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Adobe and Microsoft Collaborate to Further Accelerate Industry Protection

Black-Hat-DC-2010-300x151At the Black Hat USA 2010 security conference currently underway in Las Vegas, Microsoft today announced that it will extend its Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP) to include vulnerability information sharing from Adobe starting this fall.

This opportunity for Adobe to leverage MAPP is exciting news and another important step in our commitment to protecting our customers. In addition to the proactive security measures we continue to build into our products and initiatives to help ensure customers stay current with the latest security updates, we are excited to collaborate with Microsoft to further accelerate industry protection of our users. By sharing Adobe vulnerability information with MAPP members prior to the public release of a security update, we give security providers an early start over exploit code writers, enabling them to offer protection to our mutual customers in a timely manner.

Given the increasing criminal activity in the threat landscape, it is critical that software vendors and the security community at large partner and work together in helping defend against those with malicious intent. MAPP is a great example of a tried and proven model giving an upper hand to a network of global defenders who all rally behind a shared purpose – protecting our mutual customers.

For more information on this announcement, see today’s Adobe Secure Software Engineering Team (ASSET) blog post by Brad Arkin, senior director of product security and privacy at Adobe. For details on the Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP), including participating partners, visit Microsoft’s website.

The Next Major Step in Adobe Reader Security

Adobe Reader has a ubiquity and cross-platform reach that few software products can match. This same ubiquity and reach has attracted increasing attention from attackers looking to target the largest possible number of users for maximum gain. Over the last year, Adobe has publicly discussed a number of product security initiatives around Adobe Reader – starting with the May 2009 blog post by Brad Arkin, Adobe’s senior director of product security and privacy, about a major security initiative underway for both Adobe Reader and Acrobat.

Today, Adobe is announcing the next major step in our Adobe Reader product security initiative – the development of Adobe Reader Protected Mode (in the technical community referred to as “sandboxing”). For additional details on this announcement, see today’s Adobe Security Software Engineering Team (ASSET) blog post by Brad Arkin.

This is exciting news and demonstrates our commitment to help protect our users in the face of a constantly evolving threat landscape. Adobe products are relied on by individuals and organizations worldwide, and the security of our products and customers will always be a key priority for us.

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