How to install Contribute in silent mode successfully?

Contribute can be installed silently using the AAMEE tool.

It is split up into 2 steps.

  • Package the Contribute msi in un-serialized mode and install. Command to install the msi is – msiexec.exe /i Contribute.msi /qn
  • From the provision tool serialize the package. Command to serialize is adobe_prtk.exe –tool=ReplaceSN –serialize=Contribute-CS5-Win-GM –serial=

Here is the detailed procedure :-

Pre requisites –

1. Download the AAMEE tool and install it.

2. Download Contribute note the Language for which you have the serial number.

3. Note the Serial number and extract the setup.exe.

Steps –

1. On the client machine start the AAMEE tool. Click create new “Installation Package”.

2. Enter a name to the msi file, say “Contribute”. Provide a new folder (preferable) to save the packaged folders and files.

3. Provide the path where the Contribute setup.exe is extracted and click Next. [From Pre req # 3]

4. Remember to select “Proceed without serializing” and the Language. [From Pre req # 2]

5. Note – the serialization would be successful only for the correct language.

6. Optional – Choose the components which should be package.

7. Set the configurations listed as required and packaged msi file is Build.

8. Note the folder Build – contains the msi file and folder Exceptions contains the components which are not installed.

9. To install the msi, open command prompt and navigate to the Build folder and run the command msiexec.exe /i Contribute.msi /qn

10. To serialize, from the command prompt continue to navigate to folder ProvisioningTool from Build folder and run the commandcommand to serialize

command to serialize

Please note on Vista / Windows 7 run the cmd prompt as Administrator.

Where can I find AAMEE –

The folder Exceptions contains the components which are not installed via msi. They can be installed separately. Example Adobe Help which might already exists via other Adobe product, else to install it execute the command AIRInstallerRunner.exe -airRuntime AdobeAIRInstaller.exe -silent -eulaAccepted -programMenu -airAppPath AdobeHelp.air.

View the video demoDemo on Packaging, Installing and Serialzing Contribute

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8 Responses to How to install Contribute in silent mode successfully?

  1. anita says:

    softwere is not downloand

  2. Richard says:

    How come the Adobe product line gets more complicated to install as time goes on? First we want to make our very own special installer (AIR)… Like that was really needed?
    Then it was more hoops to get a response file… Now, we need to download more components just to get a silent install? Seriously, if there are that many programmers just looking to make these programs, installs, and configurations more complicated. Send them home, save the money, and get the pricing down in the tens of dollars instead of hundreds. Think about it… KISS

  3. Duane Johnson says:

    In the ProvisioningTool folder, adobe_prtk doesn’t exist. There is adobe_provisioning_tool.exe, but it doesn’t seem to do the job either.

    • Shilpa says:

      Correct, adobe_prtk is not there in the folder.
      As mentioned in the blog steps –
      1. In the command prompt go to ProvisioningTool folder
      2. Execute the following command to serialize Contribute :-
      adobe_prtk.exe –tool=ReplaceSN –serialize=Contribute-CS5-Win-GM –serial=1111-0000-1111-0000-1111-0000

      If there are issues please provide the details such as :-
      1. OS where the package is created.
      2. Which Language of Contribute is packaged?
      3. OS where the package is installed. Language of the OS. Is it 32 bit or 64 bit ?

  4. Duane Johnson says:

    When I issue the command “adobe_prtk –tool=ReplaceSN –serialize=Contribute-CS5-Win-GM –serial=”, I get the error “The Syntax Of the Command Is Incorrrect”. It doesn’t like the in the serial number, even though your video example uses them. If I remove the from the serial number, I get the error “‘adobe_prtk’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.” Which is what I expect to see as ‘adobe_prtk’ doesn’t exist anywhere that I can see. This is on an XP 32-bit machine running English. I built the MSI on a Win7 64-bit machine, selecting English North America as the language. The MSI (with out a serial number) installed just fine and Contribute (with no serial number) seems to run fine too.

    So where is ‘adobe_prtk’ and why do you think I can run it as it’s not in the ProvisioningTool folder?

  5. Duane Johnson says:

    The comment field removed part of my post. The serial nuber that I used in the post was formatted like the video example using angle brackets on both sides of the serial number. I them got the first error that I listed above. If I remove the angle brackets, I get the second error.