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New today: Photoshop, Illustrator, Muse, Training, and Team features

Today, we held our Create Now Live event, focusing on all the ways your Creative Cloud membership just got better. We announced updates to many of Adobe’s Creative Suite applications as well as a set of new team, collaboration, and training features within the Creative Cloud. In fact, we announced so much that we thought it would be helpful to have an overview of everything right here.

Photoshop is updating today with more than a dozen additional new features exclusively for Creative Cloud members.  Additionally, the app features HiDPI /Retina display support giving you a crisp interface and more real estate to edit your files. Get all the details here.

Illustrator also features HiDPI /Retina display support, ensuring the UI is as sharp as your work.

Creative Cloud for teams is now available. A team membership includes all of the goodness you get in a Creative Cloud individual membership, plus centralized license management, 100GB of cloud-based storage per user, and access to expert product support.

Adobe Muse has added a set of features designed to make it effortless to create mobile versions of your web site. Learn more about the update here.

Creative Cloud Training will feature over 100 video tutorials from Adobe and leading training partners Kelby Training, video2brain (in Europe) & Attain (in Japan). This content will be available exclusively to full Creative Cloud members and continuous updated with new titles.

We’ll be rolling out this new offering in the next week.

If you were not able to attend these announcements as they happened, you can watch a recording of the event on our Create Now Facebook app.  Other sessions include demos of the new products and features by Adobe evangelists and partners.

Follow @CreativeCloud on Twitter and join the conversation using the hashtag #CreateNow.

Adobe Stories: One-Man Game Studio

One of the greatest things about this future we live in is that with the right technology, just one person can create an impressive app that can be played, shared, bought and sold across the world on all sorts of devices.

Check out Dr. Mikey’s Conveyor game trailer below. Available for Android and PC now. Coming for iOS and other platforms soon. He also wrote an Adobe story about his efforts. “I’m a self employed one person game studio. There is no way I could accomplish this without the Adobe Creative Suite tools.”

Speaking of Adobe Stories – did you know you can write one too? In fact, today is the last day to be eligible for a new tablet. Go. Read. Write. Enter.

Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Creative Suite: New Choices for Customers


At our recent MAX conference, we announced the Adobe Creative Cloud – a groundbreaking initative that we believe will radically redefine the creative process. We’re excited about this new offering – it brings immense value to our customers allowing them to continue creating amazing things in whatever environment they choose.

The Adobe Creative Cloud consists of:

  • Desktop Applications — Every tool that is currently in Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection, such as Photoshop®, InDesign®, Illustrator®, Dreamweaver®, Premiere® Pro, After Effects®, as well as innovative new tools that are currently in beta, such as Adobe Edge and Muse.
  • Touch Apps – Starting with the six Adobe Touch Apps announced at MAX , 2011 – Adobe Collage, Adobe Kuler, Photoshop Touch, Adobe Debut, Adobe Proto and Adobe Ideas.
  • Services – A version of Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite for delivering interactive publications on tablets, a tier of Adobe Business Catalyst for building and managing websites, and access to cloud-based fonts for website design from our acquisition of Typekit.
  • Community –Collaboration features that allow members to share their creative work with other Creative Cloud members and forums to discuss and inspire new ideas.

We are excited to announce that membership to the Adobe Creative Cloud will be available in the first half of 2012 at a price of $49.99 per month for individuals and $69.99 per month per seat for workgroups, both for an annual plan.

Our move to this membership model allows us to keep our customers up to date with the latest Adobe innovations in our tools and related services. Creative Cloud will provide maximum flexibility, offer lower cost of entry, and add cutting-edge innovation on an on-going basis to keep our customers ahead of the changing technology and device landscape.

For customers who prefer to remain on the current licensing model, we will continue to offer our individual point products and Adobe Creative Suite editions as perpetual licenses. With regards to upgrades, we are changing our policy for perpetual license customers. In order to qualify for upgrade pricing when CS6 releases, customers will need to be on the latest version of our software (either CS5 or CS5.5 editions). If our customers are not yet on those versions, we’re offering a 20% discount through December 31, 2011 which will qualify them for upgrade pricing when we release CS6.

There is a tremendous shift happening around content creation, distribution and monetization. The Adobe Creative Cloud initiative has the potential to transform creativity as designers and developers look to create the best experiences across devices and platforms, while integrating tablet devices and cloud-based services into their workflows. I’m very excited about what this means for Adobe and our customers and look forward to providing the latest tools and services that enable them to express their creativity in new ways.


New Project Adthenticate on Adobe Labs

After a steady period of in-house incubation and private pre-releases, we are pleased to open up Project Adthenticate to the wider online advertising community. This public beta, to help streamline the ad validation and trafficking process for creators and publishers, marks another step in Adobe’s renewed focus on advertising workflows.

I want to use this post to offer some insight into Project Adthenticate and how it came about. Several web media publishers had approached Adobe about friction in getting online advertising campaigns launched. Specifically, there were workflow issues between ad agencies and publishers on campaigns that involved premium inventory and rich media ad creative. As we spoke with various people in the online ad ecosystem, we heard different angles on the same core issue: advertising assets were not built to the appropriate asset specifications. Each side had a different reason for why the ads weren’t built with the correct specifications but the end result was the same — lots of churn between ad creators and publishers which resulted in delays, higher costs, make-goods and lost revenue.

So we put together a small team that conceptualized and implemented an ad validation service that aims to solve the problem of creating ads to the proper specifications needed across the online ad workflow. For online media publishers, the service enables ad operations teams to test advertising assets against their customized ad specifications. The validation service is unique in that it actually executes the content in a sand-boxed environment that captures CPU usage, memory, network requests and scripting commands. The results are then compared against what the publisher can allow for that ad format.

Web service APIs allow the Project Adthenticate service to be integrated into tools and technologies across the online ad workflow: from publisher-side ad servers to ad creation toolkits from rich media vendors and Adobe Creative Suite as well.

The Project Adthenticate public beta is available for the entire ad community to use at We look forward to your feedback and to continue making online advertising workflows easier and efficient for the entire ad community.

MAX 2011 News Rundown

Adobe MAX 2011 kicked off in Los Angeles today with seven announcements. Below are the highlights:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud, a major new initiative, redefines the content creation process. It will become the focal point for the worldwide creative community, where creative professionals can access desktop and tablet applications, creative services, and share their best work with peers.
  • Adobe Touch Apps, a family of six intuitive touch screen applications, designed for Android and iOS tablets, enables creative professionals to explore ideas and present their work anytime, anywhere. The apps include:
    • Adobe Photoshop Touch allows users to transform images with core Photoshop features and create new images by combining photos, choosing elements to edit, and applying filters and other effects.
    • Adobe Collage helps creatives capture and refine ideas and concepts by allowing them to combine inspirational images, drawings, text and Creative Suite files into modern, conceptual mood boards.
    • Adobe Debut allows creative professionals to present designs to clients and stakeholders virtually anywhere, opening tablet-compatible versions of Creative Suite files for convenient and beautiful viewing on the tablet.
    • Adobe Ideas is an easy-to-master, vector-based tool for drawing, using either a stylus or a finger.
    • Adobe Kuler makes it easy to generate color themes that can inspire any design project.
    • Adobe Proto enables the development of interactive wireframes and prototypes for websites and mobile apps on a tablet using gestures and a touch-based interface.

Catch the apps in action

Tune in tomorrow, 10/4 at 10:00 a.m. PT for Day Two keynote as we explore the best solutions for delivering highly expressive and usable experiences, both in the browsers and as apps. We’ll look at a variety of technologies and products such as Flash and HTML, highlighting current opportunities, and peering into the not-so-distant future:

Adobe Education Exchange Announces The 2011 Educators’ Choice Awards

Just as Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences, educators are changing the world through innovative teaching. From creating inspiring curricula to bringing dynamic, media-rich content into courses and assignments, educators go above and beyond to prepare students for today’s global workforce. But creating those amazing learning experiences for their students is not an easy task. To encourage educators to share their successful teaching materials and help each other get ready for the new school year, the Adobe Education Exchange launched the 2011 Educators’ Choice Awards. Starting this week, educators can win great prizes by simply submitting their best projects, lesson plans, curricula, and tutorials. Prepare to be inspired!

The 2011 Educators’ Choice Awards will recognize and reward Adobe Education Exchange members who submit the most innovative teaching and learning materials. The community will choose the winners of the awards by rating and voting for one another’s entries. Educators can submit entries in four categories including:

  • Higher Education Digital Arts and Media
  • Primary/Secondary Digital Arts and Media
  • Higher Education Cross-Curricular
  • Primary/Secondary Cross-Curricular

Grand prize and runner-up winners will go home with prizes like laptop computers, tablets, digital cameras, and the new Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 to help them continue to create innovative learning experiences for their students.

For more information on the 2011 Educators’ Choice Awards or to enter, visit: For inspiration and examples, join or sign in to browse the resources on the Adobe Education Exchange. Also, be sure to follow @AdobeEDU and #AdobeEDUAwards for the latest updates about the awards. Get your creative juices flowing, submit your great teaching materials and win big!

Adobe Announces First Semifinalists for Design Achievement Awards

This year marks the first time that the Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAAs) are offering higher education students around the world the opportunity to submit early and be recognized – with three semifinalist judging sessions for entries submitted by Jan. 28, April 29 and June 24. Students can submit twice within a category, and for the first time, can participate in as many categories as they would like. The 2011 awards also introduce three new categories for faculty: Innovation of Interactive Media in Education, Innovation in Video and Motion in Education, and Innovation in Traditional Media in Education.

Check out the first round semifinalists from 2011 ADAAs.

As in years past, industry luminaries from universities and top design companies worldwide serve as the ADAA judges, volunteering their time to recognize emerging talent in the technical and creative arts. For some background about the judges, check out their bios here.

The ADAAs honor the best student and faculty graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, animators, digital filmmakers, developers and computer artists from higher education institutions around the world. Finalists will be invited to attend the awards ceremony in Taipei, Taiwan in October 2011.

For more details about the ADAAs, please see our announcement in December and visit the ADAA website. Be sure to follow @AdobeEDU for the latest updates about the awards.

Calling All Students & Faculty: 2011 Design Achievement Awards Now Open For Submissions

adaa2011Today Adobe announced the call for entries for the eleventh annual Adobe Design Achievement Awards (ADAA) and introduced new categories — to include faculty and staff.   For over a decade the ADAAs have celebrated higher education’s best student graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, animators, digital filmmakers, developers and computer artists.   This year marks the first time that Adobe and the creative industry will recognize teaching excellence as well as student accomplishment.

Adobe will host the awards ceremony during the International Design Alliance (IDA) Congress in Taipei, Taiwan in October 2011.   For the third year in a row Icograda is endorsing and supporting Adobe’s flagship creative competition.

For more information, check out the press release or visit the ADAA website.

Time Magazine names Sesame Street among the 50 best websites!

Congratulations to the web design and development team over at Sesame Street for another well-deserved accolade for their creatively engaging, Flash-based website. Time Magazine named one of the 50 best websites in 2010!

HTML5 Reality Check – Response to Blog Post

You may have seen the recent article from Trefis on titled, “HTML5 Not a Homewrecker for Adobe.” We absolutely agree that HTML5 does not pose a threat to Adobe Creative Suite 5. In fact, this recent interview with Adobe VP of Design and Web engineering, Paul Gubbay, shows just how Adobe embraces HTML5 and supports it today!

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