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Join us in Giving the Royal Baby a Record Breaking Welcome

couple2Following the excitement of the Royal wedding a couple of years ago, people in the UK, and across the globe, have eagerly awaited the arrival of a new prince or princess. With that happy event now imminent, we have created an e-card so supporters of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge can share their messages of congratulations.

At the same time we’re hoping to set a new Guinness World Record by reaching 50,000 e-signatures – signed using Adobe EchoSign - in one electronic card.

Royal Baby Card

Top British designer Wayne Hemingway designed the card image to portray the best of British popular culture.  Wayne and his team had a lot of fun thinking about what the card would look like and the idea behind the vintage cut out paper doll design was taken from his museum, ‘The Land of Lost Content’.

Last year Hemingway supported the Royals when working on designs for her Majesty The Queen’s Jubilee.

To e-sign the card, members of the public simply need to enter their name, country of residence and select their congratulations message. The card will be electronically delivered to the royal couple following the baby’s safe arrival.

You can sign the card at or via Facebook and follow the conversation on Twitter with #RoyalBabyCard. Please join us in showing your support!

Adobe Saves Thousands Across the Company Using Adobe EchoSign

EchoSignSome of the happiest surprises here at Adobe are the results we realize from using our own products.

Our team members want performance, value, engagement, and experiences that make their jobs productive and rewarding, just like our customers. To make that happen, we’ve been encouraging teams throughout Adobe—such as sales, procurement, and people resources—to integrate Adobe EchoSign into their e-signature workflows.

So far, the results have been spectacular:

  • Procurement has slashed $250,000 from its operating overhead
  • Vendor contract completion is three times faster
  • People resources has cut printing costs 80% and shipping costs by $35,000

Many of my colleagues are impressed at how well automating signature processes improves productivity while it cuts costs.  We also had a really easy time integrating EchoSign with our existing technology. The Adobe EchoSign API integrated with our legacy system in only three weeks, using only one analyst, one developer, and a few software QA people.

Our sales department uses Apttus enterprise contract management system (ECM), powered by to manage nondisclosure agreements. The sales team can leverage EchoSign e-sign workflows within the ECM, generating clear audit trails to expedite workflows and verify the legality of agreements. The forthcoming companywide rollout and integration of ECM with Adobe EchoSign will make contracting even faster and more reliable.

Learn more about Adobe and the benefits we yield from Adobe EchoSign by clicking here.

New Adobe EchoSign Release Delivers Offline Signing for iOS

EchoSignCustomers have been telling us that Adobe EchoSign’s ease of use and multi-device accessibility has cut their contract execution time in half, but that hasn’t left us resting on our laurels.  Today we announced an update to the Adobe EchoSign e-signing offering that includes an updated offline iOS app and other new features that enhance mobility and usability for e-signing contracts, agreements and other critical business documents.  We also announced plans for a multi-million dollar data center facility based in Chicago.  The new facility, which will come online this summer, will help to increase performance and availability and will complement the existing data center in Dallas.  Collectively, the enhancements and new data center (along with the recently announced EchoSign for SalesForce version 13) will help us continue to meet our customers’ high expectations and support the growing demand from companies who want to accelerate their business processes, improve tracking and centralize the management of signed agreements.

The new EchoSign features will help further reduce sales cycles, increase workflow productivity, and deliver an engaging user experience.  Headlining the new features is Adobe EchoSign for iOS version 2, which will allow users to get business done whether they’re online or offline plus have access to all their critical documents regardless of location.  They can sign documents offline and automatically synchronize them back to the cloud with their iPad.  Other new features include real-time calculations, where users can build fields into their contracts which get automatically calculated based on a formula or rule; improved document readability, with significantly improved image quality and performance; and better alignment with the customer’s brand and business processes when getting documents signed.

More detailed information about the updates to Adobe EchoSign can be found in the full press release here.

Adobe Reader and EchoSign: one step closer to making e-signatures universal

client-logo-echosignToday, we are excited to reveal another major milestone in the integration of Adobe EchoSign technology with Adobe’s document solutions and services. Now, Adobe Reader users will be able to send PDF files to be signed from within the application as well as sign documents electronically themselves, making it easier than ever for businesses to “seal the deal” and keep up with the demands of a growing mobile workforce.  The new update makes Adobe Reader a one-stop shop for electronic signatures. Read more about it on the Acrobat Solutions blog.

Adobe EchoSign eSignature App Now Ready for iOS Devices

client-logo-echosignWe’re excited today to announce the immediate availability of the free Adobe EchoSign application for iOS devices.  We realize that you are doing more and more business over your mobile devices and tablets and we’re committed to helping you streamline your business processes and increase productivity.  Now, you can easily get access to you EchoSign accounts and sign documents directly from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

For more details on the Adobe EchoSign app, check out the Acrobat Solutions blog or the view the press release.   And be sure to download the app now at the iTunes Stores. After all, it’s free. Happy Holidays!

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