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Day 1 at Cannes Lions – “You can’t trust Marketers.”

photoToday’s digital marketing innovations give marketers a newfound credibility. However, our recent search showed that marketers may still be missing the mark, as consumers still believe marketing is ineffective and view the marketing profession as one of the least valuable professions to society. We as marketers still have a lot of work to do to help dispel some of these common myths, and today’s panel at Cannes Lions, “You Can’t Trust Marketers,” aimed to do just that.

Moderated by Adobe CMO Ann Lewnes, with Tina Brown, Lisa Donohue, and Steven Althaus, the speakers discussed and debated the changing landscape of digital marketing and how it impacts what marketers can, and should, do better. They discussed a variety of topics including brand authenticity, user generated content, integrating marketing across functions, and proving the ROI of marketing investments.

After the panel, we got a chance to talk to festival attendees for their take: do they trust marketers? The results were interesting and entertaining, check out the highlights reel below.

Meeting of Minds at Cannes Lions

Ann and Steve discussing the CORE solution

Ann and Steve discussing the CORE solution

While here at Cannes Lions, Ann Lewnes, our SVP of Global Marketing met up with Steve Plimsoll, CTO of Mindshare, to talk through their launch of CORE. CORE is a data-driven marketing intelligence platform that empowers both analysts and non-technical users to make informed marketing spend, audience targeting and creative optimisation decisions across all touch points in real-time.  It brings together data sets such as CRM, sales and supply chain data, with media channel spend, social, audience profiles and real-time trading information and reveals consumer actions and insight at a granular level, taking away the guesswork, latency and siloed nature of marketing-spend decision making.

The digital marketing team, here at Adobe, has been working closely with Steve on CORE, with Adobe Insight, part of the Digital Marketing Suite, powering the user interface for data visualisation, modeling, data mining and reporting.

In an age where the amount of data available to marketers has never been greater, the value of all this data lies in the ability to deliver actionable insight in real-time.  It was great to see CORE in action!

Monday at Cannes Lions: Great Conversations with Attendees

We just wrapped up day 2 at Cannes and so far, so great! Yesterday, the festival kicked off with a cocktail sponsored by Adobe, and we got a chance to interview attendees about their thoughts on creativity, Then and Now, and whether or not today’s increasing focus on data is killing or cultivating creativity. Watch highlights from our favorite moments below.

This morning, we hosted a panel to a full house, titled “Is Data ‘Killing or Cultivating Creativity?” The panel was moderated by our SVP of Global Marketing, Ann Lewnes. She was joined by fellow panelists Jon VeinLinus Karlsson, and Jim Stengel who shared their thoughts on how we need to strike a healthy balance between focus on data and our own gut and intuition.  During the panel, scriberia artists illustrated the conversation. Check out the cool scribe illustration below and stay tuned for panel highlights and a full recap, which we’ll post tomorrow.

Scribe illustration of panel created by scriberia artists

Scribe illustration of panel created by scriberia artists

And don’t forget, each day we’re asking you a different question about creativity, Then and Now. Today’s question is, “What’s your competitive edge? Data or Creativity?” Tweet your answer using #ThenAndNow and we’ll feature it on our digital billboards here at the festival. You can also vote in our daily polls on Facebook. Believe it or not, the response to yesterday’s question, “How do you prefer to communicate, through the phone (Then) or Twitter (Now), was tied! 50% of people chose to communicate via phone while 50% chose Twitter.

If you’re at the festival, be sure to stop by the Adobe booth and get your picture taken with the Adobe ampersand as a souvenir of your visit.

Example of a photo souvenir at the Adobe booth

Example of a photo souvenir at the Adobe booth

Signing off for now – more tomorrow! In the meantime, enjoy the highlights below.

The Creativity Gap – What Research Is Telling Us About Creating Now

Are people living up to their creative potential? In a word, no.

This week, Adobe released global research in a State of Create report to uncover how people feel about their own creativity as well as its role in the economy, society, the workplace and our educational institutions.  The findings were enlightening.  A few highlights from the data:

  • 8 in 10 feel that unlocking creativity is critical to economic growth
  • Only 1 in 4 believe they are living up to their own creative potential
  • 75% said they are under growing pressure to be productive rather than creative at work
  • More than half feel creativity is being stifled by the education system – and that feeling rises to 70% in the US
  • Only about half of Americans would describe themselves as creative (global average is even lower at 39%)

We call this separation between the importance and the day-to-day reality of creativity the “creativity gap.”  That gap is pretty sobering.

So, what can we do to close the creativity gap?  First, we need to make time for creativity as well as provide the necessary technology tools and training.   Productivity and creativity should not be mutually exclusive – we all need to find ways to create at work, rather than considering it a weekend hobby or luxury for those with more time.  As for our educational institutions, they need to foster the growth of the entire child, with more opportunities to participate in arts programs and foster “out of the box” creative thinking.  Most importantly, we all need to think of creativity more broadly – it’s not just the domain of professional designers or artists.  It’s a critical capability in a successful society and one that is in all of us.

Please check out the full report online, and let me know what you think either in the comments section or on Twitter (@alewnes).

Proudly Announcing the Adobe Foundation Creativity Scholarships

There’s immeasurable power in personal expression.  It’s the reason that, since its inception, Adobe Youth Voices has worked to encourage personal expression and creativity in students around the world and – along the way – empower them with 21st century digital communication skills.

Shantanu, CEO, announces the Adobe Foundation Creativity Scholarships

Shantanu, CEO, announces the Adobe Foundation Creativity Scholarships

Adobe is especially passionate about this mission, not only because creativity is our business, but because we know that outlets for creativity and expression for students aren’t a given.  In fact, according to a new “State of Creativity” benchmark study just released by Adobe, nearly 60% of those surveyed globally feel that creativity is actually being stifled by their education systems.

This statistic has to change.

So today, the Adobe Foundation proudly announced the creation of a $1 million Adobe Foundation Creativity Scholarship initiative, giving select Adobe Youth Voices students the chance to go to college and pursue a creative arts field.  We hope our scholarship recipients will be ambassadors for a more creative culture, finding creative ways to improve their communities, and becoming role models for the next generation of the creative workforce. We plan to announce more details on the scholarship application process later in the year.

Now more than ever, this investment in young people and in creativity is critical.  We’re honored to play a part.

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