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Introducing the New Technical Communication Suite 4 – with new versions of FrameMaker and RoboHelp

Today, Adobe launched Technical Communication Suite 4 with new versions of FrameMaker and RoboHelp to power XML Workflows and HTML5 publishing to tablets, smartphones, multiscreen HTML5, eBook and native mobile apps. The latest release of Adobe’s TCS 4 offers tight tooling integration to help streamline, simplify and accelerate content creation and delivery workflows in today’s multi-author, multi-reviewer environments. See the full announcement here for more information as well as pricing for new and upgraded versions of the suite. Also, check out the video below to see the future of TechComm.

Adobe InDesign Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

To commemorate InDesign’s 10th birthday, Adobe has released “Page by Page: 10 Years of Designing with Adobe InDesign.” The book charts the product’s evolution, examines the role of InDesign in transforming design and page layout, and shows innovative examples of artwork created using InDesign over the years. It is available as a downloadable PDF on, and a limited edition print version will be available on Blurb in April. And, as an additional nod to the page layout software, Adobe will be posting 10 new InDesign tips and tricks video tutorials on Adobe TV over the next 5 weeks, hosted by InDesign experts David Blatner, Colin Fleming and Chris Kitchener.
Page by Page - 10 Years of Designing with Adobe InDesign book cover.JPG

Now that it has turned 10, InDesign is set to change the publishing industry again by enabling users to deliver page layouts beyond traditional print to online media and mobile devices, including eBook readers, smart phones and a new generation of tablet devices. Stay tuned for more news on InDesign- it promises to be a great 2010.

Additional information and a selection of images can be accessed here.

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Adobe and Barnes & Noble Join Forces to Standardize eBook Technology

Adobe and Barnes & Noble announced today that they are working together to standardize the open EPUB and PDF eBook formats and collaborating on a content protection standard based on Adobe and Barnes & Noble technology. This collaboration will make Barnes & Noble the most portable and compatible eBookstore and provide customers with the ability to access digital content from thousands of content providers that is protected with Adobe technology. Soon enough, customers who use the Adobe Reader Mobile software development kit will also be able to purchase and read content from, the world’s largest eBookstore.

Happy reading everyone!

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