Behance ProSite is now included in Creative Cloud complete memberships

You probably heard back in December that Adobe acquired Behance, the leading online social media platform that enables creative professionals to showcase and share their work with millions. We wanted to share some great news for our Creative Cloud complete members.

Starting today, Behance ProSite (normally $100/year) will be available at no additional cost for all paid Creative Cloud complete members. ProSite transforms a public Behance portfolio into a fully customized personal portfolio site with your own URL. You can design an incredible portfolio site that stays in sync with your projects on Behance, increasing your efficiency and helping your work get more exposure from Behance’s 18+ million visitors every month.
If you’re ready to get started building and customizing your Behance ProSite, just a few quick steps:
  1. Login and go to the Apps page on
  2. Find the ProSite icon under “Other Services” and click on the “Get Started” link
  3. You’ll be brought to the ProSite welcome page on Behance, where you can either log in or sign up for Behance to build your portfolio and launch your ProSite when you’re ready.
Not a paid Creative Cloud complete member yet?  Free Creative Cloud members can link their accounts to using the “Get Started” link under the Behance icon.  When you’re ready, move up to a Creative Cloud complete plan or team plan, and you’ll get ProSite too!
Learn more about this exciting update from Scott Belsky, Co-Founder & Head of Behance, VP – Product-Community, here.
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    March 28, 2013

    Catherine Craig writes:

    When I go to the Behance Pro site as directed above, it says, build a new website only pay when you publish. I am not clear if being a member of the Creative Cloud avoids this Behance publishing fee.

    So, my questoin is, as a Creative Cloud member, if I go to Behance and build a website, will I have to pay a fee to publish it and if so, what is the fee?

    Thank you.

    March 28, 2013

    Pooja Prasad writes:

    Hi Catherine,

    If you are a paid Creative Cloud full member, you get ProSite for free! Just make sure that you link your Behance and Creative Cloud accounts here:

    If you do not have a Creative Cloud membership or would like to purchase ProSite as a standalone, the cost is $11/month or $99/year.

    June 24, 2013

    J.V. writes:

    What is a difference between Creative Cloud member and Creative Cloud full member.

    In another words. If I pay 19.99 for Photoshop do I have free Behance service ?

    Very confusing.

    Thank you.

    July 26, 2013

    karendo writes:

    J.V. – The free Behance service is only available with full Creative Cloud membership:

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