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Adobe Named the Leader in Web Content Management for Digital Experience

Earlier today, Forrester Research, Inc. published “The Forrester Wave™: Web Content Management For Digital Customer Experience, Q2 2013” report. Adobe was among the select companies Forrester invited to participate in the independent report, which evaluated 10 Web content management (WCM) products across 100 comprehensive criteria such as vendors’ current offering, strategy and market presence. Adobe CQ, part of Adobe Experience Manager within Adobe Marketing Cloud, was recognized as the Leader in the report. We’ve posted to our Experience Delivers blog to provide more detail and perspective and have also distributed a press release on the same. Finally, we encourage you to check out a complimentary copy of the full Forrester report, which we’ve made available here.

Adobe to Enable Better Digital Marketing Decisions with Efficient Frontier

The success of any marketing campaign boils down to choices decision-makers must make every day. From the most simple to the most complex, digital marketers have a myriad of decisions to make that have the potential to define, or in more dramatic cases, redefine best business practices. These decisions include two of the most essential indicators of marketing success:

1) Engaging with customers in a personal and authentic way
2) Driving real and measurable business impact

An area of marketing where this is most clear is digital advertising.

Digital advertising is like having a bunch of spinning toy tops to manage. Which one should be tended to first – search, display or social media? Which will provide the best bang for your advertising buck? How do you keep multiple channels going at the same time? The challenge of effectively managing online ad campaigns across multiple channels is one I have heard our customers complain about for years – one that is exacerbated by new, bright and shiny digital channels. Just take social media for example. According to an article yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, Facebook’s world-wide ad revenue alone is expected to hit $3.8 billion with its share of display ad revenue growing 16.3% in 2011 and 19.5% in 2012. (In case you haven’t heard, social media could be big.) And social media is just one of the dozens of channels the marketer must consider to keep their advertising campaigns humming along.

What’s more, marketers must take into account fundamental changes in the industry as ad budgets continue to shift rapidly to digital channels which are projected to be 26% of ad spend in 2016 according to Forrester Research. To justify and even accelerate this shift to digital, marketers must clearly understand and prove the business impact of their digital initiatives.

Taking the guesswork out of digital advertising is the task we enthusiastically tackle with today’s news of Adobe’s definitive agreement to acquire Efficient Frontier, a leader in optimizing multi-channel and auction-based digital advertising across search, display and social media. With Efficient Frontier, Adobe takes another step towards being the standard for the way marketers create, manage, execute, measure and optimize their marketing and advertising campaigns. Efficient Frontier technology will provide an automated, highly customizable, and algorithmically driven solution to help our customers make better, faster, and more informed decisions to drive effective advertising campaigns.

For our customers, this is nothing short of fantastic news. We are empowering the marketing team to optimize paid search, make informed social ad buying decisions, see the real ROI of social media channels through a social engagement platform from Context Optional, and harness the power of real-time bidding technology for display advertising. In the end, our customers will be able to standardize their digital advertising initiatives on our independent platform for digital ad buying and optimization – making the task of managing those spinning tops easier than ever.

I couldn’t be more excited to offer marketers this powerful solution for managing search, display and social media in today’s digital world. The Efficient Frontier team will be welcomed to the Adobe family as a key addition to the world-class team and help us continue to build on the strong technology stack that makes up our powerful Adobe Digital Marketing Suite and our customers will reap the benefits.


Transforming Adobe’s Customer Experiences

At Forrester’s annual Customer Experience Forum in New York this week, the winners of the 2011 Voice of the Customer awards were announced (follow @forrester, and #CXP11 for news from the Forum).  I’m honored to say that Adobe, alongside Fidelity Investments and JetBlue, was chosen as a 2011 award winner.

Over the last 18 months, we’ve made significant changes in how we engage with our customers, how we listen to their feedback, and how we learn from their ideas.  When we started, we recognized we weren’t always easy to do business with, and that we were not consistently delivering the level the service our customers expected.

Several programs and changes have helped extended teams at Adobe become part of the customers’ experience, to make real changes, such as:

  • Adobe’s Customer Immersion Program provides Adobe’s senior leaders with the opportunity to experience first-hand what our customers experience when they engage with Adobe.
  • Adobe’s Customer Listening Post facility brings customer experiences to life – - with live video and data feeds showing what’s happing in real-time.
  • We’ve equipped our front-line service and support agents with better tools and resources to quickly resolve customer issues.
  • We’ve offered new ways to engage with us, enabling customers to make the choice about how and when they want to interact.
  • We’re working to simplify many of our key business processes, making it faster and easier for customers to get what they need from Adobe.

We’re not done.  Our customers have told us they think we’ve taken big strides forward…and that we still have much work to do.  Leaders across Adobe are engaged in better understanding where our customers’ experiences aren’t measuring up.  We’re working closely with front line employees to understand how they can better serve customers, and consistently deliver an outstanding experience.  Most importantly we’re responding to the concerns, suggestions, and ideas that our customers share, so that we continue to improve.

The VoC award from Forrester is a great validation that we’re headed in the right direction.  We’re committed to continue delivering exceptional experiences for our customers.  We’re still listening.

Adobe Named as a Leader by Independent Research Firm in Web Conferencing Report

Adobe has been named as a “Leader” in the “The Forrester Wave™: Web Conferencing, Q2 2010″ (June 2010) for Adobe Connect. In the report, Adobe Connect was identified as providing the best user experience. The report goes on to state that “the product is highly configurable, which means it can support complex learning and presentation scenarios. But it can be preconfigured to be simple and intuitive to support ad-hoc meetings. One of its key features is persistent meeting rooms to make it easy to keep track of previous meeting materials and to launch a meeting with a simple URL.”forrester

To view the report, check out

And you can learn more about Adobe’s solution for enabling interactive online meetings, training and webinars here.

Knowledge Worker Collaboration Surveys–Check out the Results

We recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct surveys on collaboration among knowledge workers in the U.S. and Europe. The studies surveyed respondents about things like their requirements, habits, tools, concerns, and desired improvements when working with others to produce deliverables and achieve business goals. Some interesting insights resulted about collaborative work among people in both regions–and about the similarities and differences between the geographies (hint: we’re more similar than different).

A few tid-bits:

  • While collaboration is pervasive across both regions, nearly 70 percent of knowledge workers believe improvements are needed.
  • The top benefits sought? Improving the speed and efficiency of collaboration and reducing paperwork (each approximately two-thirds).

Want to learn more? Check out this section of our site for videos of a Forrester analyst discussing the findings and a link to the Forrester study. One of the folks on our Acrobat team, Lori DeFurio, also discussed the surveys as part of the latest segment of her show on Adobe TV.

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