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HTML Content Type


HTML Content Type in Contribute CS5

How can a web Administrator enforce rules to be followed by Content Contributors while creating and publishing web pages?

Sometimes they might not remember all and miss a couple of points like set page expiry before publish, following a naming convention, publish web page to a particular location etc. This can result in messing up the website, managing and repairing would be another added burden for the administrator.

Content Type can be useful for the administrator in such situations.

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Dreamweaver Event in Bangalore, India on 27th Nov 2010.

Adobe Systems would like to invite web community to get together and share their wisdom. Also learn something about Dreamweaver and other web technology enabling tool set.

Please refer to the above graphic for details about the event and how to register for it.

Don’t forget to RSVP (email id in graphic above) and tell us more about your self. Come, let us all have fun!