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An Adult Science Fair

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I’m in the 5th grade.

For weeks, I’ve been working on paper mache model of a volcano. With my father’s assistance I discover that a mixture of baking soda and vinegar produces a simulated volcanic eruption. Sweet! I just know that I am going to dazzle everyone at the Edison Elementary School (Alameda, California) science fair and grab first prize. Thinking about it causes me to tremble with excitement as I meticulously paint my volcano and add finishing touches like bits of moss and dirt to heighten the realistic effect.

On the appointed day, I arrive with eager anticipation and proudly place my volcano in its designated spot and set up the cardboard backdrop explaining the principles of volcanology.  Then I stand by and wait for the crowds to assemble and marvel at my work.

But, they don’t.

Instead they are huddled around Frank Rodgers’ project which has something to do with the effect of zero gravity on plankton and Jennifer Taylor’s working demonstration of water desalination plant. What the heck is “desalination”?

Looking with embarrassment at my volcano, I made the decision on the spot – I was not cut out for science or engineering.


This week, I renewed my deep appreciation for people who followed those career paths when I attended the Adobe Technology Summit. This is an annual internal company event where members of our engineering community meet in person to share information about current and future products and technology.


I love attending these types of events as they force you to pull yourself up from the day-to-day and take a look at the what’s coming over the technology horizon. For example, are you ready for 3D printing? How about using your fingers as simulated paint brushes to create beautiful art on a tablet computer? Or taking a photograph with your mobile device and having it create a color palette for use with any creative project? What if you could push a key on your computer and bring into focus a blurry digital photograph that you snapped at a friend’s birthday party?

At each session I saw mind-blowing advances like these in the way people will express themselves creatively in the digital world to come (or, will be able to express themselves creatively – sooner than we think).

It’s way more fun than paper mache volcanoes.

Adobe Shadow Makes it Simple to Optimize Web Experiences Across Mobile Browsers

Today we’re thrilled to introduce to you a brand new offering – Adobe Shadow Labs Release 1, which enables Web developers and designers to work faster and more efficiently by streamlining preview and customization of websites for mobile devices.

Adobe Shadow aims to alleviate the time and stress of working on websites across mobile browsers. Web pros can wirelessly pair multiple smartphones and tablets with their computer and simultaneously view real-time previews of Web content across multiple iOS and Android devices, quickly seeing refreshed website designs with live updates.  Adobe Shadow’s synchronized browsing nearly eliminates the need to touch the device, but still provides a true, on-device experience.

We’re really excited to deliver Shadow and start simplifying the pain points of previewing, inspecting and presenting mobile Web content. We encourage Web Pros to download the free Labs Release 1 of Adobe Shadow available now at and provide the team with feedback. To learn more about Adobe Shadow, visit the blog.

Catch Adobe Shadow in action below.

Adobe and Digital Publishing

The “Future of Publishing” is the new hot-topic, with media focusing on the devices that will deliver digital newspapers, magazines and books. Well hardware is nothing without software and – as you’d expect, with over 25 years partnering with the print publishing industry – Adobe technology is powering this transition, as new digital formats and new reading patterns emerge.

This spring, expect to see Adobe out and about, showing some of our latest tools and technologies – developed by ourselves and in collaboration with publishers. We think you’ll love what we have to demo, so check us out if you’re coming to the events below:

Tools of Change for Publishing

Mobile World Congress

FIPP Digital Innovators’ Summit

South by Southwest

Keynote presentation from Adobe SVP of Creative Solutions from
Future of Publishing Summit

In the meantime, to whet your appetite, click on the links below to find out more about how Adobe is delivering a digital future for publishers and readers.

Digital newspapers
Times Reader 2.0 - a collaboration with The New York Times to deliver newspaper content in an interactive, Adobe AIR-based application

Digital magazines
Condé Nast/Wired Magazine – a collaboration with Condé Nast to deliver the digital magazine experience on tablet devices

EPUB and PDF – the standards for reflowable and final-form eBooks, enabling consumers to transfer eBooks across devices. Adobe is driving EPUB adoption with more than 100 industry partners
Content Server 4 – rights management and content protection for PDF and EPUB eBooks
Reader Mobile 9 SDK – PDF and EPUB eBook rendering support on smartphones and dedicated eReading devices
Digital Editions – free, lightweight, desktop reading application for PC and Mac

Content authoring
Creative Suite 4 Design Premium – the ultimate tookit to deliver rich, creative publishing experiences across media
Digital Publishing Technology Center – technical resource center to stay up-to-date on the latest publishing standards and tools

Follow the team
On Twitter @AdobeEbook

No Evidence to Suggest Adobe Technology was a Vector in Recent Network Attacks

Media coverage this week has suggested that Adobe software may have been a vector used in the recent attacks against Adobe and other companies. We are continuing our investigation into the incident, but to date, none of the work done by Adobe or any third party has uncovered evidence to indicate that Adobe technology was an attack vector. In fact, McAfee just posted an entry on the incident to their Security Insights Blog reinforcing this point.

This incident demonstrates the increased sophistication in today’s malware design and attack strategies. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of multiple layers of security and the need to follow security best practices as the best possible defense against those with malicious intent.

See also Adobe Secure Software Engineering Team (ASSET) Blog

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