Adobe Edge Hits 50,000 Downloads in First 24 Hours

Adobe Edge, our new HTML5 web motion and interaction design tool, was released as a public preview yesterday.  In the first 24 hours, it has been downloaded more than 50,000 times — pretty, pretty good for a development tool!    Response has been great so far, from the community and the pundits, although I suppose it wouldn’t be an Adobe product launch if you didn’t get some florid commentary from the fan-bois, as John Nack notes in his post.

We also launched the Expressive Web, showcasing the features and functionality that HTML5 and CSS3 can bring to the modern web.   Look for future Edge updates as we integrate new features over the next few months, with commercial release slated for 2012.

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    August 02, 2011

    Chris Heilmann writes:

    Good job. Asking for feedback and then calling those who cared to write something “fan bois”. Stay classy, San Diego^H^H^H Adobe.

    August 02, 2011

    Russell Brady writes:

    Chris. We’re asking for feedback, constructive feedback. Not sure I’d put the more excitable “fan-boi” reaction into that bucket. And I think Ron Burgandy would agree!!! ;-)

    August 02, 2011

    Unseen Revolution writes:

    This is an awesome tool. The future is bright for HTML 5, CSS3, and Adobe. Thanks for taking the lead. I can’t wait to dig in and see what it can do.


    August 02, 2011

    Chris Heilmann writes:

    You got to take that like a man. Believe me, 5 years of Yahoo and now working for Mozilla makes me understand that feedback has to be taken with a bucket of salt. Sadly enough polarisation is what happens in comments, real feedback is the odd one out. That said, being snarky about it just exacerbates the issue.

    August 07, 2011

    Peter Butler writes:

    This tool is awesome, I put together a demo ^_^ Please take a look:

    Great to see some flash-lie content on my iPad!

    December 15, 2011

    Costa writes:

    Hi, i finally managed to design a very simply leaderboard using the beta version of Adobe Edge ( keeping in mind i am a user and huge fan of Flash ) but, after uploading all the elements necessary including all the script files, i don’t see anything more than a black strip on the link.

    Can you please help me with what i may be doing wrong regarding the uploading process? Here is the link…



    December 15, 2011

    Pooja Prasad writes:

    Hi, thanks for reaching out. I would recommend posting your question to our forum: Our team can help you out there.

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