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How to connect to my website through Contribute, when my FTP user name or password changes?

This has always been an issue for the users. Because, when they try to connect to their website, or publish unpublished drafts, they get an error message indicating the FTP user name or password is incorrect. Please check your connection information. And, Contribute shows Connect button.

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How can I buy Adobe Contribute CS5?


You can buy Adobe Contribute CS5 as a single product or as part of Creative Suite.

Adobe Contribute CS5Adobe Contribute CS5 is part of CS5 Web Premium and CS5 Master Collection Suites.

The cost of Adobe Contribute CS5 is US$199 if you are buying it as a single product. The cost of CS5 Web Premium is US$1799, and the cost of CS5 Master Collection is US$2599.

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Compare Page Display


Wondered how your web page looks in different browsers before your page goes live?

                  This has been always a pain point for content authors, because each browser displays the content differently. With Contribute CS5, we address this issue by providing ‘Compare Page Display’ option. So, when a user creates a web page or edits it, and, before he publishes the page, he can click the Compare Page Display button. Contribute displays the web page in three of the most popular browsers – IE, Firefox and Webkit (which is the core of Safari and Google Chrome). Now, the user can compare the web page display side-by-side in all the 3 browsers, and make changes, if necessary.

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