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Study Reveals Education System is Stifling Creativity

adobe_Education_infographics FINALBToday, Adobe released a research study that reveals the state of creativity in education. It highlights the importance of preparing students to be innovators and how testing and government mandates are stifling creativity in the classroom.

This international study, “Barriers to Creativity in Education: Educators and Parents Grade the System,” shows there is a growing concern that the education system itself is a barrier to developing the creativity that drives innovation. Parents and educators agree that today’s education system places too much emphasis on testing and not enough investment in the training, tools and time needed to teach creativity.

Among the 4,000 adults, 2,000 were educators and 2,000 were parents of students in K-12 and higher education. A strong majority of the participants across the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia, call for a transformation in the ways schools work. Furthermore, educators agree that they can do more to foster creativity with more tools and training to integrate it into the classroom.

When asked about the most important step to promote and foster creativity in education, U.S. respondents cited the need to:

  • Provide tools and training to teach creativity
  • Make creativity integral to the curriculum
  • Reduce mandates that hinder creativity

Please take a look at the survey data and share your thoughts with us here or join the conversation on twitter using #createnowedu and follow us at @adobeedu. Additional information available through:

Teaching with Modern Tools to Prepare the Next Gen Web Designers and Developers

This week at Adobe’s Create the Web event, we unveiled a new set of innovations called Adobe Edge Tools & Services. We think these announcements are really exciting for students who want to learn how to build killer apps and experiences for iOS, Android, Windows, WebOS, Blackberry and for the full range of today’s modern Web browsers. Importantly, Adobe is making this free to students and education institutions around the world.

One of the most important tools is Adobe Edge Animate 1.0, which lets students easily create Web animations and interactive experiences. Built from the ground up using modern Web technologies, we think this is a terrific tool to help students learn the fundamentals of interactive design and animation across devices. It’s easy to use, so students can quickly go from “sketch-to-prototype” using the modern standards and approaches used by commercial design firms. And it allows you to create some really stunning experiences. A great example of this new modern Web is the site for the “Paranorman” movie, which looks awesome across both tablet as well as a browser.

The announcements this week also underscore our commitment to open standards, and the modern Web. We outlined a number of contributions made to the Web platform in cooperation with the standards and open source communities. From layout and foundational graphics to amazing cinematic effects (check out the CSS Custom Filters in Chrome Canary), we are focused on making the Web a more expressive platform overall.

There’s a great deal of excitement in the education community around these announcements:

“Teaching complex subjects such as animation, interactivity, and responsive design has been difficult for a number of reasons; primary among these are the amount of prerequisite knowledge required to even approach these activities, and the sheer amount of unaided time and effort required. What Adobe is now doing with the Edge Tools and Services is astounding because they are introducing tools which address both of these issues. This allows the instructor to teach concepts and techniques using tangible assets and the student to freely express their vision in a much more direct and familiar way. In terms of emerging web technologies: Adobe has thrown open the doors to a renaissance!” Joseph Labrecque, Senior Interactive Software Engineer, Adjunct Professor, University of Denver

“Reflow is going to be a huge teaching tool when it comes to Responsive Web Design. I am also looking forward to playing with the Edge apps and discovering how they integrate with each other and the Creative Cloud apps in the context of workflow. This looks like it is going to be fun to discover…and then teach.” Tom Green, Professor of interactive Multimedia, Humber Institute of Technology

“As HTML5 continues to provide web designers new opportunities to create more complex web projects using animation, responsive layouts, and web fonts, Adobe has created Edge Tools and Services to make some of these complex techniques easier. Both designers, and especially students, can quickly get the opportunity to become familiar with these new tools and find how easily they enhance their web projects, especially with Adobe providing most of these tools for free. These new tools will allow designers the opportunity to become more efficient and effective in producing better quality web work for today’s changing web environment.” Matthew Leach, Director & Author, Adjunct Professor, Colorado Technical University, The Art Institute of Colorado, Westwood College, SUNY, International Academy of Design and Technology, Author for Wynn Press

“Rather than attempting to make one big super tool, Adobe is making smaller focused tools for specific tasks. This will allow folks to use the tooling where they are helpful, but not require a complete rethinking of how you are comfortable working today.” Jason Madsen, Department Chair, Full Sail Univeristy

Again, to make it easier for educators to introduce these modern tools into the classroom, Adobe is offering Edge tools and services for free for students, educators and education institutions. All of the Edge Tools and Services are of course part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. You can learn more about these announcements here. How would you use these tools in the classroom? Drop us a note in the comments section or follow us on Twitter.


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