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Launch Contribute freshly by deleting Preferences

We hear from users that suddenly Contribute is unable to work smoothly as previously. This could be due corruption of Contribute’s preferences which could due to conflict in n/w or OS. How to recover from that ?
I have seen in few places about deleting a folder under web site might solve … but this is not true. We can try deleting the Preferences of Contribute and check, and yes this has resolved the issue for many.

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Minimize spelling error while typing

It is always a good idea to use the Check Spelling command to check the spelling in your draft after you add or edit text. Contribute checks for the spelling and corrects any error if the auto spell check is on. This minimizes spelling errors when typing using the inline spell checker in Contribute. Any spelling errors are flagged with a red squiggle below the incorrect word when you are in the Edit mode. Right-click the flagged word to display options suggested by the dictionary. After you choose the correct option, the flagged word is replaced with the selected word. When you change the dictionary, the background spell checker scans the entire document using the selected dictionary. Any errors flagged with the previous dictionary are removed.

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