Contribute plug-ins for Firefox version 4 & 5

Contribute CS5 and CS5.1 browser plug-ins are compatible with Firefox(FF) Version 3. Due change in FF plug-in architecture, Contribute CS5 and CS5.1 plug-ins do not work in FF 4 and 5. So we have created a FF 4 and 5 compatible Contribute plug-in for CS5 and CS5.1. We have posted a Knowledge Base(KB) article about these new plug-in. The KB article provides details about the steps to install the patch.

The patch size on Windows is 230KB and 237KB on Mac. The build can be directly downloaded from here as well.
Windows :-

Mac :-

With this version of plug-in installed on FF4 and 5, you can continue to use following features of Contribute :

On Mac ensue that Firefox is opened in 32-bit mode to use Contribute’s plug-in.
To do so, right click on Firefox app and select “Get Info”.

Select the option ” Open in 32-bit mode” .

4 Responses to Contribute plug-ins for Firefox version 4 & 5

  1. Susan says:

    Is there a fix to the issue of Contribute not rendering css correctly in edit mode, as mentioned in the above discussion? DW CC5, Contribute CS 5 (both up to date)

  2. Jim Michaels says:

    there needs to be an ff plugin update for every new firefox version. start by getting the beta browser versions at

    again, I am getting an error from firefox’s latest version (for example, 10.x) that the contribute plugin isn’t compatible and has been disabled permanently. I get this with every new version of firefox.

  3. William Delancy says:

    My computer tells me I have to upgrade my plug in then sends me to information I do not understand. Why is it that these plugs do not update themselves. This takes too much time and ask for too much technical information that I cannot answer.