Adobe’s Social Media Presence

From having a brand presence on Twitter and Facebook in 2009, Adobe has strategically grown their social presence – recently celebrating the combined total of their social community at 10 million fans and followers.

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In partnership with Adobe, the Edelman Digital team deployed one of the first “social newsroom” infrastructures. In this new model, teams meet daily to discuss product and industry news, trends in pop culture, and relevant news and events. The output of the “newsroom” meetings are leading to the development of more visual, relevant and real-time content. This new content strategy has driven exponential organic overall community growth, rising more than 60% YoY.

Campaign Extensions
Edelman Digital helped ideate brand campaigns extended into the Adobe Facebook presence. The focus for 2012 was to expand beyond product news amplification and provide brand-level content that customers would find engaging. Two notable campaigns were ‘Then & Now’ for Cannes Lions – the festival of creativity – and ‘Metrics, Not Myths,’ which was created to show that Adobe understands the plight of digital marketers.

‘Then & Now’
This ‘Mad Men’ inspired campaign was integrated into the on-the-ground Cannes Lions event experience, and pushed out to social channels as well. The campaign’s purpose was to generate conversation around what customers preferred; for example, bourbon or coffee. The program took shape with a Facebook app that changed every day with a new poll.


At Cannes, the creative campaign was extended to printed materials including coasters, t-shirts and signage, which were also visually shared on Facebook in a Cannes Lions photo album for those who weren’t in attendance to peruse.


‘Metrics Not Myths’

FB Myths Cover Photo 1

This campaign was extended visually via cover photos and through a unique application, built by the Adobe Social consulting team using Adobe own technology. It featured lived-streamed “debates” where industry luminaries debated marketing myths. The app also included a “Social IQ” quiz and provided access to marketing resources to help marketers dispel the myths. The entire program was measured and optimized using Adobe Social’s analytics solutions.

Adobe’s presence on Twitter has evolved since the first brand account appeared in August 2009. It is now a multifaceted engagement medium. Aside from sharing key company news and developments, including amplification of brand campaigns, Adobe leverages its handle to provide industry information and support for the Adobe community. This comes in the form of recognizing great creative work, and sharing it, or by offering customer support (in close partnership with the @Adobe_Care team). Additionally, the brand uses Twitter to evolve their social voice. The goal is to connect with the community in a human, relatable tone.

Using social measurement and reporting to uncover channel insights, Edelman Digital discovered the importance of pairing tweets with visuals to drive engagement and channel growth. This insight spurred a change in Adobe’s engagement strategy: to incorporate relevant supporting visuals to accompany tweets shared. The strategy continues to unfold and Adobe has grown its follower base more than 30% YoY with no paid media support.

Over the past year, Adobe consolidated its brand-wide YouTube presence to a single corporate brand channel. The corporate channel now serves as a hub for the broader brand focus on the Digital Marketing and Digital Media sides of the business, The main channel is a centralized location for videos related to brand-level campaigns and events. To unify the efforts and create a consistent user experience for viewers, in mid-2012 Adobe redesigned the entire channel aligning to the broader brand and providing better organization of all video content.


The brand launched its presence on Google+ in late 2011 following the availability of brand pages.
G Plus

Over the past 13 months, Adobe has grown a community of more than 30,000 followers. While there are limited reporting capabilities within Google+, Edelman Digital has seen strong performance on content accompanied with compelling and/or relevant community visuals. As such, the content strategy is focused on sharing original content, inspirational community/creative work and key company news and developments created specifically for G+ users.

Adobe joined Instagram in April 2012, with one of the first photos featuring a poster in its San Jose headquarters, “Hello World.”
Hello World

The Instagram strategy focuses on strengthening the “brand-with-customer” connection by providing an “inside look” at Adobe’s culture. This direction helps humanize the Adobe brand and showcase its unique culture. To capitalize on this vision, the Edelman Digital team executed on the strategy to provide a backstage pass into the Adobe culture and personality. Brand ambassadors from the social media, HR and CSR teams incorporated Instagram into their workday to capture things easily overlooked while traveling from meeting to meeting. This was a powerful way to encourage employee engagement, drive morale and build affinity for the brand.

The key focus for Adobe on Pinterest is to highlight iconic creative work that Adobe software enables, along with inspirational visuals to spur continued creativity. This is very much aligned with the Create Now brand campaign. With this in mind, Adobe joined the Pinterest community in April 2012, and over the course of the year, garnered a community of more than 5,700 – outpacing peer technology brands such as Intel. With the strong Pinterest base, Adobe has generated over 25,000 total interactions and 4.5 million total impressions.


Adobe deployed a new brand presence on LinkedIn in 2012, rebranding the experience and aligning closely with the HR team, who heavily leverages the channel for recruiting purposes. LinkedIn naturally lends itself to support more professional B2B conversations – ripe for Adobe’s “Metrics Not Myths” digital marketing campaign, which is the current visual presence seen on Adobe’s page today.

To make the LinkedIn experience unique to Adobe, the Edelman Digital conducted a segmentation study focused on mining data on the company’s current follower base. From there, the page was tailored to offer a unique ‘Products’ tab experience. This allowed Adobe to tailor what each follower saw on the ‘Products’ tab, and the updates each person would see from Adobe in their LinkedIn stream. For example, updates on Dreamweaver, the web design and development tool, will only go to LI users that this would be applicable to, and wouldn’t necessarily show up in feeds of other Adobe customers, such as social and digital marketers. This audience segmentation allows Adobe to define and offer unique experiences based on followers’ data.

Within just two months of the LinkedIn facelift, the Adobe follower base grew 34% organically. This effort also landed Adobe recognition among “The 12 Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2012” by LinkedIn.