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Insert Microsoft Doc as PDF Using Adobe Contribute

Adobe Contribute can convert Microsoft Office documents, such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets, to PDF documents, and insert these documents in web pages or blog entry drafts.

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Apply Dreamweaver Templates to your office content and make it part of the web in a few clicks using Contribute Office Toolbar


You can use Contribute’s Office toolbar to apply Dreamweaver templates to your offline data in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook and publish it to your web site. This article explains about Dreamweaver templates and how to apply Dreamweaver templates to office content and make it part of the web in a very few clicks.

Dreamweaver Templates

A Dreamweaver template contains a preset page layout and includes elements such as text and images. A template gives you a starting point for new web pages and blogs. Using a template can ensure that the pages on your website or blog have a consistent look.


var addthis_pub=”dmichael”;


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