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Transforming Adobe’s Customer Experiences

At Forrester’s annual Customer Experience Forum in New York this week, the winners of the 2011 Voice of the Customer awards were announced (follow @forrester, and #CXP11 for news from the Forum).  I’m honored to say that Adobe, alongside Fidelity Investments and JetBlue, was chosen as a 2011 award winner.

Over the last 18 months, we’ve made significant changes in how we engage with our customers, how we listen to their feedback, and how we learn from their ideas.  When we started, we recognized we weren’t always easy to do business with, and that we were not consistently delivering the level the service our customers expected.

Several programs and changes have helped extended teams at Adobe become part of the customers’ experience, to make real changes, such as:

  • Adobe’s Customer Immersion Program provides Adobe’s senior leaders with the opportunity to experience first-hand what our customers experience when they engage with Adobe.
  • Adobe’s Customer Listening Post facility brings customer experiences to life – - with live video and data feeds showing what’s happing in real-time.
  • We’ve equipped our front-line service and support agents with better tools and resources to quickly resolve customer issues.
  • We’ve offered new ways to engage with us, enabling customers to make the choice about how and when they want to interact.
  • We’re working to simplify many of our key business processes, making it faster and easier for customers to get what they need from Adobe.

We’re not done.  Our customers have told us they think we’ve taken big strides forward…and that we still have much work to do.  Leaders across Adobe are engaged in better understanding where our customers’ experiences aren’t measuring up.  We’re working closely with front line employees to understand how they can better serve customers, and consistently deliver an outstanding experience.  Most importantly we’re responding to the concerns, suggestions, and ideas that our customers share, so that we continue to improve.

The VoC award from Forrester is a great validation that we’re headed in the right direction.  We’re committed to continue delivering exceptional experiences for our customers.  We’re still listening.

Fundamental Shift in Customer Experience Management at Core of Enterprise Success

The fundamentals of Customer Experience Management (CEM) are changing faster than anyone ever imagined. Consumers are experiencing brand in profoundly different ways than in the past. Companies and government agencies are trying to catch up with this rapid change, asking themselves how they can evolve their brands while leveraging mobile, social and cloud innovations to stay ahead of the competition.

To solve this problem for our customers, I’m very proud to announce today the launch of our new Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform, along with a set of new Customer Experience Solutions built on the new platform. This is one of the most exciting announcements in Adobe’s enterprise business’ history, and a significant achievement on our journey to deliver a complete CEM offering that empowers our customers to support and extend the immersive, multi-channel, digital interactions that their own customers demand.

The Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform gives enterprises the ability to bring together marketing and IT to deliver engaging, authentic solutions that increase brand loyalty and bolster competitive differentiation. I share my thoughts on this exciting announcement in the video below and discuss how complete customer experience means delivering the four Ms: make, manage, measure and mobilize. These four Ms are transforming business for our customers.

We will highlight the capabilities of the Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform and our Customer Experience Solutions at our Adobe Digital Marketing Summit, taking place at the Salt Palace Convention Center, March 20-23 2012 in Salt Lake City, UT. The Adobe Digital Marketing Summit will bring together industry thought leaders, along with Adobe experts and solution partners to showcase the power of combining the art and science of customer experience, starting from the customer’s point of view, to deliver an extraordinary customer journey. I hope you’ll join us on our CEM journey at the first-ever Adobe Digital Marketing Summit.

– Rob

For more information, see today’s announcement. To learn more about the Adobe Digital Enterprise Summit, please visit the Summit page.

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New Web Experience Management Solution will Transform Digital Experience

Today we announced the immediate availability of a new Web experience management solution, a significant milestone in delivering our Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform that powers immersive, multi-channel experiences, transforming how enterprises engage, sell and service their customers. A key component of the CEM platform, the Web experience management solution enables businesses to leverage new mobile devices and social communities to extend marketing reach, drive brand engagement, and increase conversion rates of today’s digital consumer. It incorporates new product enhancements to CQ5 from Adobe, including new modules for mobile and marketing campaign management as well as new integration with Adobe® Online Marketing Suite.

The launch is evidence of rapid integration of the Day Software acquisition and highlights strong momentum in delivering fully unified solutions that enable customers to better integrate their Web presence with business applications and unlock the value of multi-channel communications.

CQ5 is the only unified suite of content management tools including Web content management (WCM), mobile, social collaboration, marketing campaign management (MCM) and digital asset management (DAM) applications. CQ5 adds the capabilities of Online Marketing Suite, allowing businesses to deliver more targeted content to identified segments and transform a website from a general communications platform into a focused vehicle for lead generation and revenue acceleration.

Rob Tarkoff, SVP and GM, Digital Enterprise Solutions Business Unit, shares the significance of this announcement on Experience Delivers and discusses why it will create a more personalized and social Web experience enterprise.

Successful Adobe Partner Community Conference in Barcelona

adobe-partner-connectionEd Van Siclen, Vice President of Technology and Partner Solutions shares highlights from this week’s Adobe Partner Community Conference in Barcelona.   We welcome you to view the presentations and give us you feedback!

SUVA uses Adobe LiveCycle Forms solutions to improve customer services and streamline operations

In a recent conversation, Andre Dolder, IT relationship manager at SUVA, told us that he implemented Adobe LiveCycle solutions to automate several key data collection and entry activities. The solution equips employees with electronic forms that are automatically updated, lowering the amount of manual entry and data collection required.

Along with a rich Internet application (RIA), which uses Adobe AIR to create a persistent presence on desktops and mobile devices—the solution enables SUVA field staff to instantly recall existing customer information, make any updates or changes necessary, and have customers sign the documents electronically to complete the application process. Now, instead of processing applications in batches once per week, applications can be processed on a daily basis, helping SUVA deliver services more rapidly and be more responsive to customer needs.

Dolder says that because of the improvements with the Adobe software the company has saved around 800,000 francs annually by reducing the amount of time and resources spent planning for customer visits. Click here to learn more.

Dispatch from Davos

Great (and busy!) first day of the World Economic Forum at Davos today. I feel really privileged to be able to attend this global gathering again this year and was honored to take part in a panel discussion on digital convergence.

The pulse here is cautious – not optimistic. There’s a sense among some that we aren’t sure whether the recovery of 2010 — which appears to have been strong — is holding steady.

A huge part of the discussion at this year’s gathering is the diminishing power of the West to set the tone of debates in finance, governance, education, and to a large extent IT.  The Indian and China contingents feel incredibly empowered to set the course of IT innovation and overall dominance of this recovery.

On the tech front, the key focus is around connectedness and convergence.  How do the business and social norms change when our lives are as connected as they are today?  What does this tell us about the way business needs to change?

In some ways it’s as if Customer Experience Management is the biggest issue in technology right now! Everyone agrees users are driving the changes, and businesses and governments need to be responsive to users.

I really enjoyed the lively discussion on the panel about digital convergence, led by the venerable David Kirkpatrick of the Daily Beast. The panel was a great discussion about the trends in digital innovation that are changing the way we conduct business.

More to come…

– Rob

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Ed Van Siclen, VP of Technology and Solutions Partners urges an “outside-in” approach

Ed Van Siclen, VP of Technology and Partner Solutions discusses a much-needed new way of looking at enterprise applications. The post, titled “From Inside-Out to Outside-In” talks about the next generation of enterprise applications and the confirmation from our partners that applications need to be built from the customers’ point of view.

Tell us what you think of customer experience management and approaching applications from the “outside-in.” Go to Adobe’s Experience Delivers.

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