Inserting HTML5 Audio Using Adobe Contribute 6.5

HTML5 provides a standard for playing audio files. HTML5 defines a new element which specifies a standard way to embed an audio file on a web page: the
element. With Adobe Contribute 6.5 we can insert HTML5 audio files.

Using the HTML5 Audio option, you can insert an audio file of MP3, Ogg, or WAV format. Note that the support for these formats varies in different browsers. The following table displays the audio formats and the supported browser versions.

Format Browser
MP3 Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome 6, Safari 5
Ogg Mozilla Firefox 4.0, Google Chrome 6, Opera 10.6
WAV Mozilla Firefox 4.0, Google Chrome 6, Opera 10.6


  1. Open the web page that needs editing.
  2. Select Insert > HTML5 > Audio.

The Insert HTML5 Audio dialog box appears.

Alternatively, click the HTML5 icon provided and then select Insert HTML5 Audio.

  1. Select an audio file in the appropriate field.

You are provided with the following options:

  • mp3 / Ogg / Wav: Select the audio file based on the format. You can select the audio from your computer or from a web resource. When you select Browse and select Audio on My Computer, the audio files are displayed based on the file format you selected. However, if you have selected the Audio on Website option, audio files are not displayed based on the file format you selected. If you selected a wrong format, an error message is displayed.
  • Select the following options appropriately:
    • Show Audio Control:  Selecting this check box displays the audio controls such as Play, Pause, and so on in the loaded web page. If this option is not selected, the Auto Play option is selected by default.
    • Start Playing the Audio When the Page Loads: If you select this option, the audio starts playing when the page loads.
    • Repeat: The audio starts playing from the start after it finishes playing.


  1. Click OK.


Edit an audio after inserting

Modify the HTML5 Audio properties by bring the audio properties dialog from the menu item Format > Audio Properties or by double clicking the Audio.

  1. Open the web page.
  2. Double-click the audio file displayed.
    The Audio Properties dialog box appears.
  3. Change the audio properties, such as audio file of the same format and audio options.
  4. Click OK.

Video demo on Insertion of HTML5 Audio

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