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Adobe Youth Voices Twitter Chat Recap

Twitter Logo_BirdOn August 8, top professionals in the creative industry joined us for a creativity themed Twitter Chat. Special thanks to our inspiring participants for sharing their words of wisdom with us!

Find the full recap from today’s chat below, and stay tuned to us on Twitter @AdobeYV as we explore more about creativity next week at the Adobe Youth Voices Summit. Feel free to share your thoughts on creativity and join the conversation happening all week using #AYVSummit13.

Adobe’s Matt Rozen on the Rise of Social Journalism


The 2013 AYV Summit is only a week away! This year, we invited social journalist and Adobe employee Matt Rozen to talk to the students about using social media to amplify their work and connect with others.  We sat down with Matt to ask him a few questions about his role at Adobe and what it means to be a “social journalist.” Here’s what he had to say:


Adobe: First things first – what is your favorite social media platform?

Matt: Is it possible to choose just one? I guess I would have to say Instagram is my favorite right now because the platform provides a quick snapshot of what people are seeing, thinking and feeling. But I love Twitter for work, and Tumblr has so many possibilities for creative people, and Facebook is great for connecting with old friends and family. It’s so hard to choose!

Adobe: What exactly is a social journalist?

Matt: A journalist used to just be someone who put pen to paper in newspaper and magazines. With the Internet, this term has evolved to include storytelling via blogs and social media platforms. It’s citizen journalism, really. The opportunity to be a social journalist is available to everyone, and what I love most is the ability to be at the zeitgeist of all topics at all times and to share our stories with the world, often in small, digestible bites. As the Group Manager of Corporate Social Media at Adobe, I manage Adobe’s social media team and consult with other teams within Adobe on social strategy. Many times we discuss how they, or their teams, can be social journalists too.

Adobe: Why is social media important for youth?

Matt: Just the other day, I took a pic of my 7-year old daughter and within minutes she asked, “Dad, did you share that photo on Facebook yet?” She doesn’t even have a Facebook account. This is the world we live in; there’s no getting around social media now.  It is the future of work, commerce, education and government, making it important for all of us to understand what it should (and shouldn’t!) be used for.

Adobe: What advice do you have for youth?

Matt: Take advantage of the amazing media tools available to you today. For the first time ever, we all have the ability to quickly create photos and videos and write essays (or blogs) and share them with the world – all on your phone!  The opportunities are endless. Just start creating but be careful, too, about what you share and with whom. The internet has a long memory

Adobe: How can creativity and social media make the world a better place?

Matt: Creativity always makes the world a better place – and there’s always room for more of it. The more you create, the more creative inspiration will come to you and the more you’ll feel positive about yourself and the world around you. Positive people are the ones who change the world because they make other people happy. And then social media just amplifies that positivity. Like I said, the opportunities are endless.

What questions do you have for Matt? Join @AdobeYV’s Creativity Twitter Chat this Thursday, August 8, at 10 a.m. PT for a chance to ask him and other creative professionals your most burning questions. Join the conversation using the hashtag #AYVSummit13.

Sharing My Voice and Impact Through the AYV Aspire Awards Competition

AYV imageWhen I submitted my piece for the 2012 Aspire Awards, it was one of more than 800 submissions produced by students from all over the globe who each hoped, like I did, to be recognized for their talent.  So when the moment came that I discovered I had won first place in graphic design by way of audience votes, I was stunned. After the shock wore off, I became deeply moved to know that my project had raised awareness about teen suicide, a serious problem that is often ignored in today’s youth.

My piece, “Alone,” represented my desire to draw attention to teen suicide prevention and engage parents, teachers, family members and friends in the effort to help address depression in youth. Teens struggling with depression often feel they have no one to turn to. By including a hotline phone number in my artwork, I hoped to give my peers an opportunity to access needed help. Although this topic had been important to me for quite some time, I was unsure how to share this message with others, prior to my involvement with Adobe Youth Voices (AYV). The AYV Aspire Awards enabled me use my voice to call attention to the problem and get support for those I cared about who were struggling with this issue. Using the skills I learned through AYV, I was able to produce artwork that would speak to others and encourage many of my peers who needed help to seek it.

The Audience Choice Award was selected via online voting by the general public. Voters, who included friends, teachers, family members and other supporters helped spread the word on Twitter and Facebook, showing their determination to share my message. Over the course of the voting period, my project was viewed more than 30,000 times! The breadth of supporters who commented on my project encouraged me to consider a career in graphic design so that I can continue to share my ideas with the world around me. My supporters gave me confidence in my own ability to create something that can help to improve the world around me and inform people who are suffering, that there is hope. Without this support, my piece would not have had a chance to be viewed and shared by so many people.

AYV has opened my eyes to my own creative abilities. Yes, I can sit in front of a computer screen and draw away, creating doodles and wasting my time but after taking part in the Aspire Awards competition, I realized my art can help me express myself and in doing so, bring attention to important issues. Taking digital graphic design coursework has given me direction and an idea of what I want to do with my life. Not only will you see my name listed for participating in this competition, you can count on seeing my name again in the future for more pieces like this and others.

I encourage you to vote for your favorite entry as a means to inform participants that their work is indeed important and worth sharing with others. The more that people become aware, the more people will understand and realize that they are the key to creating solutions to the issues facing our communities and the world at large. If it were up to me, I’d want to see fewer and fewer issues covered each year by Aspire Awards projects, so that I know that problems being publicized in this competition are being improved, all because someone took the time to show them to the world. You can bet that I will be voting for my favorite entries for years to come!

Adobe Employees Gain Affordable Solar Installations through SunShares

Adobe volunteers install solar through community giving project with GRID Alternatives

Adobe volunteers install solar through community giving project with GRID Alternatives

At Adobe, employees with questions or ideas about sustainability turn to the Green Team, a group of passionate volunteers who are helping Adobe employees become more sustainable, both at home and at work. Many Adobe employee homeowners in San Jose, San Francisco and Seattle expressed interest in lowering their utility costs and using solar energy but weren’t sure where to start. As a result, Adobe’s Green Team engaged our West Coast employees in a SunShares program, a solar group-buy model designed to overcome common challenges to solar installations by pooling employee buying power and guiding them through the installation process, enabling employee groups to secure significant discounts on purchasing or leasing solar installations.

Sunshares was developed by the City of San Jose as part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar America Cities Initiative. The Adobe Green Team SunShares program educated more than 100 employees about the opportunity through webinars and workshops, and included Adobe employees in the contractor vetting and selection process. The employees selected SunPower*, who delivered a 20 percent discount on solar electric systems in addition to leasing options to Adobe employees, family members, friends and neighbors of employees in San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle. The group exceeded its goal of 150 participants and a total of 24 installations representing 124 kilowatts of new solar energy capacity were completed in September 2012.

The SunPower Foundation, GRID Alternatives and the SunShares team also developed a combined giving campaign and raised $7,500 to sponsor a 3.88 kW solar installation volunteer workday on the home of a local low-income family in East San Jose. Adobe employees volunteered and brought solar power to a family in need.

*Adobe does not endorse SunPower.

Adobe Green Team SunShares participant and homeowner, Anna Luong, presents her new solar system

Adobe Green Team SunShares participant and homeowner, Anna Luong, presents her new solar system

KaBOOM! 2012: Recreate Now

For the past five years, Adobe has partnered with SAP and KaBOOM! to build playgrounds in the Bay Area.
With executive sponsorship from Matt Thompson and support from Mark Garrett and Ann Lewnes, this event has been a tremendous opportunity for teams at Adobe to come together in a fun way and make an impact on the community.

Last week, more than 110 Adobe employees from Worldwide Field Operations, Global Marketing and Finance brought their tools and smiles to create a new playground for Escuela Popular in San Jose, a family learning center that builds on students’ social, linguistic and cultural strengths with the intent to develop bilingual, bi-cultural students fully prepared to continue on to higher education and empowered to pursue their goals. Not only does it serve 600 children during school hours, Escuela Popular has the Alum Rock Youth Center on site, which operates a Boys & Girls Club and other programming for school-age children from the community every day after school, and the campus is open to the community from sunrise to sunset on weekends.

“When we first visited Escuela Popular, we knew this was the perfect site. Escuela Popular is a great school in a community that totally deserves a playground. We know the playground will be put to good use during and after school and on the weekends,” says Julia Love, Senior Program Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility.

In less than six hours, more than 300 volunteers from Adobe, SAP and the community:

  • Mixed 16,000 pounds of concrete
  • Moved 170 cubic yards of mulch
  • Moved 10 cubic yards of decomposed granite
  • Moved 10 cubic yards of top soil
  • Built 4 child picnic tables
  • Built 8 benches
  • Built 1 green child size garden tunnel
  • Built 4 raised planters and 8 planter boxes
  • Built and painted 3 trash containers
  • Built 1 amazing outdoor classroom

There was a special sense of collaboration for this year’s build. Many of employees raised their hands to help out before the event took place. “Even the planning process itself evoked a sense of community within Adobe,” says Katie Hingle, Director of Licensing Programs, Business Model Strategy and Pricing Operations Group and a 3-year veteran KaBOOMer and build captain. “There were so many things that needed to happen before the build day. It was amazing how quickly we were able to get support from others wanting to play a role in this event. You could tell that the KaBOOM! build really resonates with employees and gives them a sense of pride knowing that Adobe supports KaBOOM’s mission to promote creative play for children in our local communities.”

Stephen Snyder, VP of WW Channel Sales, shares his experience at the build: “This was a fantastic event and a great way to give back to the community. I am proud to work for a company that gets together with other Bay Area companies to support the community in which we work.”

Learn more about Adobe’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts and see pictures from the day on our FB page.

Celebrating Earth Day all month at Adobe

Earth Day is an annual reminder of the ways in which individuals can pitch in to do something for our planet. At Adobe, we are proud to be recognized as a green company and to empower employees to create a culture of environmental sustainability. This year, the Adobe Green Team and Action Committees setup multiple opportunities for employees to contribute to a healthy, sustainable environment not just for one day, but throughout the month of April. Here are some highlights of the earth friendly events and activities that employees participated in:

Waltham Fields Community Farms: Boston employees volunteered at Waltham Fields Community Farms with transplanting, weeding, mulching to help support the farm’s mission to grow produce for local soup kitchens, shelters and food pantries.

Employees at the Waltham Farms event

Employees at the Waltham Farms event

Fremont Street Clean: Seattle employees participated in the Fremont Street Clean to help pick up debris and trash from adopted streets near the Adobe office.

Guadalupe River Cleanup: right behind headquarters, Adobe has an adopted area of the Guadalupe River and every year, in honor of Earth Day, San Jose employees volunteer to remove trash from the river that supports local fish and birds.

Adobe Green Team SunShares program: the Adobe Green Team successfully launched a SunShares residential solar program, a new initiative that educated employees about solar energy through webinars and workshops, enlisted employees in the contractor vetting and selection process, and provided discounts on solar energy solutions for employee family members, friends, and neighbors in California and Washington. The April event was an end of the program celebration, which included employee testimonials about getting solar installed, cool sustainable giveaways, and a solar panel cake!

GRID Alternatives solar installation and fundraiser: a group of Bay Area employees volunteered with GRID Alternatives – a non-profit organization committed to empowering communities in need by providing renewable energy and energy efficiency services, equipment and training – to install a 3.88 kW solar system for a low-income family home in East San Jose. The Green Team and the San Francisco/San Jose Action Committees raised over $3,500, with donations matched by Adobe, for the GRID Alternatives workday to help bring the power of solar energy to a family in need.

Low-Carbon Living “Green Bag” Lunch and Learn: David Friedman, co-author of Cooler, Smarter: Practical Steps for Low-Carbon Living and deputy director of Union of Concerned Scientists’ Clean Vehicles Program, shared his thoughts around the most effective ways to cut our global warming emissions by twenty percent or more.

Community Garden Planting Day and Celebration: On April 23, Adobe kicked off the new Community Garden at the San Jose headquarters. Employees signed up in teams to adopt a garden box and planted their first seedlings. Guest speakers at the event included Rosalind Creasy, edible landscaping expert, and Rebecca Jepsen, “Ask a Master Gardener” Mercury News Columnist, who discussed warm weather planting.

Employees at the Community Garden

Employees at the Community Garden

For more pictures of the Earth Day activities and other volunteer efforts in April, visit the Community Action Month album on the Adobe CSR Facebook page.

LEEDing the way – Adobe Publishes Environmental Sustainability Goals

We’re excited to announce the release of Adobe & Environmental Sustainability – an Adobe CSR Brief, the first in a series of quarterly Adobe Corporate Social Responsibility reports. This quarter’s report focuses on Environmental Sustainability and highlights a few of our ongoing and new environmentally focused goals and initiatives.

  • Achieve Net Zero consumption by 2015 in our United States owned facilities in San Francisco, San Jose and Boston
  • Reduce the amount of product packaging used per unit by 40 percent by 2012, and 80 percent by 2014
  • Expand our employee-led Green Team to all of our 12 major sites globally by 2015

We’re driving to have our U.S. facilities first to achieve NetZero consumption by 2015 because they are completely under Adobe’s control and  have become the standard by which all of our buildings worldwide are measured. We continue to work toward Net Zero at our other facilities worldwide.

As a result of our efforts, Adobe’s facilities in Noida, India were recently awarded LEED-EBOM (Leadership and Environmental Energy and Design – Existing Buildings: Operation and Maintenance) Silver certification. The 190,000 square foot building is our largest facility outside of North America and our second LEED certified facility outside the U.S.

Visit the Adobe Corporate Social Responsibility Facebook page to learn more.

Adobe Noida Offices

Adobe Noida Offices

Adobe earns tenth LEED-Platinum certification

Adobe recently received its tenth LEED-Platinum certification from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for the company’s Waltham, Mass, office.  It’s an achievement we’re all very proud of and I want to congratulate the Waltham facilities team and our building management firm, Cushman & Wakefield, on their creative ways of boosting our sustainability, including:

  • A “retention pond” which naturally filters runoff water from the parking garage and building site to protect the nearby Cambridge Reservoir
  • Carpet and tile made of 80% recycled product
  • “Light harvesting” to control the dimness/brightness of interior lights and motion sensors to save energy
  • Use of sustainable eucalyptus and walnut wood throughout the space
  • Rock blasted to make the foundation was ground down and reused for landscaping
  • Waterless urinals and touch-less faucets
  • Using Adobe products to reduce paper consumption by 75 percent

Also notable is the Waltham team’s achievement of an Energy Star score of 97 and increased recycling rate to 87 percent compared to the City of Boston’s recycling rate at 13 percent.

Adobe’s employees worldwide contribute daily to the sustainability of our operations, and they recognize “good enough is not good enough.” We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to meet today’s environmental challenges.  There’s plenty more we can all easily do every day, so here’s my challenge to companies and individuals alike – - – Recycle.  Compost.  Use sustainable building materials.  Flip off the electricity when you don’t need it.   Get creative and share your learning with others.  Together we can take the strides necessary to make a meaningful contribution.

Getting ‘Involved’ in Community Action Week

Today I joined 70 other Adobe employees and traded my high-tech tools for gardening and painting tools at a local volunteer project. We spent the morning at Burnett Middle School in San Jose, which is an Adobe Youth Voices site, painting educational murals, tilling soil and tending the garden beds. Although this project was not a typical day at the office, it’s not an unusual activity for Adobe.

This was just one of 50 volunteer projects that took place week in North America as Adobe celebrated Community Action Week. It’s an Adobe tradition that showcases our commitment to active engagement and volunteerism, and I was so proud to see the level of participation from across our locations.

Hundreds of employees helped out at projects that ranged from sorting food for low-income families to assembling care packages for homeless children to prepping materials at a museum. And this is just the beginning; our global locations will hold their Community Action Week later this month. During this week last year nearly 1,000 Adobe volunteers gave 2,500 hours to the communities across the globe. I have no doubt we’ll see that impact grow this year.

Community Action Week is just one of the many ways Adobe supports the communities in which our employees live and work. Each year we donate our time, talent and money to help address key challenges in our communities and promote arts and creativity. In 2010, Adobe invested more than $57 million in community giving.

Community involvement is central to who we are as a company. In fact, one of our core values is “involved,” and it’s powerful to see that value exemplified by our employees as they rolled up their sleeves in service of our community this week and throughout the year.

Earth Day and the Power of Personal Connections

Today is Earth Day, and in 2011 we are encouraged by the Earth Day Network to join its “people-powered” campaign of pledging our acts of environmental service, with the goal of reaching a billion Acts of Green by 2012. It’s no secret that as a company, Adobe has been at the forefront of implementing green operating practices – in fact, we were the world’s first business to achieve four Platinum-level certifications for energy and environmental design excellence by the U.S. Green Building Council.

This year I also find myself reflecting on the various ways that our enterprise technology helps organizations leverage green business practices that ultimately help them decrease their environmental footprint, while increasing business efficiency and connecting people across geographies and time zones.

Acrobat solutions allow our customers to reduce the use of paper documents, while Adobe Connect makes it possible for people to collaborate and communicate globally in real time, helping reduce business travel and its related environmental impact.

For example, the U.S. Government Printing Office was able to save 20 million tons of paper over five years by using Acrobat and LiveCycle to generate, authenticate and share documents electronically. Adobe Connect enabled more than 50,000 SAP employees to communicate around the world instantly, reducing the company’s travel by as much as 90%.

And all along we have been focused with our Customer Experience Management platform on delivering highly personalized, engaging online interactions between enterprises and their customers to power great customer experiences that build brand loyalty without all the environmental damage caused by burning fuel for worldwide travel and wasting paper when electronic means would suffice.

That’s why I found it so interesting when I heard recently about an acquaintance who received a personal, handwritten note – not a personalized email – from leading online retailer, thanking him for his business over the past nine years.  That act of personal outreach had a marked impact.  He not only felt valued by after receiving this note, he now associates a human face with the company.

Can this be done in more environmentally friendly ways?  Of course it can.  Record a quick Flash video and send it on to someone you want to thank.  Send them a personalized PDF portfolio complete with pictures of past experiences together.  The Amazon story is about personal touch – about a real person inside a company reaching out to another real person to establish trust and loyalty.  Just because we are using greener means to communicate doesn’t mean we have to lose the essence of one-to-one personal communication.  In fact in many cases the technology allows us to do it more effectively.

This act of a real person at reaching out to a customer in a very personal way underscores the desire for us to connect with each other, even in our always-on, always-connected online business and personal lives.

We have powerful technology that enables us to know our customers and connect across geographies without the need to ever leave our offices — and that’s a great thing. Yet, we shouldn’t forget that behind the technology lie people.

And so on this Earth Day, I’m going to follow the “people-powered” examples of the Earth Day Network and leverage our great technologies to send something personal – you should do the same!

– Rob

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