How to install Contribute in silent mode successfully?

Contribute can be installed silently using the AAMEE tool.

It is split up into 2 steps.

  • Package the Contribute msi in un-serialized mode and install. Command to install the msi is – msiexec.exe /i Contribute.msi /qn
  • From the provision tool serialize the package. Command to serialize is adobe_prtk.exe –tool=ReplaceSN –serialize=Contribute-CS5-Win-GM –serial=

Here is the detailed procedure :-

Pre requisites –

1. Download the AAMEE tool and install it.

2. Download Contribute note the Language for which you have the serial number.

3. Note the Serial number and extract the setup.exe.

Steps –

1. On the client machine start the AAMEE tool. Click create new “Installation Package”.

2. Enter a name to the msi file, say “Contribute”. Provide a new folder (preferable) to save the packaged folders and files.

3. Provide the path where the Contribute setup.exe is extracted and click Next. [From Pre req # 3]

4. Remember to select “Proceed without serializing” and the Language. [From Pre req # 2]

5. Note – the serialization would be successful only for the correct language.

6. Optional – Choose the components which should be package.

7. Set the configurations listed as required and packaged msi file is Build.

8. Note the folder Build – contains the msi file and folder Exceptions contains the components which are not installed.

9. To install the msi, open command prompt and navigate to the Build folder and run the command msiexec.exe /i Contribute.msi /qn

10. To serialize, from the command prompt continue to navigate to folder ProvisioningTool from Build folder and run the commandcommand to serialize

command to serialize

Please note on Vista / Windows 7 run the cmd prompt as Administrator.

Where can I find AAMEE –

The folder Exceptions contains the components which are not installed via msi. They can be installed separately. Example Adobe Help which might already exists via other Adobe product, else to install it execute the command AIRInstallerRunner.exe -airRuntime AdobeAIRInstaller.exe -silent -eulaAccepted -programMenu -airAppPath AdobeHelp.air.

View the video demoDemo on Packaging, Installing and Serialzing Contribute

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