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Inserting HTML5 Audio Using Adobe Contribute 6.5

HTML5 provides a standard for playing audio files. HTML5 defines a new element which specifies a standard way to embed an audio file on a web page: the
element. With Adobe Contribute 6.5 we can insert HTML5 audio files.

Using the HTML5 Audio option, you can insert an audio file of MP3, Ogg, or WAV format. Note that the support for these formats varies in different browsers. The following table displays the audio formats and the supported browser versions.

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HTML5 Editing Support on Adobe Contribute 6.5

HTML5 is a new standard for HTML that enhances the browsing experience. The latest version of all major browsers supports many of HTML5 features.

What HTML5 editing support does Adobe Contribute 6.5 provides?

Using Contribute, you can edit HTML5 pages. Contribute supports insertion of HTML5 tags such as video and audio. When you create a new web page, by default, it is of HTML5 type. You are also provided with an option to convert an HTML Doctype to HTML5 Doctype.

This post will detail on the insertion of HTML5 Video and HTML5 Video Properties functionalities.

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Insert Microsoft Doc as PDF Using Adobe Contribute

Adobe Contribute can convert Microsoft Office documents, such as Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel spreadsheets, to PDF documents, and insert these documents in web pages or blog entry drafts.

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FTP issue with WS_FTP server resolved in Adobe Contribute CS5?


Earlier versions of Adobe Contribute would work fine with WS_FTP server for most of the protocols but for SFTP. When you make connection to the WS_FTP server through SFTP protocol, you can’t publish any page, you are thrown an error message “An error occurred. Please contact your Administrator”. This issue is resolved in Adobe Contribute CS5 version. With this fix Contribute works seamlessly with WS_FTP server in SFTP configuration.

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What am I missing if I am not using Contribute CS5


Ready to upgrade Adobe Contribute? What do I get upgrading to Adobe Contribute CS5, if I have an older version of Contribute, probably Contribute 3.11 / Contribute 4.0?

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