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Welcome Auditude!

Today we made some big news with the acquisition of Auditude, a leading ad serving solution for premium Internet-delivered video.

Adobe has great analytics tools in the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite to help marketers and advertisers optimize and measure their campaigns with real-time data and analysis on content usage. The Auditude acquisition goes the next step, offering an innovative video monetization platform that will be a key component of Adobe’s Media Solutions — enabling premium video content owners to maximize the value of their content while providing an optimal experience for consumers wherever that content is viewed.

Audiences are demanding TV-like experiences on their smartphones, tablets and other connected devices, and yet, to date, this really hasn’t come to pass. Today, less than 5% of professionally produced video content is available online.

Now, an integrated Adobe authoring, publishing, monetization and measurement system, will create a dramatically better consumer experience across Internet-connected devices. This is an exciting time for all of us who want to watch more of our favorite TV shows, movies and other premium content online across our Internet devices.

Why hasn’t this happened before? While there have been technical challenges for this migration, these are largely being overcome as advancements in technology continue. What remains are challenges primarily associated with the current business model for online content. Complexities associated with rights management, distribution agreements, data collection and activation, have made online premium content workflows difficult. The new integrated workflow with Auditude’s technology will help tackle these issues and online distribution and consumption of content will be significantly accelerated.

Adobe has a long history of working with publishers and media companies — we’re a trusted provider of tools and technologies that are used to create and deliver rich content and amazing digital experiences. The Auditude acquisition makes perfect sense by helping us provide a more integrated workflow for publishers and media companies to create, deliver, monetize and measure premium online video content.

Additionally, with expected support of mobile, smartTVs, game consoles and desktop devices, Adobe will provide our publisher and media company customers with access to new audiences, through devices that leverage either HTML5 or Flash technology for in-browser and app experiences.

Once Auditude technologies are integrated, the workflow will be easy. Publishers using Adobe InDesign and Digital Publishing Suite products will simply manage advertising within their tablet apps, to drive greater yield and deliver a more customized experience for people. Publishers using Adobe Flash Media Server will be able to deliver both Flash and HTML5 video experiences, seamlessly integrating in-stream video advertising with the premium content on the server side without sacrificing the benefits that come from client-side technologies. This will make the online viewing experience remarkably better, and enable publishers and media companies to automatically adapt to the complexities of a multi-device market.

Big welcome to Auditude where together we will help publishers and media companies create a single workflow so they can increase the amount of great content, reach maximum revenue and ultimately give all of us web video viewers greater access to amazing digital experiences across all of our devices, wherever we are.

Adobe and Omniture: Day 1

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Today marks a very important milestone for Adobe – the close of our acquisition of Omniture. Congratulations to everyone at Adobe and Omniture who helped make this combination a reality.


With the acquisition officially closed, we will now begin work on key product integrations to deliver an unmatched solution for “completing the loop,” from content creation through optimization. We have some exciting plans for delivering greater ROI to publishers, advertisers, designers and developers: integration with the Flash Platform, integration with the Creative Suite tools, and integration of Omniture solutions into our multi-screen strategy to name a few.

At the same time, we will continue to invest in the Omniture business and its success as a standalone offering. Josh James is heading up the new Omniture BU, and I expect the business to continue to thrive with the additional geographic and vertical market capabilities that Adobe brings.

Some people have called the combination of Adobe’s content creation tools and ubiquitous clients with Omniture’s web analytics, measurement and optimization tools the “marriage of art and science.” I would like to thank all our customers and partners for their enthusiasm about this “marriage.” We look forward to providing you solutions that will make the most of the amazing content and applications you are bringing to the Web and across devices.

Note: Visit the Adobe-Omniture acquisition page for more information.[/tp]

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