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CS5 Countdown is on…

When we brought Adobe and Macromedia together back in 2005, one of the things that most excited me was that I would be working with and helping shape the company that produces the most creative software tools in the world.

In 3 short days, we will be launching what is arguably the most compelling release of Creative Suite to date. I don’t want to spoil any surprises, but I feel this release is going to thrill designers and developers.

Creative Suite 5 not only has a lot of great new capabilities, it also shows how we are transforming our software along three major areas: we are incorporating social computing aspects of doing work across the network, we are increasingly adding cloud based capabilities that complement client side software, and we are enabling creation of content and applications across an increasing number screens.

Social Computing Innovation

Using Creative Suite is typically in the context of a team and in cooperation with clients. We’ve added the ability to do this collaboration from directly within CS5 tools using a new service and in-tool panel called CS Review. For example, you can send out a comp to the client and they can use their web browser to see your work as you post updates directly from Photoshop. At the same time, you can see comments from your client directly in the CS5 authoring tools along with linked highlights in the content itself. This will dramatically speed up production cycles.


Cloud and Client Innovation
We are adding a number of cloud-based services for CS5 users such as Omniture to help you optimize your content and applications to drive greater revenue. For example, we’re introducing the new NetAverages service that shows global aggregated statistics about the use of Web technologies in the browsing experience.


The team has been working hard to outdo itself with seemingly impossible features running on the client as well, with work in areas such as Content Aware Fill and Puppet Warp, and you can find out on Monday whether these have made the cut for Photoshop CS5. The Content Aware Fill video sneak alone has received about 2.3 million views on YouTube. Overall there are more than 250 new features in CS5.

Creative Suite 5 also enables authoring for the upcoming release of Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2, which are optimized for high performance on mobile screens. We’ve made it easier to target multiple devices and form factors with accelerometer simulation in Device Central on the desktop, GPS emulation, and more.


So, what’s all the fuss about the Apple proposed revised SDK license?
Yesterday Apple released some proposed changes to their SDK license restricting the technologies that developers can use, including Adobe software and others such as Unity and Titanium.

First of all, the ability to package an application for the iPhone or iPad is one feature in one product in Creative Suite. CS5 consists of 15 industry-leading applications, which contain hundreds of new capabilities and a ton of innovation. We intend to still deliver this capability in CS5 and it is up to Apple whether they choose to allow or disallow applications as their rules shift over time.

Secondly, multiscreen is growing beyond Apple’s devices. This year we will see a wide range of excellent smartphones, tablets, smartbooks, televisions and more coming to market and we are continuing to work with partners across this whole range to enable your content and applications to be viewed, interacted with and purchased.

Tune In
Creative Suite 5 is a tremendous leap forward, and I encourage you to tune into the global webcast on Monday 8am PDT at and find out all the details.

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