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The Adobe Education Exchange Reaches 100,000 Members!

EDEX_100KEarlier this month, the Adobe Education Exchange (AEE) gained its 100,000th member. This achievement marks a major milestone in our goal of creating the world’s largest community of creative educators.

AEE members come from 163 countries, teach at all age levels and represent a range of subject matter and product expertise. As the new school year kicks into full gear, educators are looking for fresh and innovative ways to inspire their students. With over 5,000 shared resources, and 350 active discussion topics, Adobe Education Exchange is a great resource for educators who want to learn how to ignite creativity in their classroom.

Here are some quick AEE facts that you may not know:

  • 5,186: Resources shared by AEE members
  • 30,813: Comments on the AEE
  • 819,864: Points earned by AEE members through the gamification system
  • 79,406: Badges earned by AEE members
  • 10,376: Professional development workshops completed by AEE members
  • 2,719: Participants in Adobe’s first MOOC
  • 91: Average new educators that joined the AEE each day since the launch in 2010
  • 3,000,000: Approximate number of students taught each year by  AEE members

So what are you waiting for? Visit the Adobe Education Exchange today and make sure to check out the new professional development offerings!

Announcing the All-new Adobe Education Exchange

EDEX-marquee-1Today, I am thrilled to announce the re-launch of the Adobe Education Exchange (AEE), our online community for connecting creative educators around the world. Since we launched the platform two and a half years ago, more than 75,000 educators have joined the AEE and shared over 4,000 resources. With this re-launch, we’ve redesigned the user experience, added new features, and integrated social capabilities. Adobe Education Exchange members can now more easily discover and contribute quality teaching and learning resources, connect with other members, participate in lively discussions, and explore professional development workshops.

Committed to providing the best online community for educators, we spent the last couple of years listening and collecting user feedback. Based on the response and site analysis, we have redesigned the platform with an emphasis on four key themes:

  • Ease of use – With a simplified navigation, design and workflow, educators can easily accomplish key activities such as searching resources and members, sharing lesson plans and starting discussion topics with other members.
  • Discoverability of content – By allowing visitors to browse resources without logging in and opening the content up to search engine indexing, more educators will become aware of the high-quality support the community has to offer.
  • Social capabilities – Members can now follow other members, get timely notifications, earn points and badges, and share content to social networks. We’re weaving a social fabric into the community and giving members the ability to showcase their creative teaching.
  • Extensibility – To cater to educators’ future needs, we’ve created APIs that will open up new opportunities to extend the platform and integrate with other online communities and platforms.

To celebrate the all new Adobe Education Exchange, we’re kicking off a four-day long #AdobeEDEX Scavenger Hunt to help you discover all we have to offer! Each day, we’ll reveal a clue on Twitter via @AdobeEDU. Complete each of the four clues and be entered to win one of four iPad minis. If you complete a clue within 20 minutes of it being tweeted, you’ll receive an additional entry! Remember to include the hashtag #AdobeEDEX in your tweets. Cick here to see the rules.

Now is the time to make the Adobe Education Exchange your online hub to help ignite creativity at your institution. Check out the new Adobe Education Exchange at

Transforming the Classroom for Today’s Changing Students

LenewayblogWe are living in fascinating times. Our current education system is being questioned as never before, and many wonder how institutions will evolve to accommodate the changing world of technology. New tools, data systems and communication vehicles have already converged to change how we play, work, learn and interact with one another. Dr. Clayton Christensen (2010) claims that by 2020, over half of the students in the U.S. will be learning online, and schools will reach a tipping point when tax payers will ask, do we still need classrooms? If schools and classrooms are to survive, then how do they need to be transformed to respond to the rapidly changing needs of today’s students?

To adapt to the overwhelming amounts of information, and continual interaction with visual media and game playing, researchers, Carter, R. (2009), Feinstein, S. (2004), Goldstein, (2007), Kandel, E. (2006), and Small, G., & Vorgon, G. (2008), tell us that the newest generation of K-12 students have neurologically changed their brains to try to keep pace. Kids today literally see and learn differently than their parents and grandparents, in that they see and remember visual images in place of text. The television is being replaced by computer screens, mobile devices and game consoles are primary sources of information and entertainment (Prensky, M, 2006). Today’s paper textbooks are about to be replaced by intelligent, colorful, multimedia response programs that fit on mobile devices such as iPads, Kindles, smart phones and other digital gadgets that students are bringing to school. Meanwhile, our schools, our classrooms and our curriculum have remained relatively the same.

Given real world tools like those found in the Adobe Creative Cloud, students can learn to work together seamlessly with both real and virtual partners to create and share novel digital solutions to complex problems. The combined factors of widespread access to technology, increasingly sophisticated tools, online resources such as Adobe Educational Exchange, and advances in understanding of how individuals learn, provide a stunning opportunity to transform classrooms and education worldwide. As we start 2013, this is a challenging opportunity that I, as a 21st century educator, am looking forward to.

How do you think education should evolve to better prepare students for success? Join the conversation here or let me know what you think via my Twitter account.

Winners of the Adobe Education Exchange 2012 Educators’ Choice Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the second annual 2012 Educators’ Choice Awards! This award honors Adobe Education Exchange members who submit the most innovative teaching and learning materials. Winning entries, judged by experts in education, technology and design, were based on the learning effectiveness, innovation, creativity and the use of Adobe products. After much deliberation, the winners of the Adobe Education Exchange 2012 Educators’ Choice Awards are:

  • Primary/Secondary Education – Randy Scherer, Tagature, or Literary Graffiti. To make reviewing literary texts in preparation for standardized tests more creative, Scherer, a humanities teacher at High Tech High in San Diego, California, had his students create digital graffiti tags taken from quotes in the texts they were studying. Students used Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, and InDesign to create the tags and combine them into a coffee table – style book that the class sold through their own publishing company.

The grand prize winners received Apple MacBook Pro, one year Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition subscription and classroom set (30 licenses) of Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master Collection. Runner-up winners had a choice of a Canon EOS Rebel or Apple iPad and a one year Adobe Creative Cloud Student and Teacher Edition subscription. Make sure to check out all the winning, runner-up and honorable mention entries from 2012 here.


Adobe Announces New Digital School Collection & Site Licensing Model

Today, we announced the latest edition of Digital School Collection (ADSC) for K-12 students and educators, available for Windows and Mac OS. The bundle gives students, including those with learning disabilities, a way to visually express what they’ve learned across curriculum.   Included is the recently announced Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 and Adobe Premiere Elements 10 software, as well as Adobe Acrobat X Pro. ADSC empowers students to create projects and classroom presentations that include polished photos, compelling movies with professional-quality effects, and media-rich documents and ePortfolios.

ADSC helps educators improve student engagement by encouraging creative expression, and teach critical media skills that prepare students for success in college and beyond. To equip teachers up for success, Adobe has published additional resources that can help educators deploy ADSC quickly and efficiently, including:

Adobe also announced a new pricing model– Digital School Collection is now exclusively available as a 50- or 100-pack K-12 Site License through flexible Cumulative Licensing Program or Transactional Licensing Program plans, ensuring schools and districts can maximize their software budget through wide, cross-platform distributions. These site licenses also come with supporting resources for teaching 21st century skills and engaging students in cross-curricular learning through digital storytelling.

I have been amazed by some of the media projects students are working on and look forward to broaden the engagements of students in their own learning.

Congratulations to the Winners of the Adobe Education Exchange 2011 Educators’ Choice Awards

The results are in! Congratulations to the winners of the 2011 Educators’ Choice Awards! These awards recognize the most innovative teaching and learning resources created by Adobe Education Exchange members. I thank all of the
Adobe Education Exchange members who participated – your entries, ratings, and votes helped make the 2011 Educators’ Choice Awards an overwhelming success.

The grand prize winners are:

The grand prize and runner-up winners all received prizes such as laptop computers, tablets, digital cameras, and the new Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 to help them continue to create innovative learning experiences for their students.

Please check out all the winning work from the contest (including the honorable mention winners), and gain inspiration for using Adobe software in your teaching! For additional inspiration and examples, join or sign in to browse the resources on the Adobe Education Exchange. Also, be sure to follow @AdobeEDU, for the latest updates about the Adobe Education Exchange.

Thank you again for your incredible dedication and work!

Adobe Education Exchange Announces The 2011 Educators’ Choice Awards

Just as Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences, educators are changing the world through innovative teaching. From creating inspiring curricula to bringing dynamic, media-rich content into courses and assignments, educators go above and beyond to prepare students for today’s global workforce. But creating those amazing learning experiences for their students is not an easy task. To encourage educators to share their successful teaching materials and help each other get ready for the new school year, the Adobe Education Exchange launched the 2011 Educators’ Choice Awards. Starting this week, educators can win great prizes by simply submitting their best projects, lesson plans, curricula, and tutorials. Prepare to be inspired!

The 2011 Educators’ Choice Awards will recognize and reward Adobe Education Exchange members who submit the most innovative teaching and learning materials. The community will choose the winners of the awards by rating and voting for one another’s entries. Educators can submit entries in four categories including:

  • Higher Education Digital Arts and Media
  • Primary/Secondary Digital Arts and Media
  • Higher Education Cross-Curricular
  • Primary/Secondary Cross-Curricular

Grand prize and runner-up winners will go home with prizes like laptop computers, tablets, digital cameras, and the new Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 to help them continue to create innovative learning experiences for their students.

For more information on the 2011 Educators’ Choice Awards or to enter, visit: For inspiration and examples, join or sign in to browse the resources on the Adobe Education Exchange. Also, be sure to follow @AdobeEDU and #AdobeEDUAwards for the latest updates about the awards. Get your creative juices flowing, submit your great teaching materials and win big!

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