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Q&A with our AYV Summit 2013 Creative Insider Alumni

And that’s a wrap! Last month we celebrated youth creativity with more than 100 AYV students and educators from 23 countries at our AYV Summit. This year we were very lucky to have four amazing Adobe Youth Voices Alumni partner with these Creative Professionals to learn the tricks of the trade and share a behind-the-scenes look of week’s events.

Creative Insiders

Kendall Lui, Zach James, Diamante Horton and Anny Liu* all did an amazing job documenting Summit and were so inspiring to work with (check out some of their photos here!). We asked them to share about their Summit experience – here’s what they had to say:

What did you learn at Summit? How was this a valuable experience?

KL: Summit was life changing for me. I did not realize how many different people from different countries I was going to meet, listening to their stories and learning more about their background was truly inspiring.

ZJ: AYV Summit gave us a great opportunity to meet with creative professionals and learn about their work while making important connections for our future.

DH: This was a valuable experience because I learned that technology continues to be a powerful tool for communicating globally.


Share your favorite moment during Summit with us.

KL: I loved watching all of the attendees interact during Ado-Bingo (Adobe Bingo) during the welcome/orientation ceremony.

ZJ:   During a meeting with some of the educators, I was able to share my knowledge about film and provide a lot of advice. It felt great.

DH: AYV Live! and the celebration that followed was an amazing experience to celebrate everyone’s success together at the end of the week.


Did you find yourself feeling inspired at any point during the week? When?

KL: I was inspired throughout the entire week at Summit. Watching youth come together from around the world to collaborate on film projects and overcome the language barrier was truly amazing.

ZJ: I was amazed by the work produced by the students during AYV Summit. They really blew me away and inspired me to keep on making my own projects.

DH: I was inspired during several different moments during Summit: interacting with the other social media journalists and Creative Insider Professionals, listening to the inspirational speeches of the guest speakers, and working with other youth. These moments helped me to develop further as a creative individual and as a person.


What is the best advice that you received from a Creative Insider Professional? 

KL: Make connections with the people you meet at the Summit – you never know what opportunities it may unlock.

ZJ: Trevor Hubbard shared the best advice. He told me how he started his company, and what he did to make it so successful.

DH: When you share important content on your social media networks, you will open up the opportunity for the best possible networking experience.


If you could share any advice with future AYV youth, what would it be? 

KL: “If what you do in the future isn’t creative in the traditional sense turn it into something creative.”

ZJ: “Take advantage of this opportunity that Adobe has given you. It might not seem like much right now, but they are giving you the chance to mold your life into an amazing one.”

DH: “Come to Summit with an open mind. Make the most of everything, take advantage of every opportunity there, have fun and make network connections!”


Thank you Kendall, Zach, Diamante and Anny for doing an amazing job at Summit. We look forward to seeing your future projects!

*Anny was unavailable to interview.

Adobe Foundation Offers Creativity Scholarships

2013_AYV LogoLast year, Adobe’s State of Create  global benchmark study revealed the existence of a major ‘creativity gap’ in five of the world’s largest economies. The research showed us that four in 10 people believed that they did not have access to the tools needed to support creativity in the classroom.

In response to this study, we felt compelled to address this creativity gap by designating more than $1 million to the Adobe Foundation’s Creativity Scholarships for youth. The Creativity Scholarships program was developed to support the next generation of creative thinkers and equip them with resources to apply creative confidence to advance their education in creative fields.

The scholarships provide financial support to high school seniors and students in their first year of post-secondary education who have participated in the Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) program and will be attending or continuing an accredited post-secondary degree or certificate program. This scholarship reinforces Adobe’s commitment to igniting creative confidence in youth and enables AYV participants to launch creative careers and find innovative ways to improve their communities through creative problem solving and expression.

At Adobe, we believe everyone is born with innate creativity and the Creativity Scholarships are designed to support this belief. The power of creativity is real, and unlocking the creative potential in students can lead to real change in communities around the world.

Please check out our AYV site for more info and be sure to keep an eye out for more Creativity Scholarship announcements in the coming weeks.

To apply, submit your application to by March 31, 2013. Full details can be found here.

Adobe & Khan Academy

People know Adobe for many reasons, many of which revolve around our technologies that help creative professionals bring their ideas to reality and that enable marketers to create and drive industry-leading campaigns based in smart math. At Adobe Summit this week in Salt Lake City, we are talking about our technologies and the future of the industry, and we have specials guests sharing some incredible stories of overcoming tremendous personal and professional challenges to do something amazing. But we also had the opportunity to share a side of Adobe that isn’t talked about as often as our technology.

Today, at our Digital Marketing Summit, we heard from a great mind – Sal Khan about the idea of breaking down barriers to revolutionize whatever you are passionate about. His work and the vision for the Khan Academy, a not-for-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere, inspired us and evoked a standing ovation from the Summit crowd. In one of those rare moments where I had the opportunity to proudly represent all Adobe employees, I announced that Adobe is donating $50,000 to the Khan Academy to further its groundbreaking approach to education and community change.

That was an incredibly special moment to be able to share with our customers and partners. Beyond our technologies, Adobe has a philanthropic side that does meaningful and inspirational work, but that at times takes a backstage to Adobe’s business initiatives. Adobe Youth Voices represents this side of Adobe, and was created to ignite creative confidence in youth, empowering them to find their voice and make it heard. To date, Adobe Youth Voices has created opportunities for over 120,000 youth. We have a vision of a world where the future creative and mathematical minds of tomorrow are not hindered by circumstance but have endless opportunities to succeed.

Beyond Adobe Youth Voices, our broadly reaching Adobe Foundation is funded by Adobe to leverage human, technological, and financial resources to drive social change and improve the communities in which we live and work. The Adobe Foundation supports innovative programs that further its mission and goals, and we are proud to support Khan Academy as a partner in creating opportunities for the world’s youth. I’m pretty excited about it and speak for all 11,000 Adobe employees in saying that we believe the work we do to better humanity is the most important work we can do.

Adobe Brings ‘Infinite Creativity’ to The Tech

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a sneak peek of a new exhibit opening at The Tech Museum in San Jose.  The exhibit is called The Tech Silicon Valley Innovation Gallery and features four brand new installations developed by Adobe, Google and nVidia and Intel.

Adobe’s contribution to this new exhibit is titled Infinite Creativity.  It was designed under Adobe’s direction by interactive media firm Second Story and funded through the Adobe Foundation.

The simplest way to describe Infinite Creativity is as a giant digital canvas.  Visitors use their hands to create works of digital art on a touch pad screen.  Their art is then combined with creations from other visitors using the station and displayed on a large screen for all to see.  Words really don’t do it justice.  So check out the photos of the exhibit posted below.  Better yet, be sure to head over to The Tech when the exhibit opens on September 15th to see (and create!) for yourself.

Infinite Creativity is a reflection of what drives Adobe – creativity, collaboration, innovation – and what we strive to enable through the technology we bring to our customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility at the CMO Summit

Last Thursday, Jan. 28, I had the privilege of presenting a luncheon keynote at the CMO Summit event in Los Angeles. I co-presented with Peggy Conlon, president and CEO of The Advertising Council, which is an incredible organization. Our message to the audience of senior marketing execs was that it’s critically important to get more companies involved in corporate social responsibility to create positive social change.

In my segment of the talk, I highlighted the work we have done with the Adobe Youth Voices program, including our partnership with the Black Eyed Peas’ Peapod Foundation. I showed the public service announcement we made with the Peas as well as a youth music video created by a group of 15- and 16-year-old boys at our Redwood City, CA, Adobe Youth Voices/Peapod Academy. Adobe Youth Voices enables kids in under-served communities around the globe to create digital media (videos, animations and still photography) expressing their views on issues in their community. Adobe provides the software and curriculum and faculty and volunteers provide the training and inspiration.

CSR is a great opportunity for all companies to strengthen their brand and connection to their customers. Companies should choose a cause close to their product and culture, so there is good alignment, and they shouldn’t be shy about promoting their CSR cause to their customers. Our own research has shown that our customers really want to know more about what Adobe is doing in the CSR space, so we’re going to continue to get the word out.
The positive feedback from my peers showed me there is a lot of interest and enthusiasm in the marketing community for CSR, and I’m hoping this event will lead to more discussion about how we can help make a difference.

Peggy Conlon (right) and I during Q&A at the CMO Summit

  • Ann Lewnes is Adobe’s senior vice president of Global Marketing and is on the Board of the Adobe Foundation and The Advertising Council

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