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Launch Contribute freshly by deleting Preferences

We hear from users that suddenly Contribute is unable to work smoothly as previously. This could be due corruption of Contribute’s preferences which could due to conflict in n/w or OS. How to recover from that ?
I have seen in few places about deleting a folder under web site might solve … but this is not true. We can try deleting the Preferences of Contribute and check, and yes this has resolved the issue for many.

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Contribute plug-ins for Firefox version 4 & 5

Contribute CS5 and CS5.1 browser plug-ins are compatible with Firefox(FF) Version 3. Due change in FF plug-in architecture, Contribute CS5 and CS5.1 plug-ins do not work in FF 4 and 5. So we have created a FF 4 and 5 compatible Contribute plug-in for CS5 and CS5.1. We have posted a Knowledge Base(KB) article about these new plug-in. The KB article provides details about the steps to install the patch.

The patch size on Windows is 230KB and 237KB on Mac. The build can be directly downloaded from here as well.
Windows :-

Mac :-

With this version of plug-in installed on FF4 and 5, you can continue to use following features of Contribute :

On Mac ensue that Firefox is opened in 32-bit mode to use Contribute’s plug-in.
To do so, right click on Firefox app and select “Get Info”.

Select the option ” Open in 32-bit mode” .


Contribute CS5 Launch Issue … Updated

Lately, Contribute CS5 users have reported that, Contribute hangs or crashes on launch. This is after a recent Adobe Update. An update has been posted to fix this problem, and a KB article is published.
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How to install Contribute in silent mode successfully?

Contribute can be installed silently using the AAMEE tool.

It is split up into 2 steps.

  • Package the Contribute msi in un-serialized mode and install. Command to install the msi is – msiexec.exe /i Contribute.msi /qn
  • From the provision tool serialize the package. Command to serialize is adobe_prtk.exe –tool=ReplaceSN –serialize=Contribute-CS5-Win-GM –serial=

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HTML Content Type


HTML Content Type in Contribute CS5

How can a web Administrator enforce rules to be followed by Content Contributors while creating and publishing web pages?

Sometimes they might not remember all and miss a couple of points like set page expiry before publish, following a naming convention, publish web page to a particular location etc. This can result in messing up the website, managing and repairing would be another added burden for the administrator.

Content Type can be useful for the administrator in such situations.

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Spry Widget Rendering


For the Spry users out there Contribute CS5 supports rendering of the Spry Widgets!!

Contribute CS5 allows rendering and editing of Spry Widgets. Few modifications such as adding or removing Panels and other such modifications are possible apart from adding Content. Selective Widget properties are exposed for Contribute users to change. Spry Widgets with Data set and with Effects are also rendered and published back without being disturbed.

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Subversion in Contribute CS5


Many websites use Subversion for version control management and it’s an open source.

Contribute® also has geared up and extended its support for Subversion enabled websites with any of the 4 types of protocols SVN ; Http ; Https ; SVN + SSH.
To configure SSH refer the article –

How to connect to a site which uses subversion? 

And also, how Contribute integrates with Subversion and store the information?

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Rendering Rich Media in Edit Mode


How to stop contribute from rendering Rich Media Content in Edit Mode?

Contribute allows users to add media contents like PDF ; Flash (swf & Video) ;
Images in a web page.

Contribute also renders these media objects during editing, giving a WYSIWYG edit experience.
While in Browse mode, the Contribute’s workspace is of course just an embedded browser – Safari & IE on Mac and Windows respectively. Let’s talk about rendering in browse mode separately, since it’s a different arena.

Is this a boon or a bane?  When everything is fine, all are very happy.

Everything fine?

Contribute uses plugins to render the media files in Edit mode. Whenever there is an update/release in any of these dependent
components then there might be issues ranging from minor to major ones.   

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