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How can I buy Adobe Contribute CS5?


You can buy Adobe Contribute CS5 as a single product or as part of Creative Suite.

Adobe Contribute CS5Adobe Contribute CS5 is part of CS5 Web Premium and CS5 Master Collection Suites.

The cost of Adobe Contribute CS5 is US$199 if you are buying it as a single product. The cost of CS5 Web Premium is US$1799, and the cost of CS5 Master Collection is US$2599.

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Spry Widget Rendering


For the Spry users out there Contribute CS5 supports rendering of the Spry Widgets!!

Contribute CS5 allows rendering and editing of Spry Widgets. Few modifications such as adding or removing Panels and other such modifications are possible apart from adding Content. Selective Widget properties are exposed for Contribute users to change. Spry Widgets with Data set and with Effects are also rendered and published back without being disturbed.

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How do I unlock pages in Contribute?


You might have hit with the error message “You can’t edit this page now because (username) is currently editing it. Please contact administrator for assistance” when you try to edit a page.

The reason might be:

  • The user editing the page in IBE and closed the browser without publishing or discarding the edits.
  • The page is currently being edited by another user.
  • The publish operation for the page fails.
  • Contribute was forcibly restarted during the edit process.
  • The reviewer has not ended the review, or is inactive for a long time.

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Compare Page Display


Wondered how your web page looks in different browsers before your page goes live?

                  This has been always a pain point for content authors, because each browser displays the content differently. With Contribute CS5, we address this issue by providing ‘Compare Page Display’ option. So, when a user creates a web page or edits it, and, before he publishes the page, he can click the Compare Page Display button. Contribute displays the web page in three of the most popular browsers – IE, Firefox and Webkit (which is the core of Safari and Google Chrome). Now, the user can compare the web page display side-by-side in all the 3 browsers, and make changes, if necessary.

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Edit web page source in an external application


You can edit web page source in an external application to make quick modifications or to do testing, such as link checking or accessibility testing. Contribute opens the source in an external editing application. Editing web page source in an external application is very different than the editing experience in Contribute.

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Subversion in Contribute CS5


Many websites use Subversion for version control management and it’s an open source.

Contribute® also has geared up and extended its support for Subversion enabled websites with any of the 4 types of protocols SVN ; Http ; Https ; SVN + SSH.
To configure SSH refer the article –

How to connect to a site which uses subversion? 

And also, how Contribute integrates with Subversion and store the information?

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Adobe Contribute CS5 is out!


A fully functioning free 30-day Trial
can be downloaded from
. Adobe® Contribute® CS5 software is a powerful web publishing and website
management tool that integrates authoring, reviewing, and publishing in
an easy-to-use WYSIWYG HTML editor. Increase web publishing
productivity collaboratively while simplifying oversight and approval

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Now edit XML contents natively in Adobe Contribute CS5!


Is it possible to edit XML files in Adobe Contribute?

Now Contribute CS5 supports native XML editing. You can directly update the XML contents using Contribute CS5. Content authors can now update XML data rendered by dynamic web pages within Contribute by browsing to the corresponding XML page and editing them directly. XML elements and attribute values can be modified protecting the structural elements such as nodes and tags. Contribute also validates the XML file displaying them for editing, and also while publishing them.

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Contribute and Windows 7

Contribute CS3 and CS4 are compatible with Windows 7. For details please check the Creative Suite FAQ for full Windows 7 at

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Quickly blog about feeds you receive via Aggregators

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Using Contribute, you can easily post content such as news items to your blog from RSS aggregators. You can set Contribute as your blog publishing tool in RSS aggregators such as FeedDemon (Windows) and NetNewsWire (Mac OS). You can post your favorite or interesting news clips to your blog and also add your own comments before you post it.

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