Adobe Stories: Photography as Another Type of Medicine

Dr. Patricia Hinz is a family physician that practices as part of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation in Santa Cruz, California. She’s also an accomplished photographer. She started out hanging some of her work in her exam room, and after lots of positive feedback from patients and staff, eventually she was invited to decorate the entire clinic with her artwork.

Image by Dr Patricia Hinz

Image by Dr Patricia Hinz

She explains:

“I took the project on and put my heart and soul into selecting the right pieces for each specialty department. I tried to select images that would create a certain feeling for the patients while they were there. For example, most people are quite anxious when they go get their blood drawn, so I decided to put images of the Redwood Forest in the lab waiting area because I know how peaceful and grounded I feel when I’m amongst the Redwoods.

I’ve felt guilty in the past about working only three days a week as a family physician so that I can travel and dedicate more of my life to my photography. But through this project I realized that I am still “healing” people through my artwork…and on a much larger scale!”

What’s Dr Hinz’s secret sauce? Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. “My favorite part of Photoshop has been being able to enhance the colors and create textures so that my resultant print resembles the magic that I saw and ‘felt’ when I first took the photo! I have always been so frustrated by the blunting and flatness that was returned to me when I developed film, but now I am able to recreate what I actually saw….. Lightroom has also allowed me to organize my images into categories, quickly optimize them, review, delete and rank photos, and export them.”

You can read Dr. Hinz’s complete Adobe Story here, and visit her photography website here.

And if you’re inspired, please tell us what inspires you to create! You just might see your story featured here on our blog.

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