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HTML Content Type in Contribute CS5

How can a web Administrator enforce rules to be followed by Content Contributors while creating and publishing web pages?

Sometimes they might not remember all and miss a couple of points like set page expiry before publish, following a naming convention, publish web page to a particular location etc. This can result in messing up the website, managing and repairing would be another added burden for the administrator.

Content Type can be useful for the administrator in such situations.

What is a Content Type?

Content Types are pre defined entities that specify the review process that will be used automatically when the desired dwt template or new page is created.

How can Content Type do this?

A Content Type encapsulates the following information about the content – the template, the workflow, file name prefix can be predefined to follow a naming convention, the path to which it should be published, preset Expiry date, and can also update the metadata. The metadata will be useful in tracking page publish information. The best part is the same dwt Template can be reused for defining another Content type independent of each other.
Content Type in Contribute enables users to collaboratively author, review, publish and analyze web content while maintaining site integrity — without learning HTML.

Here is a example how an Administrator of an Office uses Content Type to add Meeting Notes.

A Content Type can be HTML or an XML. First step is to define the Content Type and then use them to create web pages. A website Administrator Defines and Organize/Manage Content Types.

Define a HTML Content Type   
Define Content Type

Create HTML Content Type
Create Content Type


Organize or  Manage Content Type  
Organize Content type

Usage of Content Type –

It will be easy to categorize and manage organizations small or large, any Office like IT companies, Newspaper / Magazine, Universities etc. In an editorial office the sport, politics, entertainment sections etc all can be managed in a very systematic way. In universities professors can upload their notes and send out assignments to their students. In offices the strategies, meeting notes, plans, time card, leave plan and records, documents and agenda can be uploaded to internal websites for better organized process.

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2 Responses to HTML Content Type

  1. How can I import a Word document (MS 2007 Windows) into Contribute CS5 and maintain endnotes and their styles? My website holds academic information and it is important that endnotes are (1) included and that the (2) style remains consistent throughout.


  2. Shilpa says:

    First of all this COMMENT would be applicable to the topic – Insert MS Office Doc as PDF using Contribute, the blog link –
    There are 2 options –
    1. As a Web page with PDF embedded :-
    Open Word, click on Add Ins – Open In Contribute (plugin).
    Contribute Application opens, Select the website to which the Word Document should be published. Select the option to Convert to PDF and Embed as PDF (last out of 4 options).
    The file is converted to PDF and embedded to a web page and ready for publishing.

    2. As a PDF file or MS Word File:-
    Open Word, click on Add Ins – Publish to Website (plugin).
    Select the website to which the Word Document should be published and also choose the Location with Choose Folder option. Select the Format of the file as Word document or PDF file and click Publish. The file is published to the website.