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Inserting HTML5 Audio Using Adobe Contribute 6.5

HTML5 provides a standard for playing audio files. HTML5 defines a new element which specifies a standard way to embed an audio file on a web page: the
element. With Adobe Contribute 6.5 we can insert HTML5 audio files.

Using the HTML5 Audio option, you can insert an audio file of MP3, Ogg, or WAV format. Note that the support for these formats varies in different browsers. The following table displays the audio formats and the supported browser versions.

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HTML5 Editing Support on Adobe Contribute 6.5

HTML5 is a new standard for HTML that enhances the browsing experience. The latest version of all major browsers supports many of HTML5 features.

What HTML5 editing support does Adobe Contribute 6.5 provides?

Using Contribute, you can edit HTML5 pages. Contribute supports insertion of HTML5 tags such as video and audio. When you create a new web page, by default, it is of HTML5 type. You are also provided with an option to convert an HTML Doctype to HTML5 Doctype.

This post will detail on the insertion of HTML5 Video and HTML5 Video Properties functionalities.

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Rendering Rich Media in Edit Mode


How to stop contribute from rendering Rich Media Content in Edit Mode?

Contribute allows users to add media contents like PDF ; Flash (swf & Video) ;
Images in a web page.

Contribute also renders these media objects during editing, giving a WYSIWYG edit experience.
While in Browse mode, the Contribute’s workspace is of course just an embedded browser – Safari & IE on Mac and Windows respectively. Let’s talk about rendering in browse mode separately, since it’s a different arena.

Is this a boon or a bane?  When everything is fine, all are very happy.

Everything fine?

Contribute uses plugins to render the media files in Edit mode. Whenever there is an update/release in any of these dependent
components then there might be issues ranging from minor to major ones.   

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