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Adobe Announces Adobe Connect 9

adobe-connect-9It’s wonderful to see all of the innovation happening across different product lines at Adobe. It’s even better when products can leverage and build on innovation from other parts of the company.

Today, Adobe announced the next release of Adobe Connect and Adobe Connect Mobile. Version 9 of Adobe Connect brings a strong focus on helping customers produce engaging webinars. Part of the release incorporates technology from other divisions to help solve customer problems.

Adobe Connect has always provided customers with an incredibly rich solution for marketing webinars. However, the live event is only part of producing a webinar. Customers want to promote their events using social media. They want to create landing pages to increase interest and register unknown users. They need to measure the success of their events and marketing campaigns.

The Adobe Connect team recognized that Adobe has been helping customers solve similar problems in other parts of the organization.

Adobe Connect 9 integrates Adobe CQ5 to ensure that customers can create stunning, and fully customizable micro-sites for promoting their events and registering users. The technology is also leveraged for email invitations, reminders and follow-ups to ensure consistency.

On the back-end, Adobe SiteCatalyst is used as an analytics engine to provide valuable feedback to marketers in terms of which marketing campaigns were most successful in driving people to the event. The same technology also helps organizations optimize every aspect of future webinars.

Adobe Connect Mobile in turn has leveraged Adobe’s advances in mobile authoring tools. Version 2.0 enables true device to device collaboration – giving meeting hosts the ability to manage virtually every aspect of a meeting room, virtual classroom or webinar. Meeting hosts can share documents, annotate whiteboards and other content, and manage the meeting from their tablet or smartphone.

Adobe Connect 9 is a great example of combining technologies from several parts of the organization to help customers solve problems.

Earth Day and the Power of Personal Connections

Today is Earth Day, and in 2011 we are encouraged by the Earth Day Network to join its “people-powered” campaign of pledging our acts of environmental service, with the goal of reaching a billion Acts of Green by 2012. It’s no secret that as a company, Adobe has been at the forefront of implementing green operating practices – in fact, we were the world’s first business to achieve four Platinum-level certifications for energy and environmental design excellence by the U.S. Green Building Council.

This year I also find myself reflecting on the various ways that our enterprise technology helps organizations leverage green business practices that ultimately help them decrease their environmental footprint, while increasing business efficiency and connecting people across geographies and time zones.

Acrobat solutions allow our customers to reduce the use of paper documents, while Adobe Connect makes it possible for people to collaborate and communicate globally in real time, helping reduce business travel and its related environmental impact.

For example, the U.S. Government Printing Office was able to save 20 million tons of paper over five years by using Acrobat and LiveCycle to generate, authenticate and share documents electronically. Adobe Connect enabled more than 50,000 SAP employees to communicate around the world instantly, reducing the company’s travel by as much as 90%.

And all along we have been focused with our Customer Experience Management platform on delivering highly personalized, engaging online interactions between enterprises and their customers to power great customer experiences that build brand loyalty without all the environmental damage caused by burning fuel for worldwide travel and wasting paper when electronic means would suffice.

That’s why I found it so interesting when I heard recently about an acquaintance who received a personal, handwritten note – not a personalized email – from leading online retailer, thanking him for his business over the past nine years.  That act of personal outreach had a marked impact.  He not only felt valued by after receiving this note, he now associates a human face with the company.

Can this be done in more environmentally friendly ways?  Of course it can.  Record a quick Flash video and send it on to someone you want to thank.  Send them a personalized PDF portfolio complete with pictures of past experiences together.  The Amazon story is about personal touch – about a real person inside a company reaching out to another real person to establish trust and loyalty.  Just because we are using greener means to communicate doesn’t mean we have to lose the essence of one-to-one personal communication.  In fact in many cases the technology allows us to do it more effectively.

This act of a real person at reaching out to a customer in a very personal way underscores the desire for us to connect with each other, even in our always-on, always-connected online business and personal lives.

We have powerful technology that enables us to know our customers and connect across geographies without the need to ever leave our offices — and that’s a great thing. Yet, we shouldn’t forget that behind the technology lie people.

And so on this Earth Day, I’m going to follow the “people-powered” examples of the Earth Day Network and leverage our great technologies to send something personal – you should do the same!

– Rob

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HRPA uses Adobe Connect to deliver career training programs to HR professionals

Chris Larsen, the director of marketing and membership for HRPA, told us recently that Adobe Connect plays a pivotal role in helping the organization extend the reach of its training efforts and improve the quality of it career services and certification materials. The organization uses Adobe solutions to deliver live and on-demand eLearning and webinar sessions to human resources professionals across Canada.

According to Larsen, with Adobe Connect HRPA delivers the same high-quality learning experience as a traditional classroom seminar, but without the expenses and challenges of extensive travel. In addition, he talked about how the Adobe solution has helped increase attendance—and therefore a larger quorum of voting members to conduct business—at its annual general meeting, which helps HRPA improve governance to continuously enhance its services to its members. Read the full story here.

Neil Hoosier and Associates uses Adobe Connect to train insurance professionals across the country

nha_finalNeil Hoosier II of Neil Hoosier and Associates(NHA), told  us recently that Adobe Connect helps his firm live up to its government contract for insurance training by enabling the company to reach thousands of insurance professionals instantly with important information about Medicare and Medicaid. With the Adobe solution, NHA can produce and deliver rich online training sessions, meetings, and webinars that insurance pros can access right from their computers, from any location. Adobe Connect lets NHA reuse existing content to reduce the time needed to create new, updated content. In addition, the Adobe solution integrates with NHA’s existing learning management system (LMS) to help the company monitor and report on monthly attendance and the results of quizzes and exams. Hoosier says that Adobe Connect has helped his firm better meet its contractual obligations and to provide a higher level of service to its customers, which translates to happier—and more successful—customers. Read the full story here!

Introducing Adobe Connect 8

Adobe_Connect_8_Logo_highresToday, we introduced Adobe Connect 8, the next major version of our web conferencing solution for delivering effective and engaging Web meetings, online training and webinars. Based on Adobe Flash Player, the latest version provides enterprises and governments broad capabilities for powering rich experiences across multiple devices, while maintaining easy, reliable meeting entry.

Adobe Connect 8 features a simplified interface for greater usability, expanded and more flexible collaboration capabilities for sharing ideas freely, and enhanced audio and video integration for richer multimedia experiences. Additionally, it offers a software development kit for greater extensibility, a new, optional desktop client based on Adobe AIR for easy meeting management, and Adobe Connect Mobile for attending meetings on Apple iPhone and iPad, as well as Google Android and other devices enabled with Adobe Flash technology.

Arun Anantharaman, VP and GM of Adobe Connect, posted to the Adobe Connect blog about the news. And check out this video interview with our product evangelist about Adobe Connect in the Government market.

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Adobe Named as a Leader by Independent Research Firm in Web Conferencing Report

Adobe has been named as a “Leader” in the “The Forrester Wave™: Web Conferencing, Q2 2010″ (June 2010) for Adobe Connect. In the report, Adobe Connect was identified as providing the best user experience. The report goes on to state that “the product is highly configurable, which means it can support complex learning and presentation scenarios. But it can be preconfigured to be simple and intuitive to support ad-hoc meetings. One of its key features is persistent meeting rooms to make it easy to keep track of previous meeting materials and to launch a meeting with a simple URL.”forrester

To view the report, check out

And you can learn more about Adobe’s solution for enabling interactive online meetings, training and webinars here.

Adobe Connect Helps U.S. Dept. of State “Connect” Speakers with International Audiences

The July/August issue of Harvard Business Review features the article titled “Empowered,” by Josh Bernoff and Ted Shadler – a great read on how some leading companies are empowering their employees to use social technologies to interact with customers and help solve their problems. One of the highlighted use cases is the U.S. State Department, which used Adobe Connect to create Co.Nx (pronounced “connex”) for presenting webchats with speakers ranging from President Obama, to the upcoming webchat with Curt Onalfo, head coach of D.C. United. With a strong presence on Facebook, Co.Nx has more than 100,000 fans and its webchats are viewed by tens of thousands throughout the world.

Read more about some of the cool ways companies are using Adobe Connect to connect with their employees and customers here.adobe-connect-9

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