    A way for Administrators to “block” users ability to “insert Microsoft Office Documents” would be ideal as well as an option for text only changes while allowing images to be inserted as Shared Assets.

  4. Santiago says:

    Would be great if CS5 allowed me to edit HTML snippets, not just post them… also there appears to be no way to add an HTML snippet to a PDF published directly from the computer… would like to be able to track pages with google analytics but none of the code is accessible….

  5. Andy Shaffer says:

    I am the web master for a decent sized school district where we’re using Contribute CS3 and CPS. I manage the development of our sites with Dreamweaver and will be upgrading to CS5 very soon, though we can’t afford the jump for all our Contribute users at this time so some of these requests may have already been received and implemented in newer versions. Anyway, I appreciate your consideration on including these requests for future versions of Contribute, which has been very well received at our school district since I implemented it 2 years ago to over 200 users.

    1. Custom File Naming and Page Titles Enforcement

    It would be great if we could force certain naming conventions for file names and page titles for users who are creating new pages. SEO would benefit greatly from this and I cannot trust my users to know anything about SEO or even remember these steps, therefore it would be great if a feature was added where we could set this in Contribute the site settings.

    For example, right now Contribute removes all spaces from the title and builds a generic file name where I would rather it insert dashes. Others may prefer underscores. Also, I may want the words “My Company Name :: ” at the beginning of all page titles where the users can only add the actual page title to the end of it. Relating this to file names, it would be nice if it were automatically removed upon publishing the new page. No one wants a file name like “MyCompanyNameNewHiringProceeduresfor2010.htm”, that’s just nuts!

    2. Time Sensitive Content

    A lot of content on our site needs to be removed by a certain date. Things like job postings, current construction bids, etc. I currently use PHP to display certain content based on the server’s timestamp, however I want to put this content management in the hands of my users without having to build a web app for them. This may be a good feature to include into CPS which is always running on the server rather than in the client software. Either way, it would be a great addition if a publisher could choose when and how long certain content is published. Heck, even if we as admins need to setup a database to connect to, being able to set content date/time and duration within Contribute’s interface is the idea.

    3. Is there an Undo Button yet?

    I know the keyboard shortcut is there, but some of our users REALY lack in computer knowledge 😉

    4. Control Table Background Colors

    I may be able to do this with CSS, but some of my users are going against our branding style guide and using the ugliest colors possible in the cell backgrounds of tables the publish. Can we make this a feature to turn on/off?

    5. Fix Funky Characters Pasted from Word

    A lot of our users are discouraged when those funky characters show up after copying content out of Word, and pasting it in Contribute. Fixing this would be great, but in addition, a Show/Hide button like there is in Word would help a great deal as well. Something to help see all those double spacings, long dash or short dash, full carriage returns or halfs, etc.

    6. Forms that Email

    Again, I’m currently doing this with PHP, but it would be nice to be able to have an easy to use GUI for our users to create their own forms based on a technology we as admins choose and setup.

    That’s it. I can’t wait to upgrade 🙂 and hopefully will be able to afford a CS6 upgrade for my district!

  6. Andy Shaffer says:

    A mobile app would be very convenient as well 😉

  7. Joe Lencioni says:

    We have some PHP code in our Contribute template that includes other files on our server. Sometimes Contribute messes up these paths which completely breaks the entire page because the required file cannot be found at the new path.

    I noticed this today when someone made a copy of a page and republished it in a different directory. I’m guessing that Contribute is thinking this is an HTML link and so it is trying to rewrite it to keep it working when the file is in a different directory. In this particular instance, the PHP code appears above the doctype declaration at the very top of the template.

    It would be really nice if the next version of Contribute was smart enough to avoid this and be kinder to pages that have PHP in them.

  8. MMike says:

    I just installed Contribute CS5 to test it with my BLOG connection. And like CS4, it will not save the fonts I add to the font menu. So when I close the program and open it again, the fonts I’ve saved are gone. This doesn’t happen when editing a webpage (web connection), but with a BLOG connection.

    I am disappointed that this bug, which I’ve reported before directly to a tech support rep who duplicated this bug last year while on the phone, has not been fixed.

  9. Bearson says:

    Make the Contribute Firefox plugin available to any user. I think this would be a good thing for many designers and developers who want to control there content with contribute and Dreamweaver, but want to offer there clients a way to edit and manage after the design phase.

  10. Fred Bauer says:

    Append “Contribute/x.y” to the user agent identifier

    When browsing a site under, e.g. Windows, Contribute uses Internet Explorer to render the pages. Thus, the user agent identifier sent with Contribute’s HTTP requests is Internet Explorer’s, e.g.

    * Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0)

    Ideally, Contribute would append its own signature to the user agent identifer, e.g.

    * Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0) Contribute/6.0

    That way, any server-side application in a controlled environment (e.g. an internal website) can easily detect Contribute and behave accordingly. In particular, a server-side application that issues HTTP redirects could issue different redirects if accessed via Contribute. Or, although arguably less useful, one could just embed helpful hints into the rendered HTML, such as “Click the Edit-button in the toolbar to edit this page in Contribute”.

    • Gerald Anderson says:

      +1 for always appending Contribute’s identifier to the user agent string!

      Right now, Contribute identifies itself as “Contribute/6.0” only when it requests pages via WebDAV, not when it does so over regular HTTP.

      Under Windows, one can technically append a Contribute identifier to Internet Explorer’s user agent string manually by adding a [Post Platform] key to the registry (see … but that’s really just an ugly hack which (1) makes corporate mass deployment of Contribute a lot less straight-forward and (2) affects all instances of Internet Explorer, not just the ones that are used to render pages in Contribute.

  11. Afaque Mysore-Amanulla says:

    We have a staff bulletin that goes out every week here at Rutgers University. We use Contribute to generate these web pages. The content of the bulletin itself comes from various departments in Microsoft Word document format. When we copy and paste the data onto contribute and publish it, all the symbols like colon (:), dash (-), questionmark (?) and a LOT of others show some sort of special characters instead of the symbols. We literally have to go through 15 pages to looks for these characters and change them manually, one at a time which, exactly like it sounds, is very tedious and doesnt serve the purpose of using Contribute. Has this issue been fixed in the latest versions? If not, any way to avoid such a thing?

  12. Joe Lencioni says:

    We are using the Contribute Publishing server to manage our sites. When we are adding a user to a site, it can be difficult to determine exactly who people are based on their names alone (we have a lot of users in our LDAP). It would be nice to be able to see usernames in the list of search results in addition to their names. Ideally, the information that is displayed could be customizable.

    • Andy Shaffer says:

      I agree, as our teams grow, not everyone knows everyone’s user ID, the Name tied to that ID would be nice. We were on LDAP but now on Active Directory.

  13. Dan Clemmons says:

    I heartily agree with other commenters who have requested the ability to create and/or edit “title attributes” for links, especially in the “Insert Link “dialog box.

  14. Mark McGee says:

    Contribute woks quite well with our video website, but one function we’d like to have is to be able to make additions to the source code once a page is published. We’re having to ask our website designer to make additions to the source code (e.g. parent category for iFrames, etc) since they designed the site with Dreamweaver. Thanks! Mark

  15. I’m not very skilled at using Contribute, but in this tight economy – the more I can do on my own, without technical assistance, the better. I find the instructions for doing things, like adding a new page to my website, are not broken down into enough baby steps.

    I’m also having problems adding shopping carts to my html pages. I’ve tried and tried, but the instructions just aren’t explicit enough. One of the difficulties is that even though my designer used Dreamweaver to set up my site – there still seem to be problems with my making changes to the pages beyond adding and deleted photos and copy, rearranging the page, etc.

    Anything you can do to give better instructions would be very, very helpful!

    And – thanks for asking for our input…

  16. Dylan says:

    Make it easier to edit Blogger… It is very frustrating and i still dont know how to do it…

  17. Make the Adobe products able to communicate with servers using FTPS security. I would like to use contribute for content management but i can’t connect to our sites using the Adobe products.

  18. Brett Matti says:

    1. A second for allowing us to sort users and groups in the administer website area. This includes the “send connection key” menu.

    2. A second for an undo button.

    3. Allow users to have multiple roles instead of having to create custom roles for an individual that needs access to multiple areas or granting wider permissions to a group just to allow one person in a role access to multiple areas.

    4. Place the rollback and delete functions up a level in the menu system. Maybe under the edit menu. Allow those features to be accessed in edit mode as well as browse mode.

    5. Allow style rules to be placed into the system by site administrators. For example we want times listed as 9 am but our Contribute users will do 9:00 AM, 9 a.m., etc.

    • Joe Lencioni says:

      Our users often have trouble figuring out how to delete a page, so making the delete function easier to find would be very nice.

      It would also be great if there was a “move this page” feature so users don’t need to make a copy, publish the copy, and then delete the old one–this has proved to be very unintuitive.

      • Dawn D says:

        I am a analyst/programmer on Mayo Clinic’s intranet. Our users also have a difficult time deleting pages and/or documents and images.

        Please consider placing a “Delete this Page” button on the toolbar. Add a function to the button when clicked that displays a dialog box with something like “you have xx number of links to this page. Are you sure you want to delete it?” and then list the pages. This would prevent users from deleting a main left navigation item, which messes up site structure and renders the child pages as orphans.

  19. Hal Hamilton says:

    It would be nice to fix the bugs before worrying about new features. When you delete old connections, CS5 remembers the paths to those connections and tries to reapply them to any connection that “defaults” to the same connection name. Further, being stuck with the default connection name (Title of default page) is pretty lame.

  20. Will Stewart says:

    We use Contribute primarily to post daily homework assignments and keep our website up-to-date. I’m getting older, and my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. Is it possible to zoom in while editing? If that is available now, I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it.

  21. Glen Barney says:

    First let me say that I LOVE Contribute CS5! I own tons of Adobe software, including CS5 Master Collection, and I have to say that although I use pretty much all of the programs, I use Contribute far more than any other. It is amazing, and I am grateful to hear that it is going to stay alive and be improved! I’d like to reply to a couple of things above first, then make some points…

    First, in response to:
    > You can insert the youtube video via HTML Snippet option.
    > You can edit [HTML snippets] through Edit in External Application option.

    Those are good workarounds, yes, but I think many of us would like to see that functionality made more “native” in Contribute. In the case of Youtube video, that should be as easy as Inserting a Paypal object is. Youtube videos, Google maps, there are many more “standard objects” out there, and we’d like to see Contribute continue its tradition of making object insertions easy.

    We’d also like to be able to not only EDIT HTML snippets, but also edit those inserted objects! It would be great to be above to remove an inserted snippet, or button, as well as edit it WITHOUT the need to link to an external editor. So, for example, how about a little simple built-in HTML editor. NOT something like Dreamweaver, just something simple, like Notepad. And how about having Contribute add tags around inserted snippets and/or objects so that it can “recognize” them in the future and safely remove them. Like a “BeginContributeInsertedObject” tag pair or something, just like DW does with editable regions? A subset of that would be fantastic, and would let Contribute do more to support the content that it initially adds to a page.

    A DEFINITE PLUS ONE for Adobe Contribute CS6 Mobile – for iOS, Android, and WebOS! YES YES YES! I’d pay BIG MONEY for that!!!!!

    Also a plus one for SFTP support. It is very frustrating to be able to connect to my non-standard port number, SFTP-enabled account using Dreamweaver, seeing Dreamweaver handle so flawlessly… and having Contribute stumble and freeze. Please PLEASE get SFTP access repaired and working, it is VERY important to us!

    Finally, something I”d like to see. I use Contribute to manage a number of blogs. They’re all WordPress blogs, hosted on my own servers. And it seems that Contribute can not EVER generate templates for them. CS3 could, a little bit, CS4 a little bit less, CS5 cannot set up ANY new blog templates at all, on my externally-hosted WordPress sites, on either the Mac or the PC version! I end up getting just blank white pages, and have to go in and create the blog posting templates by hand (using Dreamweaver!) just to get them to work and look right. I BEG for that fix.

    Delete and move pages, absolutely +1 for those. Plus, since you bring it up, I’d like to see a much more active Contribute blog. Contribute is good product – it deserves evangelists and an active blog-led community. I would certainly participate! I think many in the world would benefit from it. Community help is good, and I write for it as well, but more visibility for Contribute could only be a good thing.

    Finally, a wishlist item… more templates! Meaning, more pre-formatted, pre-set-up website template collections included with Contribute. When I’m in a hurry to get a site or page set up for a client or friend – which happens often – I buy them a copy of Contribute, go with one of its templates, and start them up. The template catalog needs a huge refresh and huge expansion. I hope someone will undertake that.

    Again, thank you THANK YOU Contribute team for all you do for us! YOU ARE APPRECIATED and we are EXCITED FOR THE FUTURE OF CONTRIBUTE, AND ADOBE!!!

    Glen Barney
    Adobe’s #1 Fan (and high up on the Contribute list as well! 😉

  22. Glen Barney says:

    Just to summarize what I said before, since I just saw you wanted a top-five priority list. My top-five must-haves would be:

    #1. Working SFTP. MOST IMPORTANT.
    #2. Working blog template auto-creation for WordPress blogs.
    #3. Ability to at least -remove- inserted objects and snippets. (Marker tags maybe?)
    #4. Ability to have simple built-in editing of custom-inserted HTML snippets. (Again, marker tags?)
    #5. Enhance and improve the template library that comes with Contribute.

    Of course very much in favor of mobile editions, and more evangelism/contact, but that’s not strictly part of the program, so they’re not on my top-5 list (but they ARE snuck in again here!!!)


  23. ann says:

    We upgraded to CS5. Updating zip codes and phone numbers results in a font size bigger than the default. Selecting the default font gives the correct font size, but a row is added as well and throws off the page layout. Please see SK Community/ Where to Find Us/ Sea Kayak Dealers Northeast. Look for Massachusetts and you’ll see the zip code for Charles River Canoe & Kayak is a larger than other zip codes on the page. I’ve not found a way to correct this despite multiple efforts.
    Thanks Ann

  24. Natalie says:

    I have done extensive web searches and cannot find a way to change the default font type and size. It would be nice not to have to do that one extra step every time I add new text to my website.

    • Pip says:

      yes the default font needs to be able to be a ‘blanket’ font for the whole site. The font colours need to be able to be matched and selected much more easily.

      It’s tedious uploading photos when you have to individually select for Contribute to rename each photo.

      Also each page has different names of styles – why can’t the entire site have all the styles accessible.

  25. I’d like auto correct – especially for em dashes; now I have to cut and paste them.

  26. Johan says:

    1. Being able to delete connections after FTP connections do not work any longer would be nice.

    2. Overall: more administrative control over connections would be nice: A separate contribute mode for the administration of connections and user accounts would be really really nice.

    3. It would also be nice to have more information on what Contribute is doing “under the hood” when creating and updating connections. Currently using the log of “cnetperformancelog” is not so user friendly.

    4. Being able to sort connections in the connections overview

    5. not having to wait before all templates are synched and drafts are checked when maintain connections

    6. making sure connections can be deleted even when the FTP connection fails.

    7. Fixing the existing BUGS in regards to connection time-outs and hostname failures.

  27. Johan says:

    Oh, and it would be nice to release bug fixes for FREE for your customers who have paid good money for a buggy product. Currently using CS4 and we’re not willing to pay another X amount of money just to have a working product in the first place. Contribute is one of the worst pieces of software I have ever had to work with and i’m working with software for over 15 years now…

  28. bridget says:

    make it easier to add script and widgets – especially widgets!

  29. Bob Moody says:

    I would like to have the ability to create and modify forms that would report results by email. This could be for customer feedback, customer input, etc.

    Also would like it to run faster on the Mac platform. I have a 4 processor 27″ iMac and Contribute is sloooooow!

  30. Contribute has suddenly started crashing on both my iMac and MacBook Air. It opens for a moment or two and then just dies. I’m using OS 10.6.7. Please help.

    • Michael Dominic says:

      Seems like this issue if faced by many customers recently. We are analyzing this issue to find the root cause. Below mentioned are few workarounds.
      1) Create new Admin account.
      2) Go to task manager and quickly kill Service Manager. Repeat this [couple of times] until Contribute launches. Once the Welcome screen of Contribute appears its fine. Contribute and Service Manager can co-exists.
      3) Clearing the CS5ServiceManager folder from %APPDATA%, and this appeared to resolve the issue.

  31. Working with Contribute CS4.
    I’m terribly disappointed in this program, what shows in the edit mode is inconsistent with what is published. For example the font weight, and the indention tool.

    This software is extremely cumbersome and frustrating to work with.

  32. Lisa Wilcox says:

    I have clients that use Contribute and one of the biggest issues we have is compatibility amongst versions of contribute despite running in compatibility mode.

    I too, would like Custom File Naming and Page Titles for SEO purposes, making it easier for clients to add scripts and widgets with ease and little assist from webmaster/admin.

    sorting connections, being able as a admin to apply a global admin password setting to all the sites we administer, when sending connection keys, being able to do so without it being an attachment that antivirus and corporate email clients can strip out.

  33. Conner says:

    I think it would be nice if there were more things on Contribute that you can prettymuch only do in HTML.
    Just an idea

  34. Mike Lipenkrantz says:

    I would like to see:

    1) An alphabetized list of site connections. I have to admin 100s of sites and sifting through the un-alphabetized list of connections is quite painful.

    2) Some sort of list where an admin could see a master list of connections and the content providers for those sites without having to go into each connection separately. In other words, a master list of users and roles. Again I have 100s of sites, some with multiple publishers, and simply want a list of who is connected to which sites.

    3) Some way for users to update library items (ie global menus) and have the library items update throughout the site. Maybe allow the admin to either toggle this feature on or off.

    Honestly, my publishers love Contribute for its ease of use, but as an Admin I have been looking elsewhere because the un-alphabetized list of connections is so clumsy. Producing reports of who is contributing to which sites is also cumbersome.

  35. Joe Lencioni says:

    I’d love it if you made the Contribute use the OS’s native windowing capabilities. Currently I use Windows 7 and find it annoying that my Contribute window doesn’t look or operate like all of my other windows (styles like transparency glass, and more importantly, features like snap).

  36. Bob Moody says:

    I would like the ability to create forms that email the results back to me. I have found no program other than the really expensive ones that will do that.

    I maintain websites that were created over 10 years ago and are still in frames, which I prefer to CSS because of the ability to embed other sites’ material easily. Please keep that capability.

  37. Contribute needs better native Mac OS X integration. I set up my station exactly as I need and when I get to Adobe products with my keyboard or mouse, I slow down. They act as part of the Adobe ecosystem and are ported or designed on top of Snow Leopard, but they don’t “act” like native apps in GUI or for keyboard/mouse efficiency workflows.

  38. I own four licenses to Contribute. It used to be good. I still have an open issue which you have not fixed. The biggest problem is when your site contains multiple movies and files. Each time you connect and edit page it goes and rewrites all those files to your hard drive. The proigram should simply look on your drive to see if the files match. If they match then don’t spend 30 minutes rewriting files.

  39. Pat Cowles says:

    Each upgrade of Windows 7 creates connection problems in Contribute CS5 for our 4 Windows users. Those 20+ still on XP have no issues at all. Thoughts?

  40. Mike Arrigo says:

    Make it faster to load
    Make it faster doing posts
    Make it more reliable

    Allow toggle between HTML and visual view
    Improve WordPress integration

    Bug fix- always crashes after I add a .jpg and publish, must re-start and retrieve draft, then publish

    Make settings more intuitive to change to enable dropping in HTML code snippets. The admin feature to find and enable this is non-intuitive now.

    Table rows are not always WSYWG. Row hight looks fine in CS5 (Mac) but after publishing the row heights aren’t even. Going back to edit doesn’t show the irregular widths. Should the be corrected with an HTML edit / view similar to WordPress? If not, then the refresh and WSYWG of CS5 must be faster and more accurate in its rendering of tables.

  41. Dawn D says:

    Please modify Contribute Publishing Server to accommodate a very large LDAP/Active Directory. Currently it only works well with a directory of less than about 300 users. Mayo Clinic has an LDAP/Active Directory of over 65,000 names. When we tested Contribute Publishing Server, it would try load the entire directory and time out with errors after about ~15 minutes.

    Mayo Clinic has several thousand users editing over 1,500 web directories on our intranet, which contains over a million web pages.

    Contribute Publishing Server would greatly increase efficiency and maintenance of our intranet.

  42. Allan says:

    If you setup a site with the menu widget, I’d like to have a way for clients to be able to modify the menu. E.G. in an HTML based site with a new “news story”, add an item to the sub-menu of a news menu item and have that ripple through all pages. Needs a template editable field that is “universal” and therefore a change on one page gets duplicated on all pages and this is editable within Contribute.

    I do not have a site to point at right now, but this has come up in relation to adding new product items to a menu in a site I am currently developing.

  43. Desirae says:

    I’d like to be able to create more than one draft page for a single webpage. This would allow for two options to be shown for edits and to be able to quickly publish over the current page once a draft is selected. Or say if you’ve already created a major revision that hasn’t yet been approved, you will still will be able to make a quick change to the live page (like adding an email address) if you could have two drafts going.

  44. Ken says:

    FTP using TLS/SSL!!
    Dreamweaver CS 5.5 does it, Contribute should follow along.

    • ingrid says:

      I have a client with contribute who has now to work with FTP over SSL/TLS (expliciete codering)

  45. Ben says:

    Why do you force the http:// prefix on web site links? It’s so frustrating! Let users be able type in their own URL paths. We can’t use base href tags or set up dynamic hosts because Contribute forces the http:// prefix or re-writes urls. Please stop doing this and allow more freedom with links. Allow more freedom to specify image and documents locations (paths) as well. Please!

  46. Bill Santry says:

    Want to second the request for WYSIWYG php editing- it would be a unique product and would make a lot of people’s life easier.

  47. Ben says:

    Please consider using a modern, standards complaint browser engine with the next version. It was disappointed that Contribute 5 still used IE7! Better yet, let the user select which browser to use, if that’s possible. (And I don’t mean the preview in browser option.)

  48. HIlary says:

    make the back or undo buttomn easier to find. I can’t find it.

  49. Tim Fischer says:

    How about some new templates?

  50. Dean Anderson says:

    When I publish a file with Contribute to staging server and then deploy to live site with Simple File Deployer, it doesn’t deploy associated files. It shows a list of html files with “associated files” but it doesn’t list the associated files separately with checkboxes to deploy. If you try to deploy anyway, those associated files listed in gray do not deploy the to live server, only the html.

    However, if I use Dreamweaver instead to synchronize first, then the associated files are listed correctly and can be deployed. If I use Dreamweaver and merely ‘put’ the files, it is just like Contribute — fails.

    So, my suggestion is to revise Contribute and Publishing Server Simple File Deployer to handle associated files. Synchronizing is a workaround, but you have to manually synchronize because it will say “no synchronization is necessary”, but if you don’t manually synchronize the PDF’s and images, Simple File Deployer fails.

  51. I’d like to see (as it was before) when I select Publish – Find the folder… I can not see what else that is in that folder. It worked in other editions but not in CS4

    I’d like to see the thumbnail feature – where I’d post a thumbnail but with a person running their mouse over the thumbnail it would enlarge.

    Thank you,

  52. Ann says:

    How can I maintain consistent color for links using the color picker tool in Contribute?
    e.g Resources/PDF

    Currently, I cut/paste links to capture the color then overwrite the text and redirect the file path.

    Thank you,

    • Michael Dominic says:

      Using the Page Properties (Format –> Page Properties) you can set the color theme for links.

  53. How about a version that doesn’t hang with a blank screen when trying to edit existing Google Blogger pages? Judging by several comments and reviews I’ve seen Adobe really needs to work on bugs and improving the stability Contribute rather than focusing on new features. When the trial hangs trying to do really simple things, that’s not going to help sell the product.

  54. Donna says:

    I manage a page for the Vermont Department of Health. Previously used CS3 but we recently converted to V5. I cut/pasted a section of text from Word to Contribute on Friday and noted several large golden question marks appeared. Deleted the text and reinserted….checked the text in Word to be sure there were no odd formatting issues… I’m unable to delete the question marks and the more I fool around with them, the more of them get embedded in the text. Help? Donna

    • Michael Dominic says:

      These yellow tags with question marks are the script tags. You can delete it by enabling the permission to delete the protected script tags.
      Steps to allow the user to delete protected script tags:
      1) Administer the site
      2) Select the role for which you want to enable this permission and Click Edit Role settings
      3) Select the Editing category in uncheck the option “Protect scripts, forms and spry widgets” and save the settings.

  55. Jim Suttle says:

    Not sure if it is a Mac thing, or Mac Contribute – but we create links in a table and then would like to copy those links to a second page – and them work. Right now…they don’t. We have to relink the files for them to work

  56. make the setup and sign on process easier for new people who don’t speak computer acronuyms.

  57. Tom says:

    It would be great if you could have someone read and respond to the support forums. We’ve been asking for things in there for years with no replies at all.

  58. Andy Shaffer says:

    The ability to insert OGV video files.

  59. mike moss says:

    Have used and loved for several years – about a month ago, when I tried to get on, there was a message asking for name and password, which it had never done before. I tried several possibilities and kept getting the message ” your FTP username or password is
    incorrect. Please check your connection information.” Can you help – thanks.

  60. Melinda says:

    I would like to be able to create rounded corners for the boxes I create.
    Would like to be able to create drop down menus without having to create in external application.
    I’ve chosen to keep using Contribute instead of switching to Website Tonight with because it gives me so much control of my designs. Updates are so very simple.

  61. STAN MILLER says:


  62. Better HTML capability and be able to embed buttons like InDesign. Relates to the rounded-corners-for-boxes comment.

    Text issues in tables are klugy. Need more flexibility.

    Thanks for asking for input.

  63. I’d like to be able to insert a Title and meta tags. Just give me the spaces to enter the wording – please don’t give me technical instructions.

  64. catherine says:

    I hate contribute but am stuck using it as that’s what the web developers used to set up our site. I find it extremely difficult to work with to achieve any kind of page layouts. The tables are impossible to work with but all content must be created within them. I am constantly trying to create layouts within my template content area but the tables make it so limiting. I can’t have content if different columns that end in different places because it then has to put it aligned with content in the table cell on the adjacent column — and I have got very creative with the split and merge cell function. Why not take a look at Constant Contact and see how they have content boxes (i.e. text, image, media, button etc) that can be styled and moved around. Theirs isn’t a perfect solution but it works much better than what Contribute does.

    I also find it very hard to know what dimensions i have to work with. I carefully calculate a size and then place it and contribute does funky things and bumps it wide and I can’t figure out why or where its adding extra space when I’ve been very careful with my padding etc. Not very wysiwyg friendly.

  65. catherine says:

    on a mac when you try to send a copy of a draft for others to review it just crashes.

    • Michael Dominic says:

      can you please let us know the Contribute and Mac OS version in which you are facing the problem? Also let us know whether it is an administered or un-administered site?

  66. Richard H says:

    What happened to the Javascript ID that was present on CS4? We could simply click on that and be able to edit a Javascript function anbd re-insert it. On CS5, we cannot do this!

    Locating Javascript functions and accessing for editing is virtually impossible!

    Please restore that feature!

    • Shilpa says:

      Do you mean the unique ID of the form elements like text box, buttons.. etc?
      Can you please elaborate in steps? I would be great if you could provide screen shots as well.
      Please mail to

  67. Phillip says:

    I would like to see the ability for Contributes SVN capabilities to support more SVN providers; for example.

    I would also like to see there be an SVN commit on creation of website, so that we do not have to manually add our site/files to SVN first, before adding them to contribute.

    Would love to see more tools, like a toolbox (similiar to dream weaver or VS2010) for objects, and items to add to the page.

    Would love to also see more templates, and template parts, code generation when creating sites, so we can just drop elements, etc, and contribute take care of the code for us.

  68. Dominic Michael says:

    Hi All,
    First of all I like to thank everyone of you for the valuable suggestions. We have incorporated few of the features in the prerelease build. The Contribute prerelease program is active. Please let us know if you are interested in participating in the prerelease program, so we can send out an official invite.
    With Regards,
    M. Dominic

  69. Rachel says:

    Why am I not able to cut and paste mulitiple lines from a word document into Contribute?

  70. Ben Truman says:

    I’m not a programmer, so any updates that aid ease of use and administration are always appreciated!

    (1) Admin troubleshooting tools. Right now I have a user whose system tells her she is no longer authorized. however, a new connection key yields only a message that she already has a connection. Catch 22. I can only guess what may be going on. A user-connection diagnostic tool to help ID what’s going on would be very helpful!

    (2) As administrator, I should be able to publish AND edit all drafts that come to me. Currently, if are drafts sent to me for Publishing, I can’t first edit. Even if it’s a single typo, I have to return the draft to the user.

    (3) In Users/Roles – Would be useful to be able to open, review, & administer individual User information. For example, I took over as administrator, and things work well, go to my email, etc. But the person listed is my predecessor. I am not an expert, so did not want to remove her and add myself. It would be helpful if I could click on her name and see all the data associated.


  71. Linda Parker says:

    I would love to be able to copy and paste links, instead of having to type the link in from an open page, this is a pain.
    I would also love for spell check to work in key words and descriptions, another place copy and paste would be wonderful.

  72. Please consider creating a preference for the user to set the JPEG quality under preferences so that we won’t have to keep seeing the dreaded JPEG quality dialog box that just slows down the “save as” function. Please please please! I would be forever grateful!

    • Michael Dominic says:

      This setting already exists in the Role setting dialog. To reach this setting,
      1) Administer the site.
      2) Select the user you want to enable this setting.
      3) Click on Edit Role Settings…
      4) Select the category New Images and enable the setting.

  73. Stephanie F says:

    Most of these issues could be solved by more user education, however the majority of our users edit the website just twice a year during our site review cycle, one or two pages each, and there’s a lot of complication for them to remember for six months. I would like to be able, as administrator, to adjust these things so that our infrequent users aren’t confused. (Because what happens is that they miss a step or get something wrong and I have to get in and manually adjust the page and, really, we got Contribute so that I *wouldn’t* have to attend to each page individually!)

    1. I would like to be able to set the workflow for the users. I understand that Contribute is currently designed to give the content creator as much control as possible, and thus every review goes back to them before it can be sent out for the next step, but that adds extra time and unnecessarily confusing steps for our users. If I had a way to set it go to author -> reviewer -> publisher without returning to the author each time a review was done (a button to return and a button to send on to publish, for instance), it would streamline our process.

    2. Also, there’s a seriously confusing point in the process of opening and editing or reviewing documents that constantly trips up our users. When you open a document or a draft for editing or review, for some reason it jumps back to the browser, and you can’t figure out what’s going on without checking the Pages palette and then clicking *again* on the draft to actually edit it. I cannot tell you the number of complaints I have gotten concerning that – every review cycle I get multiple people contacting me and saying that they can’t edit or review the page when it turns out that the page opened for editing but jumped back to the browser for whatever reason.

    3. When bookmarking a page, it doesn’t like the pipe character. All our webpage titles have the pipe character in them (Page Title | Site Name). It’s confusing when a user bookmarks a page they’re in charge of editing and they can’t until they manually edit out the pipe.

    4. The feature where sending a page to more than one person for review means all of them have to sign off on it also causes a lot of grief. The workplace culture here dictates that other people are CCed on most communication to keep them in the loop even when they’re not the assigned reviewer for the page, and when our users automatically click their names in the Send box, it complicates the process and I have to reassign the drafts in the admin mode. Yes, they could add the CCed names when the Outlook email pops up, but it’s not intuitive that they can’t just click the checkboxes next to the names in the Send box.

    5. I would love to be able to allow Contribute to tell the users who has a page checked out for editing and when it was checked out. We have several pages with multiple authors assigned, and when the review cycle comes around, I have to run interference between the users to let them know who’s got it or to call them myself and ask them to finish and check it back in so the next person can edit their section, and so on. If there was an admin setting I could check that would allow the “You can’t perform this…” error message to include the name of the person with the page checked out, it would improve my life immensely.

  74. max says: master page integration support ( for instanace css file rules not filtering through when using master page in conjuction with contribute product)

  75. David says:

    I it would be great to be able to add folders in the layer like Photoshop. To put layers in folders I want to keep intact and create new pages based of the folder content i want to use. I am creating many PDFs that contain different content but have the same layout. I would like to use one Master INDD file to create PDFs while containing all pages.

  76. Marion says:

    I just upgraded my Mac to Snow Leopard, and running Safari 5.1. Now having publishing issues with Contribute Cs5. Get message about another draft (and there is none), then message about a “lock.”

    Can’t seem to resolve the issue.


  77. I have used Contribute to update content for a small non-profit organization in Vermont for several years. I’m currently using CS5. Just a few days ago, I stopped being able to modify the site because when I open Contribute, I get an error message, “Contribute could not connect because the server is down or not accepting connections.” I checked with our web host, and the servers are up and fine. They said they received another call this week from their only other customer that uses Contribute to update web content, and she had the same problem, so the problem appears to be on Contribute’s end. How do I resolve this problem (other than buying version 6.5, since we pinch pennies and would prefer not to upgrade if we can avoid it.) Thanks for your help!

  78. We are having the same problem. Contribute worked fine (for years), until the hosting company changed to using Explicit FTP over TLS/SSL. Is there a way to set up Contribute CS5 to work in this environment?