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Oakland School for the Arts Students Create with Meaning


Last week I had the pleasure of visiting the Oakland School for the Arts (OSA) in California. OSA was founded in 2002 and is a public charter school with just over 600 students in grades 6 through 12. In addition to rigorous academics, each student specializes in one of the following disciplines: circus arts, dance, digital media, instrumental music, figure skating, literary arts, production design, theatre, visual arts, or vocal music. It was wonderful to walk the hallways of OSA and pass dance studios, music studios, art studios, biology and Spanish classrooms. I saw students wearing leotards, toting instrument cases (sometimes larger than the students themselves), sketching in notebooks, getting feedback on the latest apparel they designed, taking photos, and singing. The halls were buzzing with much more than just talent– there was so much student creativity, energy, and passion!

The day I visited coincided with the Digital Media class’ Framing Day. Framing Day is the day when students frame and hang their recently completed work. In this case, students were hanging their posters celebrating each of the 30 articles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The posters were created in AdobePhotoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign because Heidi Cregge, chair and instructor of Digital Media, uses this assignment to teach students about how these three programs work together and can be used in an integrated way.

Students’ posters were very impressive! Each one intrigued, provoked, and drew in the audience. As always, young people never fail to amaze me with their creativity and passion for making our world a better place. Check-out some of their work below and on their slideshow.

Izzy   domenico

Izzy and Domenico with their posters


robin   ryan

Robin and Ryan with their posters


emilio   2 students w frames

Emilio with his poster (co-created with Ciaran) & Izzy and Takai after hanging posters.

Aspire Judge Meredith Lavitt Sees AYV Youth as “Changemakers”

I remember the first time I picked-up a video camera and created a story. It was an empowering experience that opened up a new world to me and allowed me to creatively express myself and share my ideas and passions with others. With the Adobe Youth Voice’s (AYV) Aspire Awards competition, Adobe is creating the opportunity for youth to come together and share original digital media projects that bravely and creatively address issues most important to them in their communities and beyond.

My personal passion for filmmaking was sparked in high school when I tried out for my senior year’s dance theatre workshop and did not make it. I was devastated, but when I found out that I could still participate by creating a documentary film about the process of choreography a seed was planted inside me. As that idea germinated, I became more and more excited to be able to combine my passion for dance with the art of storytelling and filmmaking.

AYV ImageToday, I am the Director of the Film Forward Initiative for the Sundance Institute and a filmmaker. I am also the founder of Swirl Productions, an independent production company focusing on documentary films for the theatrical and broadcast markets. I have been very fortunate to work as both a filmmaker and film professional supporting directors and producers in their art and craft. Having the opportunity to be the artist, mentor and executive has afforded me the insight that the key to success is not losing sight of your story. We each have many stories to tell and finding your authentic voice and staying true to your vision is what makes your story rise above the rest.

I am excited to be a judge for the Aspire Awards and be involved in a program that has the potential to help inspire and facilitate the development of the next generation of storytellers. As adults, we have to remind each other how important it is to listen and learn from youth. It is incredibly rewarding to work with youth as they discover their voice and that sense of empowerment from creating and sharing their unique digital work. These are valuable and practical skills that will translate into their next pursuit and/or career path.

Digital art making not only allows for participant’s stories to be expressed but provides a valuable entrée into the minds and concerns of young people today. What are they consumed by? What do they feel strongly about? And who is captivating their interest? It’s exciting to see so many youth concerned about community, social and global issues from women’s health and safety issues in India to managing physical disabilities in Morocco to standing up to bullies in Canada. Film is a powerful medium to connect people and effect change, and it is quite clear, through this year’s finalists, that there are more than a few “changemakers” out there.

It is an honor to be involved in the Aspire Awards as a judge and I look forward to the tremendous task ahead of helping to select a winner in each of the content categories.

I encourage you to participate as well and help select the Audience Award winners. Not only will you be part of this engaging process, but you will learn more about the issues that truly matter to today’s youth. Please visit the Aspire Awards Website to watch the extraordinary talent of our AYV youth and vote for your favorite entries!

Happy Anniversary, Adobe!

This month we celebrate our 30th anniversary, a major milestone for technology companies.  We are in very rare company of those who have thrived over such a period by both making the billion-dollar-a-year and billion-dollar-a-quarter milestones.

This success over the past 30 years is as a result of a relentless focus on innovation and customers first set by our founders, John Warnock and Chuck Geschke. Our impact on every form of communication has been profound – every magazine, every newspaper and web site, images that you encounter,  video and application on mobile devices – chances are Adobe has played a major role in its creation.

As we continued to evolve our company, we decided that as all businesses moved mobile and online, we needed to expand our offerings beyond creation to management, measurement and monetization.  Through organic innovation and targeted acquisitions, we’ve aligned our strategy around Digital Media – the creation of content, and Digital Marketing – the business of content.  Our goal is to make every digital experience across every device a high-impact experience.

The single biggest reason this vision is possible is our employees around the world.  We are a truly globally diverse company with over 10,000 employees.  Our core values of genuine, innovative, exceptional and involved are what set Adobe apart.

Happy anniversary, Adobe, and here’s to many more great years to come!

Adobe Pass Secures Primetime Emmy Engineering Award

It’s always an honor to be nominated, but securing a win really feels good! Adobe Pass was recognized today by the The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for its contribution to TV Everywhere. We’ll be presented with an Engineering Plaque, recognition for outstanding engineering achievements for emerging technologies, at the 64th Primetime Emmy Engineering Awards at the end of October. Read our Digital Media blog post to find out more about how Adobe Pass is changing the way people view content.

Highlights from Cannes Lions 2012

It’s hard to believe that our trip to Cannes Lions 2012 is coming to a close. This week has certainly been a memorable one, and we owe it to all of the attendees we got a chance to connect with throughout the week.

Adobe team at Cannes Lions

Adobe team at Cannes Lions

All week, we had a tent on the Parvais, where attendees stopped by and took fun photos with the Adobe Ampersand and a backdrop of Cannes, Then and Now. You can flip through some of them in our album here. Attendees got a chance to see real-time social conversations and data on our digital billboards, while sharing their thoughts on creativity Then and Now in our daily polls.

We kicked off the week with our panel, “Is data killing creativity?” Moderated by our SVP of Global Marketing, Ann Lewnes, she and fellow panelists Jon VeinJim Stengel, and Linus Karlsson, debated the subject of data’s impact on creativity today. Watch highlights of the conversation here.

We were excited to sponsor the Young Lions, MOFILM, and Creative Effectiveness awards again this year. The contestants never cease to amaze us with the work they create. We got a chance to catch some of them on camera throughout the week and get their thoughts on which era of creativity they prefer, Then or Now.

Throughout the week, we displayed results from our State of Create global benchmark study that we released back in April, including a few new points on Millennials’ views. Watch the animated infographic to find out some interesting statistics about the state of creativity today. What inspires you to create? Tell us with hashtag #CreateNow.

Our Siberia artists captured digital illustrations from the sights and conversations of the festival. Below is their last illustration. You can see all of them on Facebook.

Catch highlights from our favorite moments this year in the video below and in our Facebook album.

With that, we’re signing off from Cannes Lions 2012. Until next year…au revoir!

Conversations from Cannes Lions – Day 3

On day 3 at Cannes Lions, we got a chance to speak with with talented creative professionals from across the world, including the youngest application developer in Europe!

During the day, we got a chance to catch up with the Young Lions winners from last year’s Cyber category, Alex Newman and Patrice Pollack. Alex and Patrice shared how their lives changed dramatically after their win; within two weeks, they had new job offers in New York City and were planning their move from their hometown in Canada.

The Adobe team with Jordan at our tent.

The Adobe team with Jordan at our tent.

We were also lucky to meet Jordan Casey, who is 12 years old and the youngest application developer in Europe. Jordan taught himself how to code at 9 years old and has his own company called Casey Games. He truly amazed us – watch his interview in the video below.

Next, we made our way over to the MOFILM awards reception. We’re always inspired by the amazing submissions we receive each time we sponsor MOFILM, and this year was no different. Congratulations to the winners, Jon Doss and Austin Albany. Check out their winning piece here.

We also got to congratulate the winners of the Creative Effectiveness Lionscompetition, another category we are sponsoring this year. The Creative Effectiveness category honors creativity that shows a measurable and proven impact. Congratulations to the winner, Duval Guillaume Modem, Antwerp.

Our Then and Now polls are still going strong, and we’re loving your responses. When we asked you guys what your competitive edge was, data or creativity, 51% of you said creativity while 49% of you said data. That was a close one. However, with yesterday’s question on preference between dress shoes and Converse, 67% of you preferred Converse while only 33% of you preferred dress shoes. Converse is a clear winner!

Our scriberia artists are continuing to illustrate the sights of the festival. The illustration below is their latest, a depiction of the Croisette.

Be sure to cast your vote in today’s question, “How do you prefer to capture ideas, on a notebook or a tablet?” Tweet us with #ThenAndNow, and festival attendees, come by our tent to get a prize and make yourself eligible to win one of four Creative Cloud annual memberships that are up for grabs.

Video highlights from yesterday below – enjoy!

Adobe Digital Publishing Summit 2012

Capture.PN7GToday, Adobe is hosting its annual Digital Publishing Summit in New York City. Currently, the DPS team is live blogging from the event here. At the Summit, Adobe announced the next generation of digital publishing features including Content Viewer for iPhone, social sharing, expanded font licensing and enhanced integration with Adobe Creative Suite 6. These new features allow traditional media publishers, corporate organizations, ad agencies as well as individual freelance designers and small design firms to publish, distribute, monetize and optimize a new class of innovative digital media. See the full announcement here and participate in the live blog at

Adobe’s Transformation

On Tuesday, we made some big announcements about our business moving forward:  Our strategy to double-down on the two growth markets of Digital Media and Digital Marketing, and an update on our expected Q4 revenue and restructuring our business.

The decision to restructure our business was a difficult one, and it has been tough for me as well as all our employees.  But it’s essential that Adobe makes the right moves now to ensure we’re positioned right for the long-term.

At the highest level, here are the big takeaways:

  • The future of the Internet comes down to content – creating it and monetizing it.  This is where our customers rely on Adobe, and it’s what is shaping our strategy moving forward.
  • Digital Media – creating and publishing content across media and devices, and Digital Marketing – managing the impact and return from content, are two enormous areas of market opportunity, and Adobe is in the sweet spot for both.
  • To double-down in our investments in these two markets, we’re focusing our resources and energy into the areas where we can make the biggest impact:  reimagining the creative process through touch and in the cloud; building a billion-dollar digital marketing SaaS business; and taking digital publishing to a new level for consumers and content creators.

This is a transformative time for Adobe as well as the industry.  The pace of change in the digital landscape is accelerating, and we intend to be there with the solutions and expertise to help our customers profit from it.  Adobe is a company reinvented — consistent in our mission, but updated for the customer opportunities and business models ahead.

I’ve never been more excited about Adobe’s future.

Thomas Goetz and Mariko Mori to Launch Exhibitions on AMDM

We’re about to launch our new Curator in Residence program, which invites guest curators – experts across industries – to create digital media showcases on the Adobe Museum of Digital Media. The curators will gather digital experiences that have an impact on our society and share why those works were chosen.

Our first resident curator is Thomas Goetz, Executive Editor of Wired magazine (!) who – as you can imagine – has access to loads of cool digital artists and media. Thomas will be curating the exhibition InForm: Turning Data into Meaning, launching Tuesday, September 13.

InForm: Turning Data into Meaning will explore and analyze digital data from our online lives, showing how it shapes and relates to our physical lives. Accomplishing this through a series of newly commissioned and found pieces, Thomas’ exhibition seeks to draw connections across graphic design, statistics and art, giving you a whole new perception of raw data. Visit the museum beginning September 13 to experience it. We’ll also hold a live Q/A session over Twitter in the next few weeks with Thomas — stay tuned to @AdobeMuseum for details on that.

Additionally, we’re thrilled to announce the launch date for the much anticipated AMDM exhibition by artist Mariko Mori. Journey to Seven Light Bay will be on view in the AMDM on November 9. For more info on Mariko and her work, check out this new trailer on AMDM.

Introducing the Public Preview of Project ROME, a Content Creation and Publishing Tool for Virtually Anyone

More of you want to use the power of digital media to express your ideas. You might want to create an interactive report complete with video and music, spice up presentations with animation and interactivity, craft a visual email with self-created graphics, or design and publish your first website for the world to see. But, you don’t know where to start.

Today, we’re excited to offer a first look into Project ROME, an all-in-one content creation and publishing application for use at home, work or school*. It is intended for virtually anyone who wants to add the power of video, audio, photos, graphics, text or animation into everyday projects — from printed materials and presentations to digital documents and websites. You can go from start-to-finish all in one simple, creative environment. And you can work on your files from virtually anywhere because Project ROME works as a desktop application or browser-based service.

Our goal is to make Project ROME so intuitive and fluid, that the technology doesn’t get in your way of expressing ideas with video, audio, photos, graphics, text and animation. The interface is clean and simple, yet powerful. Underneath is Adobe’s industry-standard technology at work but engineered in a way so that you can quickly and easily begin to use it. Project ROME is for those of us who aren’t professional designers, but want to express our ideas in a more powerful way using digital content.

For work, try creating a multimedia report or presentation to deliver your message with impact. How about creating your first family website with graphics, photos, sound, video and animation? Then, collaborate and share your projects with colleagues, clients, friends and family with Adobe® or Google® Apps, or via social engines such as Twitter® and Facebook®.

Adobe is offering Project ROME as a free preview – a public beta. We invite you to check it out at  We’re excited to get your input, so please tell us what you think.

For teachers, we made a special version for you to try – Project ROME for Education. It’s meant to help you enhance the learning experience and teach students how to communicate and express ideas and information in far more engaging ways.

You and your students can use Project ROME for Education individually or in a collaborative environment, sharing files through integrated services like Google® Apps or Moodle®, a learning management system – inside or outside the classroom. Project ROME for Education supports safe, secure use of content, which is particularly important in K12 student environments.

Please sign up to participate in a pilot of Project ROME for Education at  We are excited to partner with large schools, districts and institutions to help your students realize critical 21st century skills.

Let’s remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Help us make Project ROME work for you. Show us what you can do.


* For K-12 student or classroom use, please use ‘Project ROME for Education’ – a separate offering designed for schools.

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