Adobe Unveils Contribute 6.5 with HTML5 Support

Adobe Unveils Contribute 6.5 with HTML5 Support

Support for HTML5 content, JQuery support and many other enhancements

Announcing the immediate availability of Adobe Contribute 6.5.


Adobe® Contribute® 6.5 is a powerful web publishing and website management tool that integrates authoring, reviewing, and publishing in an easy-to-use WYSIWYG HTML editor. Adobe Contribute helps to increase web publishing productivity while simplifying oversight and approval tasks.


What’s New in Adobe Contribute 6.5


HTML5 Support

Easily converts your website to HTML5 Doctype compatible. Also, provides the ability to insert HTML5 audio and videos to your web page to make them compatible with broad set of devices.

jQuery Mobile Support

Ability to easily edit jQuery Mobile components in your web page and make web pages mobile friendly.

Add the Title / Border Color / Pattern attributes while editing image properties

You can add a title for the image. The title that you add is displayed as a tool tip when you move the mouse over the image while viewing it. You can also add border color and pattern for the image. To add these attributes, double-click the image.  In the Image Properties dialog box, enter the title, border color, and pattern.

Add the Title attribute while adding a link

You can add a title for the link. The title that you add is displayed as a tool tip when you move the mouse over the link.

Sort and search site connection

You can sort the site connections in the My Connection dialog box, Draft Console page, and Welcome screen. This allows you to locate a connection quickly.

Manage locked files

Contribute allows the administrator to see all locked pages and unlock the same.  A non-administrator user can view only the pages locked by them. User can also unlock the pages locked by them.

Create Secure FTP connection

In Contribute, you can create a connection through FTPS (FTP Secure). FTPS is an extension to the commonly used File Transfer Protocol (FTP) that adds support for more secure and authentic communication to the server.

Create anchors

Using this option, you can create an anchor in the web page using the anchor icon in the toolbar.

Add Favicon

A Favicon icon, known as shortcut icon, is an image that is associated with a website. This icon appears in the browser’s address bar. A Favicon icon can be added in the website level and web page level.

Edit Spry data set

A Spry data set allows you to set up a website by providing interactive data based on the selections made while viewing the page. These dynamic data comes from an XML file or from an HTML file. You can edit Spry data set files easily.

Add widgets from Adobe Widget Browser

Users can drag-and-drop a widget from Adobe Widget Browser to a web page. Widget Browser allows the user to create and configure widgets.

Search text on Mac machines in the Browse mode

On Mac, you can use the Find option provided in the Edit menu while you are in the Browse mode. You can also use command + F to find a text.


3 Responses to Adobe Unveils Contribute 6.5 with HTML5 Support

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  2. Tony says:

    This is great!

    I have so many clients that love Contribute to make updates. They came to me after using many other programs, which they hated. Many of them are on Macs.

    The new features are definitely needed.

  3. Real excited to see some new life in Contribute! Can you clarify some questions about the future (and past) of Contribute? Last year I was hearing that Adobe was discontinuing Contribute, but it seems now that they are committed to it for at least a little longer. Is Adobe going to put more effort into this software?

    Are there any plans to update the Contribute Publishing Server? That is central to our implementation!

    Is Adobe aware of the lack of clear documentation? This page seems very out of date: