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Adobe 2013 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey: How do you stack up to peers?

We’ve just released the results of our 2013 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey, after compiling data from over 1,800 respondents around the world. Based on the premise that engaging customers online and optimizing their digital experience across channels can mean millions in revenue, the survey was designed to find out if digital marketers are implementing programs to maximize investment or, in some cases, still just talking about it.

Some of the findings are eye-opening, like data showing a majority of the companies surveyed spend 5% or less of their marketing budget on optimization activities. Five percent or less, even though it’s also clear from the data that companies investing more get more in return. For example, companies allocating more than 25% of marketing budgets to optimization are twice as likely to see high conversion rates.

With data like that, it’s logical to ask, “what’s holding companies back”, and almost half of respondents indicated two primary challenges are budget and resources. While companies are starting to invest and advance in digital marketing optimization, there still is much to be done, as indicated by data showing more than half of respondents are unaware of the impact of site search techniques beyond the baseline functionality of keyword matching. Nearly half do not optimize their recommendation strategies and rely significantly on manual updates, with only 18% using an automated approach.  And, even though Adobe Analytics saw a doubling of traffic from mobile devices last year, 45% of marketers still do not have a mobile-optimized site.

The results of the Survey provide insight into areas where digital marketers need to excel – key areas like testing, optimized targeting, leveraging consumer data, social, site search, and automated recommendations.  It doesn’t matter if a company is just getting started with basic optimization practices or mapping out complex strategies to maximize conversion, it’s never been easier – or more necessary – for business to up their game.

To learn more and understand how you compare with your marketing peers around the world, check out our Kevin Lindsay’s post with further details and download the full survey here.

Advances in Digital Publishing Technology Help Brands Tap into Mobile Consumers

Today, Adobe released some interesting insights into mobile-specific shopping behaviors that predict purchasing habits in the coming year. The research is based on a national survey of smartphone and tablet users, and show why retailers should pay attention to the growing role of apps when tapping into mobile consumers.


Sifting through Big Data to Predict Holiday 2012 Shopping Activity

Today we made some bold predictions about what the holiday shopping season will look like based on a predictive analysis of Adobe Digital Index data. Specifically, we project that Cyber Monday will be the busiest online shopping day of 2012 reaching $2 billion in sales, growing by 18 percent year-over-year. We’ve leveraged the Adobe Marketing Cloud to sift through big data (more than 150 bil­lion online vis­its to 500+ retail web­sites over the past six years) to understand the shopping patterns informing our forecasts. Want to know exactly how our analysis works? Read more from our Digital Index marketing analyst, Tyler White, here.

Other Digital Index predictions for the season include:

  • Black Friday (November 23) is expected to be the second largest online sales day of 2012 when retailers will see a sales increase of 12 percent, year-over-year.
  • Sales from mobile devices are projected to increase 110 percent this holiday season compared to last year, with sales from tablets constituting 13.5 percent of total sales, more than double that of smartphones (6.5 percent) and other devices such as e-readers (one percent).
  • Out of social media referral sources to retail websites, referrals from Pinterest are expected to grow the most, doubling from seven percent to 14 percent, year-over-year.
  • Despite widespread discounts offered during the Thanksgiving weekend, the best deals will actually be found online the week before Christmas, not on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The largest price reductions are expected to come on Free Shipping Day.

To view more of our holiday shopping forecasts, check out our infographic for a graphical representation and our new interactive website where you can slice and dice our predictions alongside real-time data throughout the season and compare various retail metrics such as “conversion,” “online sales,” “average price,” “visits” and more by retail segments and product categories within the U.S. and Europe.

Read what The Wall Street Journal, MediaPost, PCWorld and CNN Money are saying about our news. Happy shopping!


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