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Adobe Takes On Its Own Disruption

Adobe is about to release a few app explorations — very simple creative tools — that we’re putting together in the research labs here.

The idea around these new Adobe Labs initiatives was to embed a small crew of entrepreneurs into our research labs, treat them like a start-up, and let them develop prototypes for products and explore new markets. More importantly, these products are an effort to probe different paths for disruptive innovation for the next generation of creative products at Adobe and take them to a wider audience.

For years Adobe researchers have been inventing the advanced features that professionals enjoy in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, and other media tools, producing an unbelievable array of cool technology. Having access to all these Adobe inventions is thrilling: it’s like opening a door to a hidden room and finding treasure sitting there. Our goal is to mess with the status quo, taking a lean software development approach and to release apps quickly, before the company would traditionally push something out. I love that we get to do this.

Starting this week, we are sharing a few iOS experiments as part of our research efforts. The first two — Twixt and Fixel — are explorations around improving photos on the iPhone and tap advanced technology and algorithms that creative pros have had access to in Photoshop, but that many people have never seen.

Give these new Adobe Labs apps a try. I hope you have as much fun with them as we do. We’ve got half a dozen more that we will be releasing and exploring intermittently over coming months — all very different from each other. We’ve just scratched the surface.

Michael Rubin is a senior innovator on the Adobe Labs team.

Get Out There and #CreateNow

There’s inspiration everywhere, but we tend to miss it in the chaos and speed of our daily lives. So, we set out to create Random Acts of Creativity around the world, partnering with artists to generate moments in public that get people to stop in their tracks.

Artists have done a handful of Random Acts but this was just the kick off – there’s so much more we can do, and we can’t do it alone. To make a real impact, we need your ideas. And maybe with a little help from us, we can work together to make them happen.

Share your Random Acts of Creativity ideas with us. Leave logistics, such as funding needs, off the table for now. What would you beautify in this world? Where would you do it? No idea is too big or too small. Tell us your concepts and we may surprise you with creativity starter kits to get you going. We may also help sponsor a random act that you’d like to see come to life in your local communities.

It’s easy to get started. Simply share your ideas using #CreateNow on your social network of choice – i.e., tweet us your idea, share an Instagram of your inspiration, etc. – by Friday, August 1.

Already doing a Random act of Creativity? Tag your project on Behance with ‘createnow.’ We’re curating a Collection of the Random Acts and want to include yours.

Introducing Source Han Sans: An open source Pan-CJK typeface

Adobe, in partnership with Google, is pleased to announce the release of Source Han Sans, a new open source Pan-CJK typeface family that is now available on Typekit for desktop use. If you don’t have a Typekit account, it’s easy to set one up and start using the font immediately with our free subscription. And for those who want to play with the original source files, you can get those from our download page on SourceForge.

Source Han Sans, available in seven weights, is a typeface family which provides full support for Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese, all in one font. It also includes Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic glyphs from our popular Source Sans family. All told, each font weight in the family has a total of 65,535 glyphs (the maximum supported in the OpenType format), and the entire family rounds out at just under half a million total glyphs. Never before has a typeface family of this magnitude, development scope, and value been offered via open source — which makes it a no-cost solution for designers, developers, and everyday users who need a font supporting a broad set of languages. Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences, and the release of Source Han Sans is yet another way we can forward that vision by giving to the community.

Original sketch by our type designer Ryoko Nishizuka.

Original sketch by our type designer Ryoko Nishizuka.

Read more about the partnership with Google and the development of this typeface here.

AYV Award Poster Campaign Winners on Equality

Through Adobe Youth Voices, students age 13-19 are using creativity and digital media to create awareness for some of society’s most pressing issues, including bullying, human trafficking, and equality. Read on to learn how each AYV Awards Poster Campaign winner is using graphic design to send a powerful message and look back at the students behind the Documentary videos here.

AYVAwards_Poster_Diversity1st Prize: Love the Diversity

As a Japanese immigrant who learned English as a second language in elementary school, she knows firsthand how lonely it can feel to be thought of as “different.” Her poster, Love the Diversity, celebrates people from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities and has already been disseminated broadly throughout her high school.

While Sayoko Ariga’s original intention was to provide a safe environment for LGBTQ students and employees at her school, her ultimate goal is for all people to love and accept others. She hopes that her poster will inspire others to create artwork representing equality and acceptance and thatit will encourage others to think about this issue more seriously.

AYVAwards_Poster_Stress2nd Prize: Held Back By Stress

According to USA Today, more than 27% of teens say they experience extreme stress during the school year, resulting in lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and poor eating habits. Experts are worried that teens are potentially setting themselves up for a future of chronic stress and illness as a result.

Max Stevens knows how stress can affect someone’s life and general outlook. He designed this poster campaign this year to communicate that stress is a serious issue and shouldn’t be taken lightly. More importantly, he says, it’s essential to stay positive, take a step back and breathe.


AYVAwards_Poster_CreativeAudience Award Winner: Be Creative

Creativity does not begin and end with artwork. 19 year-old electrical engineering student, Abdullah Al-Dahshan encourages everyone to follow their own creative path in order to think differently discover innovative solutions to problems.

Patricia Cogley is senior program manager of Adobe Youth Voices.

Featuring the AYV Awards Documentary Winners: Bullying, Trafficking, and the Human Spirit

What did you struggle with most in high school? Academics, family dynamics, maybe even bullying?  Students today deal with many of the same problems – and they have something to say about it.

Brandon-Kennedy_BehindTheScenesThrough Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) students from around the world create digital media projects about issues that matter to them most. Last week, we unveiled this year’s AYV Award winners across seven categories, from photo essays to music videos to poetry. Over the next seven weeks, we’ll be featuring the winners of each category – starting today with the winning Documentary submissions.

1st Place: Victim

The 1st place winner of our Documentary category is Brandon Charlton and Kennedy Houston’s video, Victim. Inspired by a friend’s devastating struggle, Victim examines the effects of bullying through the individual stories and interviews of those personally affected, from students, to parents, to school counselors.

Brandon-KennedyBrandon and Kennedy are a great example of how creating awareness can help improve the lives others. Students have already opened up to them about their own struggles, helping them form closer, more meaningful relationships with each other and with their fellow students. “If you’re being bullied, don’t let it bring you down,” says Brandon. “Keep pushing – it shows you have heart and the potential to do whatever you want in life.”

One third of students report being bullied at school, and 77% of those bullied experience psychological or verbal abuse. Learn more about bullying is and what you can do to help at


2nd Place: International Boulevard

Human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery where people profit from the control and exploitation of others. When Rebecca Dharmapalan and Zoe Yi learned that the Bay Area is one of America’s top markets for human trafficking, they wanted to learn more about the issue and how they could help prevent it. This powerful video, also submitted to the 2013 Girls Impact the World Film Festival, includes thought provoking interviews with Holly Joshi, Oakland Police Sergeant, and Nancy O’Malley, Oakland District Attorney. Rebecca has since become the chair of the Oakland Youth Commission to help further combat this issue and is attending UC Berkeley in the fall to conduct human trafficking research. Zoe is attending NYU to pursue film and television, where she plans to continue to produce films that convey a meaningful mission and educate audiences.

To learn more about human trafficking or report an incident, visit the National Human Traffic Resource Center.


Audience Award Winner: Support

14 year-olds Ziyang Ding and Tianyao Xu took a deeper look at the increase of materiality in society and the erosion of morality that has accompanied it. Just like a building needs a strong foundation to survive, so does humanity. “We believe,” say Ziyang and Tianyao, “We will once again be able to support the building of the spirit.”

These three projects present a compelling look into bullying, slavery, and the human spirit, but there are many more amazing projects to see: View all of the AYV winners here.

Patricia Cogley is senior program manager, Adobe Youth Voices.

Celebrating the Adobe Youth Voices Awards Winners

We’re proud to announce the winners of the third annual Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) Awards, a global, online competition inviting students ages 13-19 to use digital media to express their vision for driving positive change in their communities. This year, a record 2,400 students from 50 countries around the world submitted 1,315 projects. Individuals and student teams worked with AYV educators to produce media projects that address a variety of complex social issues, from bullying to body image to climate change.

We’re amazed by all of the powerful work we saw from this extraordinary group of young creatives and are thrilled to share the winners with you. We had a chance to sit down with a few of this year’s winners to find out what this award means to them.

Kennedy Houston, Victim, New York

“There have been many documentaries about bullying. Winning this award will help us get our message across to more people about how damaging bullying can be and how to can overcome it. We want more people to have the strength to push through; that doing so will give you the strength to do whatever you want in life.”


Brandon Charlton and Kennedy Houston filming their documentary, Victim, which shows the damaging effects bullying can have.

Sayoko Ariga, Love the Diversity, Ohio

“AYV has already created a safe place for me to share my voice with an international audience. Winning an award will help more people see my entry work and hopefully take LGBTQ rights more seriously. I believe that we should all support human rights and love people the way they are.”

Sayoko Ariga working on a poster she designed for her school’s Gay Straight Alliance club's assembly.

Sayoko Ariga working on a poster she designed for her school’s Gay Straight Alliance club’s assembly.

AYV Award winners are chosen in seven categories:  animation, documentary, photo essay, music video, narrative, poetry and campaign poster. First and second place winners are named in each of the seven categories by diverse panel of judges, educators, student alumni, and Adobe representatives. The public also cast over 200,000 votes to determine the audience winner for each category. AYV Award winners and their affiliated schools and organizations will receive a range of prizes, including donations of Samsung Galaxy Tablets, copies of Adobe CS Production Premium Suite, a 1-year Adobe Creative Cloud membership and a monetary donation to a charity of their choice.

We believe creativity is a critical skill that can positively shape our future leaders. After going through the AYV program, our research shows that 88% of students feel confident about their ability to ideate, collaborate, adapt and express their point of view, and persist through challenges, while 95% believe that creativity is important to their future success. We’re proud to be able to be able to support these students as they work to create positive change in the world.

The 2014 winners are:


  • First Place: Hunger’s Core, Christine Chung, Salwa Majoka, Northview Heights Secondary School, Canada
  • Second Place: Train of Life, Tess Denham, San Marino High School, USA
  • Audience Award: TechJunk, Sesh Sadasivam, Abhishek Krishna, Inavamsi B. Enaganti, Sri Kumaran Children’s Home – CBSE, India


  • First Place: Victim, Brandon Charlton, Kennedy Houston, Maysles Documentary Center, USA
  • Second Place: International Boulevard, Zoe Yi, Rebecca Dharmapalan, Oakland School for the Arts, USA
  • Audience Award: Support, Ziyang Ding, Tianyao Xu, The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China, China

Music Video

  • First Place: Patience, Yvan Gonzalez, Seven Trees Community Center, USA
  • Second Place: Let Me Dream, Sebastian Tuma, Tsote Valashiya, Shriyansi Khanal, Immanuel Yeboah, Daniel Mandache, Spotlight, United Kingdom
  • Audience Award: Love Mission, Tautvydas Marcinkevicius, Petar Karapenev, Krzysztof Wlodarek, Abdalla Ali, Sude Simsek, Luke Wallace-Esnard, Dikembe Cabey-Lee, Amina Azong, Anya O’Mahony, Sandra Mikosinska, The Lammas School, United Kingdom


  • First Place: Vanished, Vanessa Fuentes, Alicia Garchitorena, MACLA, USA
  • Second Place: Aspaunity, Josh Gutierrez, Lizbeth Cisneros, Denise Panuco, Jesus Gonzalez, Jonathan Carrasco, Mt. Pleasant High School, USA
  • Audience Award: Get a Life, Bianca Toderean, Paul Turean, “Alexandru Papiu Ilarian” High School Dej, Romania

Photo Essay


  • First Place: Life, Mihai Tiu, Colegiul National “Ecaterina Teodoroiu”, Romania
  • Second Place: Destination: Earth!, Joseph Steve Jiménez, Randall Quesada, Casa de la Juventud Mora, Costa Rica
  • Audience Award: We are…, Gyanna Adino, Joanah Diala, Randolph Massachusetts, USA

Poster Campaign

About Adobe Youth Voices
Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) is the Adobe Foundation’s global initiative to ignite Creative Confidence in youth by using digital media to express their views on social issues. Through programs like AYV, and by increasing creativity in education, Adobe believes we will better equip young people to be the problem solvers, critical thinkers and leaders of tomorrow. To learn more about AYV, its point of view on creativity in education and how you can be involved, please visit

Patricia Cogley is Senior Program Manager, Adobe Youth Voices.

Adobe Presenter 10 Empowers Educators to Create HD Video Lectures

Today, Adobe announced the newest version of Adobe Presenter, a key tool in the company’s market-leading eLearning authoring software arsenal. With the increase in trends such as distance learning, flipped learning and MOOC’s, educators today need to reach out to students by delivering their lectures virtually – as video or on-demand sessions, without compromising on the quality of the content. Time and resource constraints are the primary challenges an educator faces while creating professional quality video lectures.

Adobe Presenter 10 enables educators to address these challenges and help them create studio quality HD video lectures, right from their desktop, with no specialized equipment or training required. With Presenter 10 they can simultaneously capture any content on their screen along with webcam video to create sharp and vivid video lectures and online courses for their virtual learners. Additionally, Presenter 10 allows educators to track content consumption and learner performance with the built-in Learner Analytics dashboard.

With Presenter 10, educators can transform their existing PowerPoint slides into on-demand eLearning content with out-of-the-box assets and eye-catching quizzes. They can also leverage HTML5 publishing to deliver courses to a variety of devices, including tablets, and track performance through integration with leading LMSs.

Adobe Presenter is a two-time back to back winner of the famed CODiE Award for the “Best Video Tool” in 2013 and 2014. Now Adobe Presenter is available on both the WIN and MAC platforms as Adobe Presenter 10 (WIN) and Adobe Presenter Video Express 10 (MAC).

Special Education Pricing Information:

Adobe Presenter 10 (WIN) Student & Teacher Pricing (North America) – $149

Adobe Presenter Video Express 10 (MAC) Student & Teacher Pricing (North America) – $99

Empowering Creatives in a Design-led World

Last week I was reading an issue of National Geographic on my iPad. The photography was stunning, the stories were beautifully written and the interactivity let me explore and learn in a completely new way.  I found that moment particularly poignant, as I was the beneficiary of a 125-year-old magazine continuing to put me, its customer, first by investing in the most up-to-date technologies.

National Geographic is doing a wonderful job reimagining its role in the rapidly evolving consumer landscape, and at virtually every company I visit these days I see similar transformations. We are in the middle of an important shift in how individuals and organizations think about the content they distribute and the apps they build.

Over the last few years the industry has been focused on three major technology trends: mobile, social and cloud. During that same period companies have rushed to integrate these technologies into everything they build and everything they distribute. As a result we now find ourselves in a world where publishers, app developers and marketers are settling on a formula for how to best leverage them. And, by definition, are turning the technology innovations of the last decade into the commodities of the next decade.

As this happens we begin to see individuals and organizations searching for a new frontier – one that differentiates their offerings from competitors and enables them to engage with their communities in new ways.  And I believe that frontier is the Experience.

Adobe is lucky enough to work with some of the biggest brands and most innovative companies where design-led innovation is the primary focus. For them, the experience is multi-faceted and runs end-to-end because they recognize that their brand is not just a logo, their design is not limited to an app interface, and their campaigns don’t stand on their own. With design and experience playing a much bigger role in how organizations connect with their customers, the creative community’s role is evolving. This is confirmed by our recent creativity research in which two-thirds of creative pros expect their role will be significantly different within three years, and 77 percent say creativity and design are becoming more important to business.

Creatives’ roles are changing because they are the ones who shape these powerful experiences. They’re no longer just one more “part” of the process – they play an integral role throughout the entire course of development and in a variety of roles. Creatives are now the strategists, the decision-makers, and they are on the front lines every day. At the same time, creatives are asked to produce more than ever and get it done faster than ever, and as the study demonstrates, they live in an increasingly complex and real time world.


This is the world we envisioned when we introduced Creative Cloud. One that ensured the creative community always has access to the latest innovations and can address the challenges and opportunities in the new design-led world.

So with this as the background, I am excited to announce the 2014 release of Creative Cloud, which delivers on our promise to support the creative community through the changing landscape:

  1. Through our work with this community, we see that creatives are always looking for technologies that allow them to express their ideas in new ways. To support today’s rapid pace of change, Adobe is delivering a milestone release that includes major updates across all of our key desktop apps focused on performance, productivity, support for new hardware and formats, and some Adobe “Magic.”
  1. Creatives are always planning and creating – regardless of where they are. They need to be able to do serious work on mobile because their freshest and most impactful ideas often happen outside of work. In the New Creatives study, we found that nearly early half use mobile to collect inspiration and create content on the go, but find their options on mobile limiting.

Our new family of Creative Cloud connected mobile apps are professional grade but easy to use and extend workflows previously locked to the desktop. We introduced two new drawing apps, Adobe Line (for free form drawing) and Adobe Sketch (for precision drawing) in tandem with Adobe’s first creative hardware: Adobe Ink, a Creative Cloud pen for the iPad, and Adobe Slide, a digital ruler. We also introduced new mobiles apps for creative imaging and photography with the release of Adobe Photoshop Mix and a mobile version of Lightroom.

  1. Lastly, creatives are investing more in collaboration and community. In our study, most creatives say they receive their inspiration from their peers and from social media, which impacts how they interact, collaborate, discover content, get feedback and share work.

To support this new level of connectedness, we’re introducing a new Creative Cloud services experience across desktop, web and mobile. When logged in to, customers will be able to easily access their assets, colors, fonts, community and collaborators.

Creative Cloud, with its ongoing updates, let’s us innovate faster and evolve with our customers. We are creating an ecosystem that supports the modern workflow that creatives increasingly expect – across desktop, mobile and web. In short, the next frontier is all about experience and we will do all we can to make sure Creative Cloud members have everything they need to help shape the next decade of innovation.

“The New Creatives Report” Is Here, and It’s Good News

We all love talking about creativity, but we seldom take time to examine the state of creative professionals themselves. For those of us who chose a creative career, are we happy we did? What inspires and motivates creative professionals to do their greatest work? How do Creatives feel about the pace of change in the industry?


Today we released some striking research to delve into what really makes the creatives tick. We’re calling it “The New Creatives Report,” and it’s based on a survey of more than 1,000 U.S. creatives – all designers, photographers, illustrators and the like. Some of it really surprised me, and all of it reinforced something that I already believe: creative professionals are taking the reigns on their careers and, with new technology and shifts in the creative industry, have the wind at their backs.

A few top takeaways from those we surveyed:

Creative professionals are creating FOR mobile, and want to create WITH mobile. Seven out of 10 say they create content specifically for mobile, and 87% of those say it’s had a positive impact on their work. They also want to create on mobile devices, with tablets being an up-and-coming device of choice. Survey respondents also said “app development” is the #1 sought-after skill in the upcoming year.

Social media is becoming a top source of inspiration. Gone are the days that we relied solely on museums and trade publications for inspiration. Twice as many creatives see social media as the best source of inspiration compared to more traditional sources. And almost 1/3 cite inspiration and collaboration as their top reasons for participating in online creative communities. And it is interesting to learn that, when it comes to online creative communities like Behance, “inspiration” and “collaboration with others” are valued even more than things like self-promotion or job prospecting.

With opportunity comes great responsibility, and the pressure is on. When we asked, “what keeps you up at night,” the top answer was “pressure to deliver creative ideas and content faster than ever.” This pressure is on top of a lot of change in their roles and the industry: Almost half think their own role will change in the next year, and over three quarters say the industry is changing rapidly with new technologies as the top driving force behind the change.

Versatility and Optimism! 96% of Creatives surveyed are happy in their careers and 88% believe they have a strong influence on their companies and clients. Quite striking, and I’m pretty sure that there isn’t another career out there that would have those kinds of numbers. Creative work is a labor of love.

New Creatives Report - What Motivates You

I’m speaking at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity today. If you’re here, come stop by my session and let me know how our research strikes you – or you can connect with me on Twitter (@scottbelsky) or leave a comment here. Below you can check out the full study, very cool infographic done by Non-Format, and an Adobe Voice piece with more details on the research. And if you’re curious about what Adobe is doing next, be sure to check out our big event on Wednesday. We have some fascinating stuff in the pipeline that my colleagues and I are excited to share…

The New Creatives Report – June 2014
Highlights of the findings via Adobe Voice

The New Creatives Report – June 2014 Infographic

On the Ground at Cannes Lions 2014

New Creatives at Cannes

It’s that time of year again, when we hit the warm beaches of the Mediterranean and celebrate all things creativity at Cannes Lions (June 15-21). The gorgeous location is noteworthy but we’re most excited to see amazing creative work win awards! Beyond the parties, here’s a snapshot of where you will find Adobe in Cannes.

First up, if you arrive Sunday, swing by the Cannes Connect Bar at 17:30-19:00 to meet us and other young creatives from all over the world and ease into the week.

On Monday, don’t miss The New Creatives seminar at 11:00. Our VP of products-community and head of Behance, Scott Belsky, will be hosting a conversation with Yves Behar (fuseproject founder and CEO) and PJ Pereira (Pereira & O’Dell co-founder and CCO). They will discuss their #NewCreatives story, diving into the hows and whys of breaking the confines of being just a [FILL IN TITLE HERE (e.g., art director)].

Take part in art! We’ve picked Cannes to be the location of one of our Random Acts of Creativity. 3D street artist Manfred Stader will be creating a piece live, that you can interact with. He’ll be working most of the week right by the Palais. Stop by, see the work in progress, and most importantly, be in the piece itself when it’s completed on Wednesday the 18th. Follow all the Random Acts of Creativity on social using #CreateNow.

Ride Cannes – Cycling enthusiasts can join our daily rides and take in Cannes at over 15 mph with our Mediatech Cycling crew. Get all the details along with the schedule here.

Finally, stay tuned to @Adobe to keep up with all the Cannes Lions conversations and highlights. We’ll be on the ground, providing updates of activities including results from the Creative Effectiveness Lions and the Young Lions Competitions, which Adobe is sponsoring.

Are you going to Cannes as well? Find us! And follow all the social media conversations using #CannesLions.

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