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Adobe Web Fonts – Quality Type. Straight to Your Website.

Adobe and Typekit today announced a collaboration to offer Adobe Web Fonts, which are engineered to work on multiple screens and can easily be deployed on any website. Avoiding the need to convert type to bitmapped image formats, Adobe Web Fonts are delivered straight to browsers via Typekit’s global network. This brings Adobe quality type to your site that is searchable and easy to edit. With Adobe Web Fonts, developers and designers can expand beyond the small set of web-safe fonts they have been using for years.21Capture

As a leading web font service, Typekit not only provides access to a carefully chosen set of over 120 fonts (16 families) from the Adobe Type Library, but also drives more fonts to more websites than any other company on the web. Using the @font-face rule in CSS, developers can now choose from a broad array of fonts, reference them directly in HTML, and know that the text can be accessed by search engines. Designers can make changes to fonts directly through the Typekit online service, without the added hassle of having to change code – resulting in faster edits and rapid deployment to the web.

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